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- ALT.fi3tr.oab - - - - elJRESDiSttSESernir--- - -, IHROAtUINGS.UVER&BlQOQ In tho wonderiü) medicino to which the afflicted are tibove pointed fnr relief, tho di-, coverer beliovcB bo has combined in harmony more of Naturo's most Bovereign curativo propertieB, which God has instüled into thO vegetable kingdom for lieallng tho sick, than wore pver before combined iü ono medicino. The pvidenco of this fact is found in tho great Variety of most obstinate diseases which it bas boen tound to coniuer. In the cure ot' Urocliltlt, Sivcie Cunghs, and the eaiiy stages óf fonïiiiirtio3i, it has astoniihod tne medical faculty, and eminent physicians prouounce it the greatettt medical discovery of the age. AVrhile it cures the severest Cougbs, it strengtheus the flystem and purllit the Ijlmxl. jíy its groat and thorongh blood juirifying properti'es, it cures all, frum tho worst Scrofula to a common Blotch, Piíuplv or Kruptlon. Jlercurial diseane, Mineral l'oiaons, and tboir effecta are eradicated, and Tigoroua iioalth and a sound constitution establihod. Ëryalpclaa, Snit l{.liuin. IVvtr hor u. Srnly or KoukIi Skln, Ín ohort. ali tho nuium-ous disnasea oaiued by bad blooü, aro conquered by this powerlul, jiurifyLg nnd lnvigorating medicino. . i Jt you feex dull, drowdy, Uebilitated,'nave lovr color of skin, 'or ycllowisu brown sjmt on Uc.e or bndy, frequent neadache or dizzlneet, bad taste in raouth, internal heat or rhillt, alternated wlth hot flushes, low spirits, and gloomy forcbodtngs, irregular appetite, and toDgue coaled, yoa are eufferin -froia 'l'orpid Xlver or "Blllousiic." In many capes of "Livor Complalnt" only part ol thepe eymptoms re eiperiencei. As a rumedy for all pnch case. Dr. Pierce's Rolden Medical Dlscoyery has lio equal, a it eftVcta perfect cures, leaving the liver strenthened and hcalthy, For the cure of Habitual Cousti palion of the howels it. U a never failin; remedy. and those who hav used it for this piirnose are limd in it praiae. The proprietor ofor $1,COO reward for a medí, cine that vvill equal it íor the cure of aü the dii. eases for which it is recommended. 8old by druiaist8 at $lper bottle. Prepared hj R V Piéi-ce 3Í. D.,Sole Proprietor at hisChemi cl Laboratory. 1S3 Seuoca ftreet Buffalo, N. Ï fond your ddrena fur a pamplitet, . _ „ VineLitr Bitters are not a vile Fancy Drink, made of Poot Rum, Whiikey. Proof Spirits and Refuse Liquors, doctored, spiced, and stveetened to please the laste, calied "Toni es," ' Appetizers," " Restorers," fee, that lead the tippïer on to drnnketmess and ruin, int are a true Medicine, made from the native roots ind lierba of California, fr-o from al' A i col i o! ie Stiniulants. 11) ey are ihe Great Btood MSrífier and a Life-givïng Principie, a Perfect Renovator and Invigorator of the System, carrying o(V all poisonous matter and restoring the blood to a healthy condition, enriching it, refreshing and invigorating both mind and body. They are easy of adm in i si rat i on, prompt in tlieir net on, eer tai n in the ir resnlts, safe and reliable in all furms of diseaae. No Peraon can uk tUese Hitlers according to direct ioits, and rem ai n long mi wel], provided their bones are not destroyed by mineral poison orolher jneans, and liie vital organs wasted beyond the i-oiut of repair. Dyspcpsia or Indigestión Headache, Pain in the Shouklers, Conglis, Tiglnness of the Chest, Diztiness, Sour Eructafions of tlie Stomach, Bad Taste ín the Mouth, BiUous Attacks, Pal pi tal ion of the Heart, Inflammation of the Lungjs, Pain in the regions oí the Kidnevs, and a hundred other patnful lytnptonift, are the oflsprings of Dyspepsia. In these complainti it has no equa!, and one botile wil! prove a better guarautee of its rtierits than a lengthy ad verti semen t. Kor l'Yninlt' Coniploinís, m youug or old, fnarried or single, at the dawn of woniaiiho'ui, or the turn of üfe, these Tonic Bitters display 80 decided au influence that a marked impruvcnient is soon peiceptibte. l'or I nlïniiiiiiiii iivj' and Cliyoiiic It.itnmnt ut and (ïout, Dyspepsíá or Indigestión, lïiiions, Remi t tent and Inlermittent I'cvers, Diseaae? of the Blood, Li ver, Kidnevs and Bladder, tliese Bitters have been most Such Diseases are caustd by Vitiated Blood, which is generaily roduced by deíangeinent of the Digestive Organs. They are a Geiktlc Jn rtiitive a well as a Toikle, possessing also the tiecutiar mertt