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illa-- au mu Li COMMERCIAL. Asn AitBon, TnunrT, Sept.2í, t88. Apples- Oreen, BOÍtOc. Butter - 22($25c. cikn- BrinR-8 M0i:,;{: peí bu. Dieaaed WV-. 1',(;;h -Command 16c Hat-$18@13 p?r ton, Mooriling to qunHty. HONKY - 1U (jap, 'Jlüí 50c. .Lar 'l'lif riuirkct taurK'it 8 :'.■. üatí- 83@38c, Potatobp - Nv fiOe. We quote ;it 1. n.-il.":,. Detroit Prednee Erket. LatMt qnotatfons A feulm:,' nrticleaof country produce- Sept 2.). are ufllowa: Wheat- whitc, {1.. -(1(0,1 J2: nmber, fl.20@l .!7. B.vKi.Kï- .íl.aoíuta ÍOper mental. Ryb -c..í;.3c per bu. ('OiiN - &052u. Oaii4- 4n@41c. POTATOM - ) (lH(;fii' DSKS8KS HoGfl t6.0C(íty6,75. Hay- $18(0024. 1ÍUTTF.R - ÍOíS 2SC. Kqoí- 18h!. Labd- S'dí'c. 1Í1O 3(ü4."ic. pet Ib, Hetroit LIve Stock Harket. From the DetnHt Vivp Press. Michigak Centeai ('attt.k Yajids ) Mouday, 8ept. 22. STATE. X'nilcr favorable vreatber sliipments to this market have been quite hrfok. The yarda hare never exhibited more animatioii nor been in a better csnditiOn to receive the numerous conüienments. For the montb tlms far tbu receipta have liten as fouOWS : ' 'attlc. Hogs. Sheep. Week ending September 8, 343 2,065 4,.V2 Week ending September 15, 438 1,708 "."7o Week ending September 22, 719 3,883 2,50-1 Total 1,498 7,:ói 10,."!)8 VÍA CHIfAIIO. Stock receiyod for transhrpment : Cattie. Hoga. Week ending September 8, 2,1 is I.2S0 Week eriding September 15, 1,484 4,549 Week ending September 22, 2851 3,129 Total (5,483 12,958 CATTLE. Thnre was a decided improvement both in reBpect toquality and prices. The fine qaalities were eagerly sought aíter at the opening of the market by city butchers and in such axneasure as to leave a very interior qualitv for regular operators. The average was more uniform, being about 1,100 lbs, whieh vreighta brought l 50; the lighter grades under 1,000 lbs, from --:; 50 . $4. But tor the fine run of choice beef cattie city butchert would have been obliged to aeek among loto from other State. Ir is not certain that there are niany of this grade in the State. But few lots of thin cattie oorresponding to tlie ofïerings of the past three weeks were in this week, operators finding ït a poor venture tó ship thein here. Thin lots averaging 800 Ibs, e [ sold at$3 and dowmvards. HOOS. The quality improves with eacli week, and prices rule correspondingly bettev. l'ackers take all lots in stable for their business, lea ving ■ inferior qualities to tind other markets. The gradual improvement of qualities gives the mar■ ket a better outlook, and is drawing Eastern ■ operators more actively into the field. Block i hogs brought Í4 7"), a decided rise, and ülit ■ weights from f4 to $4 2. SHEEP. Tlie offerings continue light, but oï a lan 1 quality. Tlie quantity is lessening with each i succeeding market, presumably from the low ■ prices rjalized. Lots averaging 80 to i() lbs, brouglit from : - to #4 per 100. Selling by the head was indulged in at aliout tlie same figures. Kixo's Cattle Yariís, ) Dktroit, Monday evening, St-jit, 22. v CATTLE. The receipts of cattle at the yards were qtlHe heavy, increased no doubt by the lateness oï the season and the desire on the part of grazers to reduce their herds as the feed decreases, and consequently the greater portion are foiwd apon the miirket whether in condition or not, and by fax the greater number were only of the olasa known as fair to good butchers' cattle, but the large number offered had the ettert