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Prohibition In Massachusetts

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Boston, Sopt. 1.- Ex-Mayor (iaaton, in a letter formally acceijting the Democratie nouiination for Governor of Massnehusetts, thus alludes to the prohibitory liquor law : " At a time when tha State is suiïering reproach tor the aud dishonest enforcement of some of its laws it becomes our imraediate duty to soek to execute such laws with honesty and impartiality, or to repeal such statutes as cannot be thus enforceü. An experience of twentj years under what are known as prohibitory laws has proved that they can not accoinplish the great and beneficial pnrpose for which they were euaoted. They have not diminished the evils which thoy were designed to destroy. but they havo brought witli them, or with the itttemrit toenforce thera, a train of attendlng eVili which have disgraced the adininistration of justice and have tended to corrupt public inoráis Some other method of promoting by legislation the cause of temperance should at least be tried. This cause ig too high and noble in its character and in its purpose to attenipt to borrow any aid froui injustice, partiality or corruption. 1 believe that legislation can be made to assist those who are by honest and earnest efforts aeeking to extend its beneficial influencea."


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