of acting as a powerfitl aent m relieving Congettion ir Inilammation of the Livcr and Vi&ceiiiL Organs, and ai liilious Diseases. Kor Slclii Discases, Eruptioi, 'letter, SaltRtieiini, B lot ches, Spots, Pimples, Pustules, Boils, Carbuncles, Ring-worms, Scald-Head, Sore Kyes, Kry(ipelas, Iicli, Scurfs, DiicoloratHhia of the Skin, Hu mors and Diseases of the Skin, of whatever najne or nnture, are hteialiy dug up and canied out of the system in a short time bv the use of these Bitters. One bot t Ie Ín Eiich cases will convince the most lucredulous of their curative effects. ylaiisc tiie Vltlafed Blnori whenever you find Ït3 impuiities bursting through the skin in Pimples, Êniptiont, or Sores; cleanse it wlien you find it obstriicted and slnggisli in the veins ; cieanse it when it is foul ; yoiir feelings wili teil you when. Keep the blood pure, and the lieahh of ihe system will follow. Crrnleful tlionaniids proclaim Vinkgak Bittkrs the most woiulerful tn vigoran t that ever sustained the staking system. Pin, Tape, and otlier Wornn, hirking in the system of so ni.iny thousands, are eíTcctuaUy deitroyed and removed. Says a dietinguished physiolOgist : Thercisscarcely an individual iipon the face of the earth whose body is exempt from the pi esence of worins. It is not upon the healthy clements of the body that Worms exist, bilt upon the diseased hnmois and shmy deposits that breed these living monsters of disease. No system of Medicine, no vermifuges, no anihelminitics, will free the system from worms like these líitters. IWccHniitcal Dlscases. Persons engaged in PaintS and Mineral, such as Plmnbers, 'l'vpe-setttis, Goid-beaters, and Miners, as they advance m lite, will be subject to paralysii of ilie Bowets. To guard agaíust this take a dose of Wm.kkr's Vinegak BlTTSES ouce or twice a week. as a Preventive. Btllons. nntttteutt nuil Iiktcrinltteiit FeverSf which are Lcí prevalentin the vaUeys of our preat rivers throushout the United States, especial ly those of the Mitstaaippi, Ohio, Missouri, Illinois, Teníiessee, Cumberland, Arkansav Red, Colorado, Braxos, Rio Grande, Peart, Alabama, Mobile, Savanuah, Roanoke, James, and inany others, with llieir vast tnbutaries, tnrougnout our entire country during the Slimmer and Autiunu, and remarkably so chirtng seasons oí unusual heat and dryness, are invariably accompauied by exlensive derangements of the stomach and bver, and other abdominal viscera. There are always inore or less obstructions of the liver, a weakness and irritable state of the stomach, and great torpor of the bowels, being clogged up with vitiated accuiuulationa. In their treatment, a purgative, exeriiug a powerful inlluence upon these various organs, is essentially necessary. There is rio cathartic for the purpose ecjual lo Dr. J. Walker's Vineüar Bitters, as they will speedily remove the dark-coltVed viscid matter wilh which the bowels are loaded, at the same time stirnulating the secretions of the liver, and generally restoring the healthy functious of tlie digeslive organs. Scrofitla, or Kiii'x Kvil, Whïte Swelimgs, Uicers, Erysipelas, Swelled Neck, Goiter, Bcrofuloua Infl.immations, Indolent Inflaniinalions, Mercurial Affections, Old Sores, Eiupiions ol' ihe Skin, gore Eveft, etc, etc. In these, as in all other constitutional Distases, Wai.kicr's Vinegmí IÍITTBR3 have shown their great curative powers in the most obstinate and iutractUr.AVnlkerUCaliroriiIaViikGgnrBitter act on all these cases in a similar nianuer. By purifying the Blood they temove the cause, and byresolving away the effects of the inflammation (the tubercular deposits) the atTected parts receive liealth, aud a permanent cure ii effectcd. The profiérales of Dr. Wai.krt?s Vinbgar BlTTBSS are Aperient, Diaphoretic and (Jnrminative, Nutntious, Laxativo, Dmretic, Sedative, Cuimter-Iriv tant, Sudorific, Alieraüve, and Anti-Iïilious. Tlke Apcrlent and mild Laxative properties of Dr. Walkbh's Vinboas Bitters are the best lafeguard in all cases of eruptions and malignant fevi;rs, their balsamic, heaiing, and sooihing properties protect tbs hu mors of the fauces. Their Sedative properties allay paiñ in the uervoiis system, stomach, and bonels, either froin inflammatiou, wind, colic, cramps, etc. Their Counter Irritant influence cxtends throughout the system. Their Diurstic properties act on the Kidneys.'correcting and rejruiating the flow of urine. Their Anli-Bilious properties st muil ate the liver, in the secretion of bile, and its discharge! throngli the biliaryducts, and are superior to all remedial ageuts, fur the cure of Bilious Fever, Fever and Afjue, etc. Fortlfy Ilie body anlnit ilMee by purifving all its flimls Wlth VlNKGAR BlTTEES, Nü eMdemic can take hold of a system thua forearroeá. Tl liver, the Btomach, the bowels, the kidneys, and the nérvea are rendered diseae-proof by tliis graat invigorant. Direct Ion.