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How They Break Wild Horses In Texas

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Those who have ncvcr visited thi regiuni where wild hovsos are oaugbt r reared have but littlo idea bow tlie uti mrueil steed of the praiiirs k is renderei iraotable and useful At llir preserH dn in Texas the hordes of inustmif, tbal formerly ranged over its THst prairie have almost liecoine eitinct in fbe bet tlei portionSi and confine ' inse vfs tt the txtreiuf wretern coun es. In thr; jilaoes are horsa mosily i ed with Atuerioail steek; wMch ure in a ítatt; semi-wildness - that is, thry roitm .t wi! nntil certain season of the year, wbeo a; such us oan be canght are drivr-n in berd: to huge pens conslruoted for the jjurpost to be luitndiid and uiHikeil, :il ter wbicl most ot' them are Iet loose to ro:uu at wil ufiain. Wherj the owner of a pof tien of a hen desires to break nny of liis young borw he prooeeds in thia vie : 'Die tirst rao inent ia to lasso the horso Seleoted by the head and fore feet, and throw hilü to the eartli ; t.hcn a kind of halttr, ca lied e, ' bosal' is put on his head, botb to eervi us a 1 lidie and to staka ihe nniii(al by. i b ing luuoh more obeclual than a haltei ur bridle in oheoking hi fraiitic cfforts te libérate hiinself. He is either tied u] closely all night or staked, at the will o the owner. The next niorning the spon begins. All norse ana stock raisers have one 01 more vaqueros, wliom they employ for tin special purpose of breaking and ridinj. wild and refractory horses. These gi out, followed by all the members oí' tin faiiiily, and proceed to overhaul theii saddles and see that there is do defect ir the "i'igging." When they are satisfied uil h secure they lead, or rathsr drug, foi ward the steeii. Hh is u'teriiately led, dregged and whipped forward, until he is to le saddled. A leather strap attached to the bosul is then pulled over his eyes, and a saddli blanket is dropped gentle on his bael;, bnt vei y suldom remains at the tiist trial as he will almost invarinbly BnHfcè it ofl. After one or more trials, however, he submits to both blanket and Buddle. ïln latter artiele is strapped on tighlly witL two girths, fore and rltink ; Btrapptd, indeed, so tightly, that ono unaecustomec to the eight would think that it was in tended to cut the animal iu two ; the rider now adjusts the stake-rope into reins by tying it securely to the bosal, leaving a long end by wbieh to hold on, in the event the horse should succetd in throwing him. Everything is now ready for the mouut. The ridir adorns his heels with a huge pair of spurs, stands directly fac ing the horse, abroast or a Ht.tle forward of the shoulder, seizes the upper part of ilie breast witn nis lelt muid, pulís tüe horse's bead arouud near liini to prevent being kiuked, takes tho stirrup in his right band, and tuining it towaids hini places Lis loft í'oot iu it iirmly. Qraspiug the pouiniel, be now gives tíib saddle a shake or two, makes eme or two feinttf nt mounting to see bow his horseship wil! take it, and theu suddeuly spiings, seaU ing himielf securely in the saddle. The blinds, of' cuurse, ara slill over tlie fiyea of the horse, and as a general thing he stands, bis neek stretched out and his head paitly down a poit'ect picture of awkwiirdness. The rider is at bis case, iiud adjusts bimself and eveiytbing about liim with tbe greatest o.ire, as be knows tbere is warm work before bini. When ready tbr the start he reaehos gently i'orward and slips up the blinds. Naturálly the horse is ratlar as'ouisbcd at ñ'rst and ref'uses to move. A eharp application oí thu whip and spur, bowever, readily induces hiiu to cbangj bis mind. He takes tiinídlv one or two awkward stens, tben auddenly doubling himself up until he resembles a camel and throwing his head down before lus foro fet, he hegins a series of pitches, which consist in jumping as high and as far as he can, coming lown stift' legged. ïhose who h&ve nccomplished the rxtraordinary feat of going clown a ílight of stairs at one step ban lorm some faint idea liow it fools to sit ou ihe back of a pitching iiorse. Soino ot' the more vioious will He down wlicn the saddlo is buckled on, and it recjuires a treinendous amount of whipping to gut theui tarted, some will renr and fall backward, oooasionally killing their nders ; souig will pitch straight lorward for a. few jumps and then, as the Texans say, " iwap f-nds so quick that it laakes your bead swim." Fortuniitely, they soon tire of such violent exeroise, being wholly un.-vccuBtomed to a saddlü or weight ou their backs, and break down complotely in a ti w hours. The Badales are then taken oS, und tlioy are reserved for anuther trial tho next raorning. The exereise is continuad for a week or more, according to tho nalure of the hoise, whon he is prononnced gentle and tractable enough for a good rider, but woe to the unsnspectmg jtreenhoin that is tempted to place liimself' on his back. A few of the horses are naturally gende natured, and never, unless frightentd in breaking, attempt to cut up at all. Those who love the borse and desire to see liiin roaming ut ill in his beauty and syiumetry, with glossy hide and fl'iwmg uiane and teil, sbould go to the prairie; .


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