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Small habits have been compared with the spider webs whioh kept the prineess of a fairy story imprisoned. She was shut up in a strong castle, from which she must escape or die. The door of the castle was taken away, one day, and she joyfully hastened down to the gate that she might pass and be free. But stop ; in the gate a spider web was hanging froin top to bottora. She swept it away in a moment, and was going on ; when, behold another spider web was before her. It was very easy to sweep that away, and sho did it. But there was a third, and when that was removed, a fourth ; and so on, again and again; and at last the poor princess sat down and wept bitterly, and feit that though there was only a spider's web between her and liberty, she would never be free. Thus with our pernicious habits ; each single act of a habit, what is easier to overeĆ³me Y But it is the constant succession of them, ono after auother, which overcomes us. An illuatration cf Irish simplicity is afforded by the reply of a candidato for the office of teacher. The examiner was endeavoring to elicit the candidate's idea of the market value of labor with reference to demand and supply ; but, being baffled, he put a question in this simple form : " It' there are in your village two shoemakers wilh just sufficient employment to enable them to live tolerably, and no more, what would be the consequence sf a third shoemaker set up in the same village Y" " What would be the consequence, sirechoed the candidate; ' why, a fight, to be sure."' To Bhoil Tomatoes. - Broiled tomatoes inake a delicious dish. Select those that are not over-ripe, and cut them in halves crosswise ; dip the cut side into beaten egg, and then into wheat flour, and place them upon a gridiron, who6e bars have been greased preriously. When they have become well browned, turn them over, and cook the skin side until thoroughly done. Then put butter, salt and pepper upon the egg, and serve upon a platter.


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