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A Sad And Fatal Accident

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On Tuasday .,mB muí, uie wnc 01 jri.ius Oiíadj, living on Fountain street, in tho Tliird wnrd of thii city, was drowned in a cistcTn. Mr. G-SABT, rto is au employé of Messrs. WlNES & WoeBtt, luit home at the usual hour in the morning, leavmg his wiíe, who had uot beeu in very good health for some time, about the house and at! ■inhi.gto her usual duties. Towarl 8 o'c'.ock he Went to his home, as we are informed, with some medicine, hut not fiudiug his wiíe in the house conimenced search and shortly discovered her lly in the cistern. The extern ivas a ihallow une- less tluui four feet deep- and nearly fall of water. A pail stood upon the bank, leading to the supposition that she went out to dip up a pail of water, lost her balance, through faintness or palpitation of the heart, and íell in. A Iruise on her forehead indicated that she struck the bottom of the cistern, in falling, considerable forcé, probably stunning her. Au m'lest was held by Coroner Ueeakey and a ver3'ctrendered of accidental drowning. Mrs. G. ' about Ó2 years oíd, aud has growu up chutan, uonc of whom live in tiiis city. An adjounied meeting of the Common ConnW waa held on Monday evening last, aud in the "bsence of Mayor Beakes was presided over by Aid. Dow. No business was completed except ' albw a batch of bilis and order warrants Irawu upon the several f uuds therefor, to the following amount : General Fund, .... tl)297 16 wmeral Street Fund, ... e87 59 Tiret Ward Fund, - - - 361 18 " " - - - - 400 26 Jlrd - '.... 163 go í,0" " " - - - - loó 94 'ifth " . 71 19 Sixth " a ..".". 224 73 Fiemen . . . . 3 9 Artesian Well " 1 00. Anous lias at least one apprcciative friend tad admirer. "His name it is JJodoe," and hiï ne is at St. Paul, Minn. We didn't know hat he had ever seen a copy of the Aiigus, but e must l.ave been a regular reader U, post hiiii ell as to its merits, else he luis kissed " tlio arney stone," and, besides, is a whoIesale dealer in K)f{ 6rja]). I'erliaps the cause of his glow'n pnitS may Ijc fouud hidden in tliat sublime tatza, "You tinkle me, Billv, And I'Jl tiokle y."i, Tommy." t he oouplos it witli an urgent request tbat ive Pve place in our columns to a laudatory sketch St. Paul by one of iis wide-awake real este agenta. We will conjpromiEe with this par,T!i fact that farmers are all very busy in T wheat flftds, togelher with the other lact much the larger portiou óf the wool cüp bas 'Miged hands, has ïnade the inarket dull during e last week, Buyers, however, are 40 ", and have been taken in small loto, at that Jre, ewelhag ÖSé amóunt bouglit here


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