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With the flrst frosts como the October magariaat, a reminder that we are already on the year's "home atretch." We have the following : - Scribner's Monthly, fresh and bnlhant, both in illustrations and text. Among tlie papers are : The Geysers of California, by Benj. P. Avery, with six illuatrations ; The Old Van Bannaloei Mansion, by L. B. Clover, ten illus. : Freo Marriage, by Lulu Grny Noble ; Payiiig Debts, by Charles Carroll ; .'nitral Park,] II, twenty-flve illus.; Turkish l'roverb, by G. F. Horrick, many of them being very hke familiar liiglish one ; Au Kpisode of Fiddletown' by lïivt Harte, concluded; Arthur BonnloaÜe, by J. O. Holland, concluded, a story which in book form is to be one of the moBt popular of new books ; A Day in the Frencli Assembly, by Albert Khodes; Modern Skepticism, III., by Augustus Blauvelt; and 'Sieur George, by G-eo. AV. Cable. For pocnis we have: RaceUearing, by D. N Beach ; Music, by F. V. C. ; A Song of the Soul, by Edward King; Hark ! by (Caroline E. Wilkinson ; and, A Spiritual Song, from the Uerman, by Geo. Macdonald. The minor departments aro well-tilled and ai e not of minor interest. This number completes tho sixth vol urne, and the whole are off ered, neatly bound. ior10. delivered freo. Much is prom. sed for the coming year, commencing in November: the eoutinuance of " The (ireat Soutli," by Edwaid King; papers by Clarence Cook on l'uniiture and Household Deconition ; " "Katherine Barí," a lenal love-novcl, toy Ad eline Tmttim ; .short stories, by Saxe Holm, RabMM Hai-dim; Daril and Kate Putii.iiii Oegood; Historical Sketches, " Anual of :ui Kiif-liüh Abbey," by Froude; Critieal Essayn on líe Vii'tonan Toets, by Edward Warenoe Btedtnan ; and a series ot' poems by B. F. Taylor. Xow is the time to subscribe, 84 a year Addieas Scbibneb it ('o., 864 Broodway, New York. - With four full-paga pictures and numorous others, Icsp in size bul not in mcrit, the Aldine. (br oitolui ie au irt-galleryiniteell. "Kattiag,'' bj John S. Davis, carries one back t o boyhood Clayi (we have seen and been of such a groun) ; ■ Kii.iliith Vulley," by Ales. Lawrie, is a lovely pioture of ft quiet and lovely vale on theBoquet, au Adirondaok Btream, - with mountains looming uparouud; Holman Ilunt has "The Eve of St. Agnes ; " Mra. Greatorex " ïhe Hanen Mansión," New York city ; Van Elten a midsummer view on Salmón Ilrook, Conn., beautiful as nature itself, as is " Falling Leaves," by f. McEntee ; Benjamin Vautier has a fine trait of Angélica Kaufmann, and - , but apace forbids to enumérate. The table oï contenta ia vuried and rioh, in story, verse, sketch, and edtorial. We may name, Penelope's Web, by Lucy Ellen Ouernsey ; Loss of the Oro Fino, by W. F. Yocum ; The Lady of Bellosguards, who was the intímate frieud of Mrs. Browning, ly .Inuies J. Jarves, &c. It isa wonder tliat such a monthly can be given - and with two hoautiful premium chromos - for $'). James Sitttoií & Co., 58 Maiden Lañe, N. Y. - The Atlantic has: Mademoiselle Olynipe Zabriski, a Club story in the best vein of T. B. Aldrich ; The old Surprise, a poem, by Eunice E. Comstock ; Thomas Jefferson's Last Years,- the closing chapter in Parton's readable life of Jefferson; Solomon, by Coustance Fenimore Woolson; Golden Dell, a poem, by Paul H. Hayue; Gunnar, a Norse Romance, by II. II. Boyesen; The American Pantheon, poem, by U. P. Cranoh ; Honeat John Vane, by í. W. DeForest ; Francés Wright, General Lafayettc, and Mary Woolstonecraft Shelley, another if the admirable autobiographicaJ papers of Kobert Dale Owen ; The Germana in the, by J. 3. Lalor ; Daniel Treadwell, Inventor, by Morrill Wyma ; Smne Objeetions to the Sea, by Charles Dawson Slumly; Ooi Populatiou iu 1,900, byFrancis A. Walker; Witli notes on Literatura, Art, Seience and a " l'olitioal" artiole in which the drangers come in for a notiee. An admirable number. 