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Burr's Last Shot

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One afternoon a number of young lawyers amused themselves by shooting at a target with pistols. As the exereise continued long after the adjournment of court for the day, ruany lawyers and others who were attending oourt assembied to witness the sport. Among the deeply interested spectators was Colonel Burr. While keenly watching the effect of each shot, two young lawyers, who had been engaged in shooting, approached him. " Colonel Burr," said one of them, " we should be very happy to witness your skill at target shooting." " My skill at target shooting ? How carne you to suppose I had auy skill as a marksuian P1 said Burr, fixiug his piercïng eyes upon the speaker. " You are an old soldier, Colonel Burr, and we have often heard you spoken of as the best shot in America, said the young man. " It is many years since I was a soldier, and I have had but little practice with the pistol since leaving the arniy. Times of peace do not, or at least they should not furnish many occasions for the use of that weapon, since those occasions often have a lasting regret. But as your invitation to join your sport was so respect-, fuliy given, I will accept it. At least, I shall shoot once at the target. That will be sufficient for my unpracticed hand. Let me see vour Distols." Several were brought bim. Selecting one oí' them, he balanced it a moment in his hand, sighted across the barrel, then taking his stand at the line from which eaoh contestant fired, he raised his arm and presented the pistol. ' It was a moment of intense, alrnost dramatic interest. Before the spectators, pistol in hand, stood Aaron Burr, the very arm outstretched which, on the heights of Weehawken, had lain the illustrious Hamilton cold in death. The pye that was now sighting the pistol had gleamed along a deathfnl weapon in mortal combat - had beheld his foe sink at his feet bathed in blood. Hut a quiok ñash, a sharp report, broke the spell that held the spectators ; the bullet had epud. Aaron Burr had sent it home to the center of the target. A faint smile passed over his features as an exclamation of astonishment announced the' unerring shot. Handing the weapon to its owner, he turned and left the field without uttering a word.


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