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The Result In Maine

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The Boston Post, after a carefui examination of the returns iïom Maiiie and a pleasant allusion to the tact that a Liberal liepublican goes to the Legislatura iïom ex-Speaker Blaine's towii, comuicnts as follows : " Upon this present gain of the Democratie vote in Maine much more may be confidently predicated if it is taken for a new starting point for the future. What lias been done in California, the Democrats leading the line of battle with monopoly and eentralization and corruption is to be done in eveiy other State until Democratie sentiment becomes upperuiost throughout the Union. The labor to be performed is that of making Democratie principies and policy acceptable to all those who aio tired of the administration party and identical in the public mind with the purposes it ii, prone to cherish. Tho people are becoming arousid, and their united rising is a matter of mol al certainty. They will lay hold of that organization which is ready to their li and und promises the largest success for their design. It therefore behooves the Democrats in every State, as they are doing in ühio, California, Pennsylvania, XevYork and Massachusetts, to be on the alert for the decisive service to which in such a case they are sure to be called. Ifthey do not stand marshaled and ready for the great struggle with the power of evil that has insinuated itself into public affaire 8ome other organization will have to be provided. This, therefore, is the precise time for the Democrats to vindícate their political character against the long-continued aspersions of a party that stands arraigned before the people for abuses and usurpations without a parallel. And they are unitedly resolved to complete that vindication by proving their devotiou to principies which form the nucleus of the oppositioii to a guilty and corrupt administration."


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