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How To Keep Winter Apples

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The following excellent suggestions are offered by the Yermont Farmer: The way that most farmers save their winter npples is to hole them up, like potatoes, or pilo them up in a cave or cellar. By this method you not only lose much valuable time, bnt lose very many apples ; and what youdo keep over winter are in bad condition. Apples may be kept in barrels that are quite open ; but the best and cheapest way is to keep them in orates or boxes made in the following marnier : The ends or head pieces should bo ten or twelve inches wiile by iifteen or eighteen long. They can be suwed or split. Xail your boards on the bottom and sides, leaving places tor ventilaüon. Have your boards all tho same length - about three feet. ■ Whi'ii you gather your apples i'roin the trees put them in these boxes (be careful not to bruise them) and lay the boxes on eaoh other in house. Two men will haudle these boxes with oase. You can look your apples over at any time with but little labor. When you ure ready to ship, just nail a board over the top and you aro ready. In this way you get your apples to markec in gooU condition and handle them but once. Keep your house as cold aK posaible at all times without freezing."


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