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Doings Of The Common Council

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The Common Council held a special session rai Tuesilay evouing. Present - Mayor, Iteeorder, and all the Aldermen except lthodes and Smith. The resigiiation of S. M. Wébrter, City Treasurer, was receivod, and on motion aocapted, " without pvejudice to the city." On iurther mütiou, Aid. Dow, Deubel, and Wood were appointed a conimitte d to settle with Mr. Webster. Orders were adopted : lst. Establishing the "general City datum" or line of still water- for good purposes- at 222 68-100 feet below the lamp-post at the aouth-west corner of the Court House yard ; and, '2d. Establishing the grade Une of the alley froiu Washington to Liberty streets, east of Main . The Recorder was directed to advertise for proposals to grado and pave said alleys, speciücations and material to be the same as for the alley between Main and SeCOnd streets. Two kerosene lamps were ordered put up on LilMrty street (west, we presume.) An invitation tendered by the Fire Departmeut committee of the Ypsilanti Council, to viait that city and witness the trial of a uew Steam Fire Engine, was accepted. AM. Dow was instructed to lovel with gravel tertain parts of Main street. Justices of the Peace were directed to require ecuvity íor costa on all complaints made ljy private persons charging violation of city ordiuaiices, unless undei tho direction üf the Uty Attomey. Council adjourned. 'Il"' following caseR not hertofore reportad Ín our columns liave been diaposed of by tho Circuit Court at the present term : Ohriatiau Mack and Frederick Sehmid vs. Uaiiiel Alien. Judgmant on deLaalt, Í138.4'). Lucius I). Watkins va. Johu Bauer. Judgmmtoa dnfault; 181.08. Samo plniutift' vs. John Bauer and Albert (ianling. Judgment on default 1204.18. David II. Waite vs. Caroline Wüte. Decree ot divoroe gmnted. Bsabm Koiiipf vi, lliiíun Vim Tusel, Ann Van Tassel, and Albert Congdoo. Porel'isure. Ordei [oí sale DUMla. Hanry Dnue vas. Ajiron H. WTieeler tt a!. The ÏOTkohurch ihed oase. Jury trial. Verdict lorptadnüff, 1310.79. üntil Ootober3 allowed torcitluT party to move fbr a uew trial. Bylveater Poroe n, Tarrewo Parce. Dei divorce graoted. Heury Marshall vb. Coriielius 1. Henioo tt al I rial Ijy jury. Verdiot (orplaintiff; áamages 411,n. VViUiam A. Barharo . Jortio Forbes. Re plevin. Jurj trial. Tbs Ihst regular meeting of the Wiishtennw County l'iuiii-.-v Society is to be held at the Court House in thil city, on Monday, October B, at 10 o'olock i, m. Au intereating time is anticípate d.


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