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A Laughable Love Story

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A rich oíd gentleman had an only daugkter, possessed of tlie higbest attractions, moral, personal and pecuniary. She was ongaged and dovotedly attached to a young man in every respect worthy of her cboice. AU the niarriage preliminaries were arranged, and the wedding was fixed to take place on a oertain Thursday. On tho Monday preceding the wedding-day the bride and groom elect (wlio was to have received $50,000 down on his wedding day, and a further sum of $100,000 on his father-in law's death, an event which would probably soon oeour), had a little jealous squabble with hi." intended at the evening party. The " tiff" aróse in consequence of his paying more attontion than she thought justifiable to a lady with sparkling eyos and inimitable ringlets. ïhe gentleman retorted, and spoke tauntingly of a certain cousin whose waist-coat was the admiration of the company, and hinted that it had been enibroidered by the fair heiress herself. He added that it would be soon enough f'or hini to be schooled atter they were uiarriud, and that she adopted the "breeches" a little too soon. After the supper they became reconciled apparently, and the bridegroom elect, in taking leave, was kind and affectionate. On the next morning the swain regretted the angry feeling he had exhibited, and the eutting sarcasm with which he had given it, vent ; and, as a part of the honorable, packed up a magniticent satin dress which he had previously bespoke tor his beloved (which had been sent home in the interval) and sent it to the lady with the following note : " Deaiïkst Jaxe : - I have been unable to close my eyes all night, in thinking of our misunderstanding last evening. Pray pardon me ; and, in token of your forgivness, deign to accept the aceompanying dresa, and wear it tur the sake of your most affectionate Henry. Having written the note, he gave it to liis servant to deliver with the parcel. But as a pair of pantaloons happened to need repairing, he availed himself of the opportunity (the servant haviug to pass the tailor'a shop) to send them in another package to thu tailor. The man made the fatal blunder! - left the satin dresa with Snip, and took the note and the damaged trowsera to the lady. So exasperated was she at what she considered a determined and delibérate affront, that when her admirer called she ordered the door to be closqd in his face, refused to listen to any explanation, and resolutely bioko ott' the match.


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