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Superstition Of Colored People

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Though the negroes have been l'ree( and enfranchised and civil-righted, thöj oling to the customs of their foreiather in many respecta, and are still a "peo ul iar people." A few days ago a negro wouian was seen to go out upon a bridge leading from the ïrodegar Works to ai island in the river, and throw a keg or box into the stroain and make off. As in fanticide has been lamentably commoi with them of late, a boy who saw the ac supposed that another baby had been murdered and disposed of, and at once reported to a policeman what he had seen and tlie woman was arrested. Finding that she was suspected of a grave crime the woman was forced to teil the truth and establish her innocence. On Priday her daughter was taken Ruddenly ill anc rapidly grew worse untii Monday, whei she accidentally discovered that she hac been oonjured. The old woman went to sweep the yard and was attracted to a nail sticking up in the ground. She attempted to draw it out, when it burned her, and her right arm " becameparalyz ed." This satisfied her that the " Evil One" was at work. She laid the whole matter before a solemn convocation of her neighbors, and they unanimously agrred upon a suro plan forremDving the spell ; so with their advioe she -procured spade and succeeded in unearthing the nail, with several otheis. They were crossed upon one another, forming a star and the " devil's nail " - the one first discovered - was pointing towards the house. According to advice, the old woman mado a mixture of eopperas, cayenne pepper, red onion and fish brine, and poured it upon the devilish instruments, and then put them in a keg, and went to throw them into a swift-running, nevtir-failing stream. The spell was thus broken, and her daughter instantly got well. The pólice authorities, aíter a thorough investigation, ascertained that tho strange story of the old woman was true- according to her belief- and released her from onuódy. - Mchmónd Correspondenee. %ïtMuVmm%tpB


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