of redncing prices probably 1-4 a l-2c. Sales were natie within the followmg quotations : Choice beeves, young, large, well fattened, weighiug from 1,200 to 1,400 lbs. ■::; "5 n 1 _; Good beeves, well fattened, stecrs and heifers, aveaging 1,050 to 1,100 lbs, 3 00 a i ".il Medium grades, fair steers, averaging 9.50 to 1,060 11)8., 3 00 a 3 50 Working cattle, well fattened, averaging 1,000 to 1,000 lbs., 3 7") a i 00 Cows, common to choice, ü 00 a '■ 50 Common stock, medium steers, and fair to extra cowc, in decent flesh, 800 to 1,000 lbs., 2 50 a : í'i Thin cattle, 2 20 a : 00 Of the cattle offered at these yards to-day alout 100 head were lei't over uilEold. cows. There was a fair supply and sales were a little more active, but prices were lower, the principa] transaetions noted being for covv and oalf at about 40. SHEEP. There were large offerings, and tlie quality was generally good, sales being made at about previous rates, including 228, averaging 86 lbs, at 3 3-40 per tb., and $■'; 80 larabs, ooarse wooled, sold at #2 7" per head. HOGS. Only a, few small lots wrere oftered, selling at prices within the rangeof last week: Twöütyone hogs, 330 lbs, sold at $4 40. In tliis city, Sejit. lst, bv Ebt. (1. 1). (íülespie, Alkrkd L. F. Hbnnbqttin andCiiiBiB M. F.vsaT'ELLK, hII ofthis city. DIED ín this city, on the llth mst., Joseph, son oi ('asi'EB and Margaeht Bohx, aged, 18 yeara 4 months and two days. Cornil y Fair Floral llal . James Toms reR7)ectíiilly uimoumres to llie putlic tlmt his ubserice í'rom attentliiifí the Florul Deoorw tion tilín yenr ws causad hy beiog too crowded witl caringfoi nd proteoting hia business stock ficimtbt near tippr(;ich "f winter. J. T. rospeotfully ini itea íill visitors to the fair or eity. tlmt take pleanure ir the culturo of flowera, to hia grounds free, ou Millei Avenue, tour niinute wnls troin tlie poetoffio? Hopiiifj soiuf iiiiiiiueinents can be tundo bet'ore unother tu prevent bis absence he renunns very n speatfully, JAMES TÜM8; O T I C K ! Notroe te hereby givea tïiat sealed propositie will be ieceivcd at my oítice, diirina the publicatiozi oí' tliií, notice, íor jíToding nd pTÍng tl e Aliev between Washington und Ciberty Btreet, and micïwuy between Main and Fouith stit;fls,in the bit oi Aun Arbor, and fuirnishimt materials therefor Saiil Al ley to be pved with tlie öimio ma) erin] ns fhe Alley between Mitin and Soeo&d streets, and ín noeordanoe with the speeifioütions in my ufiioe. Ann Arbor, riept, 24. 1S73. U4ÓWÜ ADAM Ti. 8ETLBR, Recorder. TOHN FEE. BKQS8, BIAHV7ACTÜBBB OF C1RKIA6R8, B1C.UIES, l, tlü:i! W46CNS, sranfl wieoMt cittkrs, S3.KK.ilS. kc. Ail vork wurranted of the best mnterial. Repairingdoae promptly and teiMonaMy. All work wnirantd to give perfect Btitisfuction. 68SouthMniii strekt. 14Í3 rREMAÏiT& ('OLE, GROCERS AND PROVISIÓN DEALEBS ! No. 30 East Huren Street. A full line of Ciroceries (rontantly on linnd and for salecliei!), im-luding Sugaw, Teae, Spi(e, &C. Country Produce Bonrht nnrt sold. liiiiii? in your Botter, Egg, Poultiy, Friiits, ftc. IV. B. COIjK haB estiiblishci] liis Cnnl office it tlie store of THEMAIN & OOLE, where uil ordsri win be pi-öuiplly atteuded to. Hü! MACK&SCHMID'S! OPENÏNG OF CMce Dry Gis Comprising stil Uto prevüiüiiü styles in stil the new sntd PASHIONABLE SHADES ïiov, in such great deinand. Our assortment IS GOMPLETE AM) l'KICES U)W. MA(1K & SCHMID. BOCKS f, K. WEBSTER A (0. SEW OOK STORE NEAR THI " EXPRESS OFFICE." LOOK TO VOUK