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The Measure

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llow many thoughts I gave thee .' Come hither on the grasa, And if thou'lt eount unfailing The green blades as we p:iss, Or the leaves that sigh and tremblo, To the sweet wind of the west, Or the rippling of the river, Or the suuieams on its breast, 111 count the thoughts I gaïe thee, My beautif ui, my biest ! How many joys I owe thee ! Come sit where seas run high, And count the heaving billows Tliat break on the shore and die - Or the grains of saud they fondle When the storms are overblown, Or the peails in the deep sea ca venís, Or the stars in the milky zone, And l'll count the joys I owe thee, My beautif ui, my own ! And how much Iove I proffer ! (Jome scoop the ocean dry, Or weigh in the tin v balance The star ships of the sky ; Or twine aroiinti thy fingei's The suiilight breastmg wide, Or fold it to thy bosc.m While the world is dark beside, And l'll teil how much I Iove tiiet:, My beautiiul, my pride I - [Charles Mackcty


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