- Take of the bitters on pomp; to bed at niglu from a half to on and one-half wine-glatsfuU. 2at good nourishing food, auch as beef steak, muttoQ cliop, ven! son, ioast beef, and vegetables, and tak out-door exercise. They are compoaed of purely vegetable ingredients, and contain 110 spirit. J. WALK ER, Pmp'r. R.H. CO., Drugftists and Gen. Agts., San Francisco, (Jal.. and cor. of Washington andCharlton Sis., New Vork. SOLD BY ALL DRUGGIST8 AND DEALKRSGAW QUMMEK & SJAEPjilNliB A CIIEAP, simplf, ank iur;ible Mtvchine - casily oporatcd and ruiming VVhecla from Sxa iuchub to 12.i 1 inch. Frice of Machine, $15. Wheels with bovellcd, doublé bevellfd hnd Tonnt face trom $3.12 to $7 .3r_ occording to Ihick mm. Heaviei Mach mee $?O nd $9O, ruaniug Whels op to 24 ittohea ín aiameter. Tor illuLruted l'ainphlots 01 l'liotographa, tddieai THE TANITE CO., U13m Btroudibulg, Monroo Co. , Pa. w WASHTEHAW COUNTY 1 J 'J :., L_ Ï '" '' J i!J 'NOTARY PUBLIC,: --_. -1 - -H GENERAL tLJí J .JJB CONVEYANCER (JL-JILl L_ jj fe-a-ir1 ' CiH,,Vn-"1- fia ÜÜK ABSTRACT BOOKS! b pnrtiai'y indi :ited above, are now poetod to date. Cbey at t) i c, in v condunsed or posttíd í'orin, ahov thé orlgau) chain .ud uil new cbaintsoí' tille. Inuta&oe, íüch as A.UD1TCB GENEEAL'S DEEDS, Known ai Tax-Titlos, wMch trc vevy numerous in this County, Deorees, Contracts, Deeds WILLS, teC. Ais", now 6M woil as all oi tho oíd aodischflrgt fort gages us far back aa Ití4- whtch ore legión Persons taíc?íi2title or mortafrea md lien 8 will rt netnbt'r fchat CitU-s md other colltiteral inaltei Lre nol t'ouftd fí the unal mode of searoh by Eudexc it tito Hgistera otlie ■. The book or liocrsinth ■ ií-.i:i--! !■( ■ o Kc htive 1" rouicsii nuiUL-i mis .'iiul voluili íqoos thut lonij time i neoessarily required eren ' inake n haaly and unreliablo Beurch. With ourtacilj ties we sty lo the public that we can show thcm tiil and TiÜe Hlstory, make DceJs, ftfortffrfpes, Assigii mcnts, Discbarg?, c., otrrrectly, quioker and i1 better Btylo Iban any other office in the County. htive MONE7 TO X.OAN ! On Iïoud a ad Mortguge ( n long tirnt;. REAL ESTÁTE Sold ort'xchaiiiíed. HQU8K8 TO RENT. 33 acroppositö the Observutory for Bale lo Iota to suit pui chusera ROOT & LEITER, Real Estáte Agento, No. 1. Gregory Blook Tracy AV. Root, an 1 oppoute tlie Pupt office. Magnetic Ointment FOR THE CURE OF INFLAMMATOÜY DISEASES. Dr. Traste, was engaged for twenty ycara ín a courso of experimenta upou the medical properties and power of vegetables, separate and combi ned. At the age of seventy yeara hc succeeded in presenting to the world, as the reaalt of nis experimenta, a combination of Vegetable extracta, the power of which in remo ving diseasea is uuuqualed in the, aúnala of Medicine. Hls tfscovery consista ín a combination of these powuifu! Vegetable Extracta with iülectricity or Magnetism in the form of an Uiutiuent. Certain, It is, t hal. tlioremarkableandunpreCedented fsucceea which has attended itsapplication in the cure of distases, stamps it at once as the greatest disco very of the age, and calle for a trial and close investlgation of its properties. It never fails9 wliile there remains euflicient life to restare a natural and hcalthy action to the capillary vessels of the body, and eqaaüze the circuiation of the blood. ïiy this uieans a controlling power is gained over the most maligaast forme of aisease, which cannot be obtained from any other remedy. S ii rli Is the po wer ortltis combi nal Un, that it penetrates to every portion of the lmmtm frame; every-bonc and mmsclê, vein.nerve and liga ment is searclicd out and made sensible of its purifymg and heallng ínfloence. Henee it copes at readily with intern;il as externa] disease. JViiinoro:!' lustaneet are on record whera this remedy haa restored health to patienta so near the grave that the most powerfal liiternal remedies failed to produce any effect. Such has frequeutly buen the case iu Iaftamma tlon C the Bowels. No patiënt ever iiced die with this disease