4 a year. Jas. R. Osoood & Co., Eoston. --Tho Eclectic Magatm has for a frontispieoe a line portrait of Marshal MncMahon, the President of the I'rench ftBjaihivi C). whii-h ík accompanied by an ratererttng biographical sketch by the editor. It also gives the opening chaptera of a new novel, " Spring Floods," by Ivan Turgeneiff, the leading European novelist and Iranslated trom the ltussian especially for the Eclectic The other most uoticeable papers are: Living English l'oets Alexander Dunias : Miin and Apea, by St. (eorge Mivart; Montrosr, by Peter Bayne; In the Yineyards; Wordsworth, by Sir John Coleridge ; News bom thu Hoon, On Benefloial Kfstrictions to Liberty of Marriage, aud Home anl its Adrenaries. 16 a year. E. B. Pbltok, 108 l'ulton atreet, New York. - Godey't Lady's Bonk has a fine array oí leaíonable fashion plates, jilain and oolored, ñngle page and extensión, with working cuts and directions ; a readable list of papers iucluding another installment of Carrying Weight, by Marión ILailand ; Bessie's Wooing, by Paul Forbes ; A Week'a ltural Enjoyment, by T. H. F. ; Halloweun at Farmdale, by S. Annie Froat ; poetry, muaic household recipos, etc., makins it a favorita in every household department H a vear. L. A. üodey, I'hiladelphin. - Our Young Foiki is, as always, chock full of good things, the ouly limit beiiig the number of page between tlie covers. A Chance for Himselt', by Tiowhridge, is carried another stage, Jack, the hero, getting out of and into trouble with eonal facilitv. But why rate ? the boys, and girls, too, will digest its pages without a list. W a year. J. B. Osoood & Co. - In print and picture and story and verse, the Xursery maintains ita well-earned reputalion, and that is saying enough. A house with & four year old in and without the Nuraery is a lioiiHc ia which the little one's don't have their rights. $1.60 a year. John L. Skoeky, Boston. ii m m ' Ypsilantihas a new Steain Fire Kngine- its fiist venture in that line- and naturally ouv neightiors, the Ypsilantians, are as proud of it as a boy of a new top. And then, Ypnilanti being of a fíenerous disposition, chooses not to hide her liht under a bushei, and theretoro tlie Cominon Couucil, ye quill-driver for the Arous -and we know not how few or many others- rere invited to go down ou Wednesday afternoou and soe it tried. AVe went: that is, Kecorder Seyler, Aid. Deubel, Dow, Leiand, ltngers, Seabolt, ftnd Wood, and ye quill-driver atoresaid. The steiimcr i the niake of Clapp & Jones, of Hudion, New York, and has the Clapp CirculatinK Tubular Boiler. It is a very beautifully ttnished machine, and the boys in charge will needs bestow BOine labor to keep it as bright and shiny and charming au on Wedneüday. The contract shows the steamer to cost $4,250 ; the hosecart $-250; 1,000 f eet of New York test 4 ply 3 inch hose, $1,400 ; a total of 5,900. Of tliis saín ( larfc OoraweU & Co. volunteer to pay Y1,00(1, leaving the city to provide for $4,900, which is to be done by the issue of 7 per cent. ,,....; Ttio tinriiiï has y inch cvliuder, 8 inch trokc, 6 inch suction, and ia under contract to throw 100 feet through froin 220 to 240 feet of tiose and 1 1-8 inch nozzle; 100 through 220 to 230 feet of hose and a 1 1-1 inch nozzle ; and 180 eet through 1000 feet of hose, which the committee of the Ypsilanti Council say has been done, and also that it threw, on Tuesday, 100 feet through 1,900 feet of hose. What we saw was this : The engine itaading still, stoam was up and water started in 10 minutes from the time the match was lighted. It tirst threw through 400 feet of hose and a 1 1-4 inch no..le alxmt 150 feet as paced off by Aid. Leiand, most of the distance K ulid tream. Water enougfc was thrown on the roof oi the Follett milis to fill a large conductor leyond its oapaoity. A 1 1-8 inch nozzle was substituted witli not mujh gaiu in distantie. Then anotlier UU) feet of hose and two streams thrown a les distance, hut both over the mili roof, and pendicularly considerable above the íollutt. Boum. And at the end ofttw trial the machine reported itself not a Int tired, and the cktarn was reported eshauitad, .r,()() banreli of water having been thrown. It ittoberansn hooi with 100 pounds of coaL The steamer has been christened the " Clark Cornwell," and our neighbors may well teel proud of it. Uiven plenty of water, a good eugiueer, au eflicient eompany, aud they may also ieel sala.


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