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- On Friday evening last, a cow belonging to Thoma? Bpraguo, troubled with aore teate. I tlio pail over while buiu milked bythe at'oresnul Sfraguc. "Nod - cow could kick his pail, by - ." And he went for her with a oluL, lier a severe beating, pottnding heruntil she was dead. Mr. prauc i;ï under arrest. - William SteWard, ex-lathe nailor, a very rospoctable citizen, one "vho lias the welfare of the city always in view, waa yesteiday subjectud to the outragecnis oondnet of a jury of six menj who found him guilty of violating the liquor law. - An attempt is being mado tü adopt the Ann Arbor license ordinance forvictuahnt;1 houses'with an addition which will pi'event the sale of intoxicatinff liquors therein. - Moijcy is not quite so tight as it has been, but it is still close enough to snit a good many yet. For the season the town is quita livolv, a immlier of buildinj's aro going up, aml tlio foundations are being laid for othdfi Oui r&btmanufaeturing resources are being improved, which bringa l laifte uuabsrof laborera ?uid nifcbnnir-s to this eity. It is believed that the oausi Foi a slow sate of property here, is Iho íighiiiL-s.s of tlie moúey market. The Flint Globe gets oñ' the foUowing par:iffraph toncerniug tlio newpo.stal ]iw, wliu'h 8ubt'ds "oountj i);iiersM to the same postüge collected oü journals publishod at the ulterniosf: ends of tliis wide spread and "geldribus" Uniou : Vio plead not Ruilty. We didu't do it. If v.o. baá traen iu Congres wo think wo would hem voted ogainst the salary iteal. Being a newspai;er man we would eertainly have voted againBt the impobition of poatae upuu oewapapei in tlio couuties where thev are publisned. But we were not. in Congross, and so are not tesponsible for the odiouR W. Our subscríbera ill please observe thnt tlie postage they are now required to pay does not go into our pocket. On the contrary the law takes a good many dollars out of our pocket, aa we have to pay postage on our exchanges. We should be glad to pay Uu: postage for our subsoribers, but we can not afford to do it. It would.take abotit all the proflt thore is made on a year's subscription, and we c:iu not do business merely forthepleasure of it. Pleaso to bestow yonr oburgatdon8 on Cougress audnot on our innocent head. We oommend it to any Ariïx's snbcribers ivho are disposed to find fault with us ior the Congressional inñiction. Tho Typographic Mcsscnger is an advertising quarterly, pnblished by James Con-ntïr's Sons, New York, type founders, and iorwarded to the newspapers of the country as an exohange. To received the latest issue, and as usual acknowlpdged its reception in our columns - a courtesy entirely gratuitous- and as usual forwarded a " tnarked copy " of the Argd3 to tho Me.sscnqer. But while willing that we should pay Roatage on the Mrssniper ifs publishers refuso tho Akgus and the New York Postmaster notflos ua Booordingly. They wish us to pay postaf: botli ways and nuff besidea. But we can't sec it. - And we suppose that magazine exGhanges generally will exact monthly notices and prepayment of postage on papers containing tho notices. The country press had better subscribo at once for the magazines they want and notice only when paid for it. Battle Crpek has organized a company with a capital of Ï7'),OOO for tho manufacture of knit soods. They have bought WaJlace'g W'oolen Mills and are to immecMatc'y put in tbs mpehinery requisite for the business. They intond to be reacly for operation by the lst of Ausust. Ii is owned by home capilalists. - Culdwater Jtepvhlican. v nen tchi it be our good fortuno and pleasure to be permitted to annotmce the orjranizntion of a mannfaotaring company at Ann Arbor? Wo wait a reply from some of our leoding capitalista. G'.od water powers wait development, and therf: in limitaron: vacant lots on wiiicli stenm faetones of varióos kinds can be erected. I manufactming oati he minie to pa_ at Battle Creefe it oan be made to pay in Ann Arlxir, and ip doe pny at Bntt'iB Creek, and is building up a thriving, go-ahe;d business city. Early in the coming fall Mesvrs. SEEIENr.n & Co., of New York. will commence tlie publicacatión of an illustratc-1 mouthly magazine for boys and girls, to be edited by Mis.Makt MapE9 lloiiriE, aut.hor of "Hans Blinker," and favorably known to tbe readinf; public as the editor f )r imir ynars of the c.hildren's department ui tbc EearÜt and Home. We may confidontly predict tliat it vrill be a success from the very flrst. Xotice. - A meeiiug of the " Pionper Society n will be held at thu Leonard House parlor noxt Monday ovoiiinff, at 7 l-'2 o'clock. AU old sett'ers are invited fco attend and aid in completing the orsanization of the Society. Interestmg reports of old times are expected. M. H. Goodeioh, Secretary. Ann Arbor, July 15, 1873.


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