whcre the Hagnetic Olntmcnt can be obtainod. For Infla mmatoi-y iClieiiiiiatWiu this Ointment U the most complete remedy ever prepared. ForDiphthcria or Putrid Sore Tliro-tt'it is unrivaled. Dn nlnety-uf ne cases out oía ]iundred9 itwill afford entire relief to the worst cases of Ñervous Headache in tliirly minutes. For Nervous Diseases this medicine is of Immense value. AfTectiousof tlie Spïne, Khenmntism, Lameness, Ulcerated Sure Throat, Bronchitis, Pleurisy, Droup, Colic, Cholera Morbue, Asrue in the Face op Breaat, Barns, Scald Head, Scrofula, SaltRhcnm, Ery sipelas, loflamed Kyes, Fever Sores, Sores, etc, wil] beimracdiati'ly relieved by the use of Dr, Trask's Magnetic Ointment. D. Rahsosi, Sof & Co., Propr's, Buffalo, N. Y. W m BÍthe great and fegigL.ll BLOOD PUBIFIEE. fji Itignotaquacknostrum. The E ingredienta are published un each l Jy J büttlo ofmedicine. Itisusetlund p-h jffj recornm e n d e d b y I' h y s i c i a n s firH vrherever it hus been iatroduced. I ifl It will [lositively cuie W ymand lindred (Jiteaaet, RTÍEÜMAinlra"'i WHITE S WELLING, NifBli a '"■"'" GOITÏiE. lillONCHIm w ris, nehvous jiebijjty, B fe lXCU'lEr CONSUMPT10N ix ii Band uU discasea arising from aa H QP J jmpurc (ondition of the Iïlood, fLmfjpRl Send for our 1!os.dalis Almanac, (BHB'n which you will find certilicaies BB i Sb from rtliablc and trust-worlhy HF B Physiciaa3, Miaisters of the Gos■QgMn Dr. li. VVilson Cnrr, of lïaltiM flHKllw moro, savs h-o lias used it in cases of BH Scrofulaand other diseases witli iiiucli H WKa sat is laction. WSfmt ' Dr. T. C. Pugll of Baltiniore, rc Hcommends t to all persons suffering nMBMM with diseasod Blood, saying it is supeBB rior to any preparation he ha ever used J9 BBH ltcv. Dabuejr Itall.of the BaltiI HHm more M. E. Conference South, saya I flfllï lio has been so ïnuch benclUted by H itsusejthathechceriullyrecommeads ajMB jtto allhis f rienda and acquaintunces. PTPJ (rnven iSitt., Drupgun, at IV'Tn. 56 H üonsville, Va., say it never has failed IL.iMM rive satislactiiin. fc gnra'l ii. McFmldfn, MunreeoK "■ H boro', Tennessoe, says itcured him oí JEphbi5 xtheumatism wheiiallelse failed. THEK05ADALISIN CONNECTION WITH OÜR ■will cure Chilla and Fover, T.iver Complaint.Dyspepsia, etc. WacuarRntee üobadalis superior to all other Blond Vuriüers. Send lor Descriptive Circular or Almiuiac. Addresi, CLEMENTS & CO., , 5 S. Commercc St., Ha'timore, Md, lieiacmbcr toaslc your Druggist forllosADALis. 1 AM.KS McMAHON, Justice of the Peace, Office in now block, North of Court House Honcy cullected and promptly paid over. INSURANCE AGHGNTT. Trinmpb, aaseis, $727 ti03.ll Moilti Missouri, " H5,4H.1 Uiberuia, " 3"u,o0j.0U EKAIj ESTÁTE. I bavc 81 aerea of land H ol n mile from the city imlïH, finely locatod for fiuit or garden pnrposcs. Alao 40 acres. Aleo 10 aeree, wirh ti 'Use aml b;irn, and a livel atroam oí wnterrannlnt; throngh the b:irn yard. tiO acreí., ii mile hl. 1 wil] teil fin v or ill thc above cheap, or exchaníie for cuy property. 1374 JAMES McMAnON. HURRY UP ! PAHTIKS wtthiDg Wall Fapor. Cloth mul Papef ShafoOi Bollaní. Wlndow Flxtorei, Coi de, TaseeJ. Ac, nll N'w StvlíH. at Sati-bidorj Piice. by .T. R. Wobsti'f V Co., B ok clore, near the Eiprc-b OfflC0 X ■ M lOK SALE ON LONG CREDIT ! Atin Artor Oity TiOtí, witK good tltlé, ano -n-ell locíiteil for residen ot biislneB. AIbo Mortpifíeí for sale. .„„.„ Inquire ot ■ MORGAN . 1 . 1432mJ I ARGOS BULLETIN ! WANTED 2000 NEW SUBSCRIBERS WATVTED. More Merchants and Business men, who knowing their own intorests will advertise in the Auuus. GET YOUR BILL-HEADS, CIECUL VES, LE TTEE-HEADS, STATEMENTS, At the Argus Office. GET YOUK BALL CAE-)S, BUSISSS CAEDS, VISLTING CAEDS, "WEDDING CAEDS, At the Argus Office. ÜET YOUE LAW BLANKS, LAW BEIEFS, LAW EECOEDS, PEOGEAMMES, AT THE ARGUS OFFICE. ■f ■ New Type, Best Presses, Good Workmt-n, AND REASONABL-. PPJCES! C" A WOED TO THE WIST. m ■ Has boen befnre tlie American pnblio OVER THIR! Y years. It las nevel yet failed to pve porfu t Bitipfaot;on, and ban justly been rtyled t!io pannoea for nll external WouikÍs, Cutí, Burns. SweHnj;s. Bprai'), Bruises, &c. kc, for Mm and BeaBt. No fanlily should be a single day nw --'■ff .?„ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ in ■ mip . jg - LJwithout tliis T.iTiimfnt. Tlio mone7 refnnderl inilfs tiio l.inimfut i. as reprofented. Po sito nnd prt tbc eemiine ]!EXTC'AN MIWTANG LINIMKNÏ Sold by all DruppfigtB ancl Country Stores, at 2óc, 60c. nnd $1.00 per Bottle. Notice style, size of bottle. &c. ESI HABLE EEAL tiÖlAliÜ FOK S Jl. L IE I The ubi ;riber, on account of iil health offers hiiÍ3 ACRES In the corporatioi for sale. This pround adjoinstht Univerait) Obsi-i ■ atory o the eust, opposite side oí the street. lt hut, u inoat excellent SERING ! On the northeast corner- iormerly supplied the Rail ruad tanks with water. ITS ADVAIOTACES Are as follows: Voreity purposes the Huroa liiver menndersthe same some 30 tü 40 yoda, and is puit of the best Water Power On the Biver in tbia vicinity, and the elevation on tbc northeast romer is sulficieatly high and ampie to sup ply the ciiy nece-isities for water and lire, purpostjs1 THE WESTERN PORTION On the road is very approprïatc and stritnbïe for fl l'ublic City Ceinetery . The city lias no sucb greuiidi now but must have aooii, and vhatever grounda Uu city does not caie to use, can be sold at an advantiige 80 much so,that the cost of the Water Works pronndfand t emetery, would be mertly nominaL Ii tlie cit does not want the same, the grounda would be invul uable ior FEU1TS, LARGE & SMALL, There beiogsome 100 trees now in bearing Vegetables and Pasturage, And alto for MILKBupply.BLOODED STOCK: And other aniinuls ahvays in grrat want by many in the aty and its viciuity. Aa city Iota adjüining tht northvost oomei of tbu land ure nó"w eelling from threehtiTuired lo tfaree hundred and fifty dollure iljpse lands would or could be old Ín a short time to i good advantage and to mucJ: pruilt to tbc pinchaseis LIBEBAL TI3VCE Will be given or the eamewill be excli.-mircu Tor Mi r chantable gouds or Dragi and Mediciuce, at casi TRACY W. ROOT. Ana Arbor, Tan 31 1810. 14: 1 "B(.og"sT 1 BOOKS. i J. R. WEBSTER & CO. HÏW OOK STORE EAR TUK " EXPRESS OFFICE.' louíi TO Y0UU INTEREST AJÍD CALL. BOOKS. L.C.RÍS0O1WS AIJV3RTI3EMENJ'. I i I ' Now is tho time to bay ! PilRLüIi & IAT1KG STOVES. ; I will sell them at COST uutil furtber notice. ] So. 31 S. Main St, Ann Arbor. i i ■ f HAMBERS' ENCYCLOPEDIA. A DICTIONAltT OF üniversil Koow'edge for ttej People. iïïTISKD EDIÏION. 1MTH Maps, Plates, and Eugravings. Complete in 10 Yols. of 832 paes each. lUustrated wilk about Four Tftousaml Engravirtgg and Forti Mip$i togrtlu'f witli n SeHêi cj' J'iodl jtighty to Ört? Hnurlvul KUgantly Engraveé Plates - Ültutrative of tke Subjects of Natm ai Jlistory - now for th FIK ST ■Eniv.ap)enrhi(j in the H'ork, TKICE PER VOLUME. Extra Cloth, bevelefl boards, $5 50 Libmry Sneep, marbled edges, - 6 00 Half Turkey Moiccco, - - 0 60 Tnis Editiox is Sold only bt Agents. Publishea by J. B. LIITINCOTT & CO., rliilndelphiu, Pa. 8YLVANUS 'WARREN", 1R9 Woodmrd Avenue, Detroit, Gcnerul Ageut iur the Stat.' oí' Michigan Byenmpivinsr Chamber' EncyolópsBain witl tbi Kew American Cj-oloptE 11,- the rak with whieh it is most fn-quciitly br.mgbt Int compariBOO, it will befound while tho fan TOlamM "f Chamber' contain 83 o pagefl, th.' original ixtten volumèi oí tlie New Ameiicmi ooatiun m thas H,S08 pages. It I wil) all" be foond that i ]:itu of Chambere' centnina ] full nnc-fiftli mme matter thiin a page oí the New Ainerioan, nüikii'K the ten volume! of the iormer equivftlent in amount oí prlnted malter to nt ]east iiirteen volumes of Hie latte!, not to mention tlie íiimeTCMisPl.t'esInboiit SO), Woodcutt 'some 4 000), and Mups [aboul 40,. thftt ire inoluded in tïtis edition üf Clmmbers', iuilI to wi.i.'ïi tho New Amerioan pos jesses no noTrespoTnlinur feafetirea. Tt is confldently elieved that a a popular '■ Dictionary ov CtaiYBt(al KwowLEDGI," the wolk is without un equnl in tV Engiiêt longuoge. 16}-1 Magnolia Balm A FEW APPLICATIONS MAKE A Pure Blooming Complexión. It is Purely Vegetable, and ita operation is Been and feit at once. It does away witb tüe Fluahed Appearftnce eaused by Heat, Fatigue, and Kxciteinent. HeaJa and removes all Blotchesand Pimples, dispolling dark and uneightly epots. Drives away Tan, Freckles, and Suoburi), and by its gentle but powerfui iaüuence maulles the i'adud check witli YOUTHFUL BLOOM AND BEAUTY. dold by all Drugs?ist and Fancy Stores. Depofc 3 Park Place. New York. THE BABCOCK f ft' ir H00K& LADDER TRUCKS Equippivl witfa Babcocï F i re Kxtinpuishers, Exten siuu :mi] Scalui1 Lodders, Grappling üooks rb( Cliains Buckets, Lauto 8, I'ikc Palea, Tike Axes &c, &,c, Weigbing le-is ihan I,fiOO lbs.; easily liandlec haiidsomcl;" soished, and :tii'nrtl prentesl jrtfc