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CiBDS. Ciroular. Bill-Hesd. l,,.tt( r-ll.;nl. _ Shippiag Tag". Prlnted at the Anotra office. [n the bost style aiul iikaiv l),,n't order eUewhere before oalling. 8tirfaotion goaianteed in ary respect. Thn phüoaopher1 atone: Advertise - in ,,e AROtts. . ni Freh girla wew reportad p i od yestsr-: _Tba public ichools holidayed yesterday lorthel':'"'-Howto laugh at lmnk (allures iindburgtars : jggoát witii your crédito. _Theannual renting of pewsatthe M. E. Okirchwül tak plaoeonTaeday evening next, s,llt. :t!i. at 7 o'i:loc;k. Putting yoor nteaey whire rtwüldo tho int good : " iiy'"K "hat Uiou owesl espaoially litho totlie PBINTIB. 1. L. flrinncll, of this city, iraathrown bom ion on th Fair grpunds, .n Wedneaday, Jlul ooiisiilerably iafured, _Tltó Knighta Templar itart tor Lansing ,: Wodneiday ereoing, to help lay eapitol oorner-stone on Thursday. fhe Law nnd Medical iepartmenta of tlie l'iiiviTsity open on Wedneaday next. The aph,.atiuu indícate large oteases. llmi't : we mean don't throw ruil skins, mjlon riniis. etc, upou tin; udewalk. Botli timb jbJ Bfe re andangered by ro doteg. g. Sondheim Í8 on hand lor the fall trade, „ith 10 enlargod store and a Eull stock of oloths mddothing. There is ne need to ;. raggcd bagtt - The aimiml meeting oí t Wasbtenaw Mutual Fiie Insurauoa Company will take piuco ga Satiirday ol next werk, October I, :it 11 o'olock A. M. Maak .vSchniiil :i. 1 vt-i t i -■ tluMiniiw stock of múds iu anothor column. They are Ntterpriaiuoanil liberal dealei's, aml will ninke it au object tot goodj-buyen to culi and sec them. -Preliminafy itepa have heen taken to throw the failed tirm oi Millcr & Webster nto bankrui'ti'V. No deflnite statement of their aft'uirs tojet been made publio, bul no improvemetrt :, onderstood. - The initial " rush" between the Sophomores nd Freshmen carne off Weduesday foreuoon - the Fresh. claiming the banner. It is to be boped that the oonteat will be deoided at onoe mi tot the year. -The departmant oí Literature, Siáence, and Artsof the Umversity opened on Weilnesday. Testerday noon lfiO applio.nnts liad resisteredi the number rejected was less than last year, and tlie Freshman cluss will le larger - already numlieriiig over 130. - Judg Kingsley ia " at home" once more : that is if he has not ceased to couut Ann Arbor u home. The Jmlge says " a screw " gets loose every time he lcavcs the city, aml tlmt he shall have to tay heie and regúlate things. Hémay tind his hanils t'ull. - Mi's. I)r. Cheever has pone to Colonulo to juin her husliand. The Dr. is now located at Boulder, a thrmng town at the mouth of liouliler Canon, the soenery around wliich is beautiful and borilering on the grand, and is reported in improved health. - The Ï2.000 bail required )y Jurtioe Me Kahon in the case ui Sfyroo Brown - as notioed la-4 week - was fot arpeara neo at the adjourned dny for oxamination. KxunilnatiOIi was w.-iívcl!, ind bail for appearance at Circuit Court fixed at toJSKX) aml put in to the Batisfaction of the ProsmntJTIg Attorney. - There are many dangeroua lióles in the lidewalka on Main, Hurón ainl other much frequeuted streets, and unlefts immeiliately plugged or otherwise stoppotl the city treasury will be mnltted in heavy damagea one oí these days' There is either a serions det'ci't in OUT sidew:dk ordinanceH or in the nmuncr oi eoforoing their ptorisions, W'hich is it ': -In the United States Circuit Court at Detroit, on Monday last, in the suit of the Kook Isliuul Watcti Gompany vs. tlie Mozart Watch Company of Aun Arbor, the inotion to disHolvc njunction was coutinued tor hearing until Monday, Sejit. 29. In Üie District Court, the ame ii;iy, tlie ippliofttion to dceree Win. Stephen a hankrupt was roferred to Conunisaionor 3Lorgftn totake proots. -Judge Coo'.cy, President of the Snvings Bank of tliis city, was in Bay City when he got nows of the suspension of Jay Cooke & Co., the N'ew York correspondent oí his bank. 'J'rains had left for the day, Ijut come home lie must and come he did, chartering a locomotive to bring liim to Wayiie, whpre he caiiglit tlie mglit expres " on the fly. He wm on duty early Priday noniflg.


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