INTEREST AM CALL. BOÖKS. i L.C.RISDON'S AOVERTISEMEN f'. Xow is the time to buy : PAEiQB & HËATING STOVES. : 1 will seli tin-m ut COST uutil iunher notice. Ho, :51 S. Jlniii St, Ana Arbor. íte The world is full ef taf ■. Children crying for 53 Caníeícastor 00. íiíjHJ M Bk Ii isch'lirious.etfe'-tiveiuul '■■ H. ■L fflN ÍBt hftmilesSi Tne repulsivo - ':' BBw'WL Jfl & taste iiiut smell of tne (';isQHfHB t Oí I isentlrelj overeóme V yBB&ifW Ils catliai'ti; powcrs un9t. m_ jJJmA uot ii'ict; 25 ets. c .JWi VEEIUFUGEBOHBOITS are pipiríínt: and effeetlre. Thcy resemble Grouo Bonbuus kapt Lu coutecöoners' sliops. t'liililreu luvo tiitíiu and ury ior tlicm. Trice 5 ceuts per box. AljUjLj.Hop Pilis These Pilis do not contain Quinine or Minerals. Tliey are sugar-coated. lrice, SO cts. per Hojc. J)t MvMann, GardneTf Ill,t says " I have taken tliein mysell :uil ven tliem to my wiíe and rhildren. Tliey have oureil them and many others whohavensedthem." Tliey are made tu cure Fever and Agne at unce. Dumb Acrne and Agüe Fevera are oured speedily. Tlioy are simple, liarmless, and lwys relfihle. Dlrecfloua lu fuur languages accuiuiuuy tüom. R. V. KTJ.tS íi CO., uro tlicAgents. 142Oyl BUSINESS COLLEGE! Hanlc TJloolc, Aun Arbor, - Michigan. Studeuta can enter any time aftar Aiig. 31st. Cali and examine facilities Eor shnív :it uur very pleae&iii and newly funüshed rooms. ' lHlti FALL 1878. BU & ABEL We invite the aitention of the public to our extensivo STOCK OF NOW IN STORE. Our recent purchasas iu the Eastern markets erable . U8 to offer creo"lhe Largest and Most Complete ASSORTMENTS iisr;xpiis vicinity. I3T We buy largely frcm Manufacturera and Importéis, and " exclusively for cash," and will make prices as low as any house in Michigan. BACH & ABEL. WAGNER The One-Prioed Clothier! HiiB rccently enlavgeJ liis store and luis just rweived andofleratu the public the luigt-st ,,i MENS', YOUTHS', AND BOYS' Ready-lfade Fu! aad Winter CLOTHING ! Ever brought within the Cnunty of Wnsliti niw.I hese ooit-i were bought for caah.'uail will bc uld t the lowest poaihlceu8h j)ii.t. AT WAONKICS. Alsüeonstanily on haiul a fine line of ForeUa ald DomeBlic Cloths, Cassimeres and Yestiogü All in ?reat vnripty, which will be rnnJe ut to order aud wwnated to m. AT WAGNER'8. A co ü te anl lai ge stick f Gents' Fnrnlsltlng Ooods of every de8cri])tion, lower than ever. AT WAOXEÜ 'S. TRUNKtS AND VALISES of various stylos ud mike8. AT VVAGXKirs. GOOD l'APER COLLARS only 8 Ct8. per boN. WM. WAÜXEE. 21 South Miiiu St., Ann Arbor. Wantcd, Agexits, $75 to Í250 per month, ererywhere, male and feniale, to Introduce the Genuine ImproTed Cominos Sense Family Sewiní Machine. Thii machine will Btitch , hem, feil, tuck. giiilt. cord, bind, braid and eni broider in a most superior niauner. Pnce only$lü. Fully liceused.and warranted forfiveyeara. We will pay $1,000 for any machine that will 89W Btronger, more beautifu). or more elastic seam than ourí. It makel the " Elaatio Lock Stitch." ETery second stitch can be cut, and atill the cloth can not pulled apart without tearing it. We pay agenta írpm $73 to $2jü per inonth and expense, ora commisslou from which twice that amount can be made. AddreM SBCOMB & CO., 157 State itruet, Chicago, Illinois. "POR SALE ON LONG CREDIT I Ann Arhor City TiOts, with good title, and weU lociittnl íor reaideuce or business. Algo severHl Mortgages lor uale. Xiiuuueuf L. W. MORGAN. 142m3


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