tioD at tees expense thiui nny truck in the mikei Josi whai evoi y Kiic Dtparfinént ;iiit. ri }e Bab cock Fire ËuginoBan i 1 Extánguiáben sre savin valuable property all uver thu cuubtry. Stud fo their record. r:. t. ssauxi iti, Gen. A ff ent, 11S VVoudwurd Ave . Detroit Mnnufiïcturer of Iron, Oopper and Brase Wire Wfre ÜlolU, Bolting Clolh, Milt Ölowes, Broom Wire m:1 'i'winr, Oopper Westher Vanes, Whe Ooantfr Kailiug, Wire l'uuciiig ftud Uruaniouta Wire Work, :41üyrl PEING BULLETIN . HATTER! TTas turned liis bitck upon Winter nnd oponed bi atock ui SPKING GOODS! Including all tlie latJt stvlca of Hats and Caps ! O E X T S ' FURNISHOG GOODS, &C. W ich must be eo d. 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They are snnplc, harmless, and always rolfai-lc. Dirüctions In four lajJk'uagea aocouipauy Uiem. ' K. Y. KLL1S & CO., are the Agente. H2''yl Mortgage Hale. DEFAVI.T having been nu [ i,, t ,,, ,,,„,.,. " ':!' ""'1 on the tiisi „.,. ,'r8i) a. D. 1B72, ttiicfacknowledKed 011 t)„. tw i V ï ' llr of Muy, a. d. 1ST2, 1), lïn - ,..,... ,„ Si ..,,' ,' 'hri;' ?,' vliich i ■ ■ i k-d in the office nf ti 'unly oí VvS! '1;S-' Stateol , on the 28th dar o( j,','"" :"' nlibei-48of on p:ig . .:..' ," ''lis, gugevmi, on the atb day ot Maich i i, il-1'"11'-1 igñed l.y tbc said Bidnej Cnlkiua to ] on,.,,!"1' wlnch suid HSMiguinent wiu ,i u uLr. Officeon th2ath daj ot Mnrch, ( lf lt mOl tgag claim i lo bedni and unpuidon saidmorttno,! , ! dateuereol flv hundiedun.l tour doUatt, S 5 kf l idea ai, uüuVtc' '?'"'■ twi Dty-five dolíate . tipnli ■ ■'" ol -i.ige, and no proceodings eithcr I „ '■"■ been iii-tuiitul to recora Uu H.,IU„ "i""T part tin n ol : Notice Is hereby i.i-.t][ thut M11"1 .tel] nn Tuesday, the mnth d,.y oi BcSêLi"'4 ' d. 187;;. kin the fternoon of 5 ' ■ ut the Iront dcoi of the Couit Houne in u a"5' im Albur, Wasbtenaw ( ,;■,. M ,■:.,.-, ,", ,w,y ''' mg the place ol holding tl I reuil Couri in 2? -aïd couuty), sell at public auctioii, to i,,, i ,'"' bidder, the debcribtd in san] , 0]t,, Mtisty the Binounl of priLcipul and intr, J"f!' to Jnimed ai due, with the churges ol suclTl '" ahw an aliiamy fee ol twenty tive doUaM tí '4 eed in Baid mortgage, to wit : The west uif ,i ,"' toUowuig dt-ciiWii landbituHte in tic ,,,,..,' "' V,,-la,,u, WoBhtennw ( ounty, Mlig ÏÏ 'inp O'.l the eaat and wost quartel line ol si ci„„" [4] in townrfiip three [s] scuth ol ,„s. ,'' ■ast, in the oeuler ol the highway leadií o S ,P1 rillageol ïlKilautl mi the ernst tide of the l Uiver; thenee nmnins esst Hl..nj; tlie aid qu , une twemy-thiPe [28] chaint and Mghty-diifc, nS links to tU aoutheast coincr ol siiid quai-'t, r ki ' tloin thence nortli on il.e line ot sukl n, ' tectum, tlimcp twelve [ ï] clinim i,(i aftMBiS link to a itnke from which a rotl nktict tJ '.nches in diameter vaDing tontti BO" west tliiitr ■ ! inks, and a red o ik thirteen [13] inuhea in ai,,., ! ' east fortyfour [44] links; thence noith w l!! [21] chaina nnd tbirty-nine [sm iir,k. iheccntcvot the fiist mentioned hinhway t0 , ,, ;" trom wlikh an KngliKh l herry aix [lij i„ a eter teana north sixty-three [tiït] drgtees weti iZ tliree Í4:f; lmks, mui u lr,cut iree thrte [S] incleTl.' liameter nortli 3b" wet ixty-eigbt '(!■] thp jnuthninere legrets west, along tlie cmw'ofiu hig-hwuy, fineen [IS] chaina and ninetcen [hji ;Jr io the place of betrmning, containlng in u!l thiittiíS 73-HOot an acre of land, rwerving frmn tlie abn decrlptlon Öiree ':i acies lrom thenorth rnd „.' Í to Jolm Millcr l.y Eber Pattee, nlso k,(it.,, i', numbeifd one [1], two [2]. three [3], tour ri' ,1 - , .iixht [8], ninc 00, ten [10]. und elcveJ [111 ïï Pftttee's addltion to the city of Ypsilanti. Üated, June 6tb, 1873. liORENZO TAnOR, A,sii?nee GeoügeL. Bachman, Att'y fur Assinee. ' Mortgage Sale. DSWAÜLT havingbeen made in Uie conöitionof a (Mrtahimoi tgttg exeouted'bj Edgar M . (iri-goiF and Dorli-ka . . i regiu $ oí t be city of nn Arbw i Ju ty oi' Washtenuw, and Btwte ot Michigan, lo Lyanu D. James, oí WJUiumtboTg, Hfttuiachusett, on the ttfteenth day oí' June, A. 1). 18M, ml ï-ecoriled in tij office oí tlie Register of Decds, for the Couniy of Washtenaw aforeanid, on the seventeemh dnv of June, A. D. 1864 ;t h% o'clock a, m., in L bet 32 fti Sfortgagevpage 422, md that there is rmv, i-laimed to be duo und u Tip ia on Bsiid mortgage und no;a ncoompnnying the sam, thesnm of niintun tlt, siind BTe hundred dollars and eifihty-four conti" ulso the nra of three hundred und Éseventy-th dollars ar.d seventy-one cents paid by pid moitw. f.e for insinance upon builrlints as provid-fi foi jj Huid mortae ; ulso a reasonable H'Jorney'g oi ■"olicilar's ie lor fíí-rviees, Fhould uny pioce üre t laken to foreciose wiid mortgnge, und noprowi. ing at hiwor in equity liaving been Imü to recover ai,l sum or anv p;iit tbereof; Now, thereion motice is hereby pi ven thal ijy vü ut ajKmeroí balein suid mortffiittp contnnedt I shall sell ai rufa. liCHUClion to theblghest bidder, on the thiittenth 'Jay of September next, at two o'clock in thentter iioon ofsuid dav at the front door oí thf Conrt Sonse ín the city of Aïin Ariior in said County [that heing tlie ])lace of boldintr the ('in uit Courtst, fii hosc (;■!■( a in tracts or parcela oí land knowu, bounáed iiul deeciibed follow, to wit: The t-quul iicdivided one-liiilt' of I'ranklii) House propeity in the city ot Aun Albor in the County nt WaMitimaw ■Uatftof Mïoliifran, i: Commencing at thesonthpast corner ot' Mid biock, and running wnt eiiht rods, thfnee north on the west line of lot mimbir 'wo (2) ninety-Hve feet to N. P. Parsnn's line, ihtineaat on Pnrson'a aontb hn se vent y f i$rht feet, thtv.t south eighteen feet, thence eaet flfty-six ieet, thence áouth to the pla of A 7rl ]?o lolsihrEe and tour (ÍI and 4 all in bloeit one north, in range nurnbei three east, in Üieeity olAnn Arbor, fexeepiirpthe enst eiirht i eet w idf of t)ie nortïi tbirty-serei trideof said lot number three, subject to the ngbt of war over the tnnie.J Dutcd, June ÏO, 17Ö. LYMAN T. JA MEP, MortgBgee, John N. Oott, Att'y for &tortgage. Sheriff1 8 Sale. TATE OF MICHIGAN, Wushtenaw County, O m. By virtue of an exeeution U,-ued out ot and uuder tlie eal ol ïlifc Circuit Coi rt for thu Countyol VVashtenaw, in uhanr.try, and to n uirtettu ano di. tiTered, wherein Elizitbeth Jlunter it coninUmaut ui bilí üiid Jumas liinih-r defendnnt, and Vimun ■lames lluuter is cumptainant in cross-bUl md Ulizabeth Hunter is deiendant, sgahwt tlie goods, chattles, landa umi tentmciits of Jumes liuiittr, I lii:ve tlns 23rd day ol May, A 1). 1873, seized and Lakenalltlie right title and interest James liunter hasinaudto tho iollowixig deseiibed lands to-wit: Lots aumber üve [5) and fff el v e (12), in block fmtr(! soutfa oí Höron street and range niiie (9j east, in ti.e oity ot Ami Aruor, in the Connty ( f hnj State of Michigan aec idinjj tothe recordé d platuf "The Ann Arbor LftndCompanyV'üdditiontoUievöiure (now&aid city] of Ano Arbor: Also il! Umi purtioo ot the vi i bi hali o] the Bouth-weal QQitrteiof ection numbei twosty-seven (27) in towntl p r.unoer two (-, Boutb of range imml i i ?ia f6j i ast, beii the townsliip of Aun Arbor, in aid Couüty oí WashicTiuw, wliicb ia bèuiuled as IoIIüwb to wit : On the noi .h by a line runoioc parallel iili ili tKnll.liMuí thi aoutlr-vesf quartei af the föuUi-west qanrtii-d lid section numbur twenty-&Evtu [il), and at i)ie diötanco of tbree t$) ohaiiie and eevcniy f7Pj links tioi'tli oi Baïd line ; on It.t{.lil bj the t iïdrs j nad 'ao c.ii.i'i!; cros&inu suid vrest balf aj s;ú I quaitx setion; ontüeru I b} tïie m ■! litteof a jmiicn of Mud qujií tt-r scetion, In retofor cenvt vu. i y . i mi- In ner and wife tnllugh O'Kunetydted reoordfd in the iffice of tiegtai ol Deed ot saM Coontj df tVusntenaw, iu lAhéi 63 oj l euda, on pgí 29a : md on the w t by t he went line ot sid st eti n ui ml : uvenry-sc-vt'ii : And also a paH of theettFt hall oftfc joutb-eubt qtiarter of Bootiuii numUr twnlj-eigbt tlS) msaid township nd lange, cuntmei c Dg in ihe eaat line of quartcr sectil n, at a oiiii tin i "vtour (24} chaint and eight (fy Jiiiks nortfio tLetoutfl' sast coi n. r uf snid s i tiou nambei twenty-eiplii , iiul rmuiiüi.' theut-e wesffc, ptu-ulitilto Oie SKUthK ïion lin', eif-'lit ij rods; tiienweouth eler n digiwi Clij ftsd fort i -i.vt.' f .i,, minutes nest, nine '9 chaina iud tvenly-iiv) (.6j links to ihoccuiw of the (udfics road at h point lr in whiclt t ciot ked whie i k tnc, mixteen inehea in mametei, beorg north seven y-ítxi C74) wir-i. unit; 'ij links, tbence e sm!y lüong 8:iid road four (4) chiiin and thiilythi iiüks tu tlte reet ion liBe ; fckene? norili on e fl) fopn went on bhxú bi otiou line t flöj ehuins nina íwo ''ü1 iiiks to the plnce of btg inning, containing tvo f-,1 ■ iTiíl niTHMy-tlir i)in íieiils f!!ÍS-KO] mituniiP o loss. All ot above dracríbed prow 1 1 j bfinï sifuated iu the townsliip ol Ai.n Ai In r, i.'onniy oi W safc" -t.-n.-tw. State of Michu-an, wLkh nfaeTe' deRC-ibeí propei'ty 1 sli.-ill expose fr sale at inblie nnciion, '■ he highest biddei al th rotilh du r of ihe (OW Soiue, i ii tlw city of Ann Ar'ior, on the itilh daj o' July, A. I. 17., at ten o'oJock a. m. Dated.Otb d&y üí June, A. I. V7.;. MICHA EL FLEMING, Sheriff. Chancery Salo. STATE OP The Fourth Judiéis! Circuit, in Chance ry. buít pending in the t ircuii (,'oiut for the ouuntyof Waliii nav,-, in Chau rr, wheieiu Sarah E, Hudson is couijilüir Httt iid Meit m }lu(]s'ir, is def end fint, at Ann Ai-bor, county iir.d State uforesaid, Ütáa Sai !ji f .Jnnr, a p. lêïfc On rfftdinjf nnö flliug due prooi bT iilüdavit ihot Ütf iboe mimed deiendaut, Mei ton Mudboc, ie ineun tlie Statt' of Kmiucky, on motion of John N. tioti, solicifor íor cuHiil;iiiaiit, it ia ofdered thm the s id (lei'tintjiiit , Utttton Jludson, cÁttse hís appcaranee to be entered in said cause within three niontlrs fium the date oí this order: ik! in case uf nppearance, oitifrehis Aiidwer to the enmplaiBttiit Liïï of comiilaint to be iít-il, atiil a fopy tlioifnf ro bo' st'i'ved on ;.he ooiiipln iii.;iit a BOÜCJtor witltin twenty iï tya -ii; : the service of a copy oí said bil! nnd notiofl of iJiis order, and in dei a uit tlienoi. tliat the aait bill 1 ken as confeased by the paid defendimt. AnJ it ís 'urtlier üfdcred, that vithin twenty tlays t'.ie paid lomplainant cuse .1 copy of this order to ie pub.ishcU in tlif Michigan Argvs, a newspaper p iWisheo n the city of Ann Arbor, in piiid county, a ld ÜJin siiid jiublienlion l)e (onfiimed in said paper ouce in each week for six sxiccessive veeks. JOHN F. LAWHENCE Circuit Couil CoiiiiuiBsione" tot John X. Gott, WashLeuuw County, Mie toufc Soücitor foi f omplainant. 14 ' Estáte oí' Ebenezer West. OTATE OF MICHIGAN, eounty of WaahtenñTT, b At a sentón of the Probate Courtfor thecomty of WuslitL'iiaw, holden at the Probate Office, in ''a ity oí Aun Arbor. on Monday, the twenty-third df f June, in tiio year oue thou&and hundicd nd aeventy tln e, Present, Noab W. Cheever, Judge of Probato. In tho matter of the estáte of Ebenezer West, inorapetent. On readíng1 and filing the petition, duly veriiied, oí ames J. l'arshall, linardiaii, praying Ihat lie iOfty e lioensed to solj Eiertaio real estáte belouging to saio Sbenesex -.-i . Thereupon it is Orderod, tlmt Ttffeedny, the fiftn ay ut August nexi. at vu o'chu-k in the torenooft e adsigned for the benriofl crf aid petition. ana haí tl.c aext of kin of ii.I Ebenesn West, nnd all ther persona intoi'efttod in oaSñ erstnie, are re aired tu appeor ai a E)etsiQn í' Btiid couxt, then to bJ íolden. a( tbs Probate Office, in the city of Aun Aror, and sliow cause, f any tlirre be. wliy tlie prayer f the petítionez abould not be granted: Anditw urtlur oidered tliat sttid petifefeuCT jive notiee to the eivons interetted in snid estáte, the pendeney dd petition, and the heorinff tberèof, by craBing ïpy of tbia order to be putdished in lite JiVAí1 irus, b newspívper priwted nijd oirciünting insaid ounty, four siitMseasi va weeís previoueto buid dsy Sraecopy.) KOAII "V. ( HKEVER, 1433 Judge of Probate. STEARNS' COCO-OLEINE, A perfect hair dressing- not a dye - nor a re otoratire, but a dressing, elegunt p'r- and economical. H"H STEARNS' COCO-OLEINE is cooling to tbe sealp, imparts a delightful sense o vitality ' aud softneaa to mm the bair. STEARNS' COCO-OLEINE, Btreetly perfmned and limpid, renders the hair supplo and y dresscs it ui any H""H dcairea form. " STEARNS' COCO-OLEINÉ, entirely vagetable oüj prevenís that dryness of swilp w h i oa - - cauros daudrull " to accu' STEARNS' COCO-OLEINE oontainsin onelaro bottle more oil uiid niorc p&' tamo -m h than any othor - t " hal' dressing in marlcét, and H- I lesidea 11 eold tweuty-five per eent. less than most otliers. STEARNS' COCO-OLEINE lirifjhtens blonde hair, darkensaub , ■ urn hair. renóVers luatrous brown and black "- hair, W eens the harshnes3 of coarse hair. STEARNS' COCO-OLEINE IS MADE OXLY EY FEEDEEIOK STEAENS, - OEEMIST, if IHiTROlT, MICII. O Sold evcrywhere. Be suro and get the enttin Coco-Olelne. Let no one palm off on you a botue of Bome chenp and worthlrss imitation of CocO' Oleine. Thero are more than twenty counterlei of i t now sold, put upas noar liko the germine as toe maken daxe and crade tlie 1t.


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