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A friend, says a contemporary, criticises the habit of ladies stopping in chuicli aisles to gossip after service, and on tuis subject relates a personal grievance. On Sunduy his wife stopped to chut witk a friend in the broad aiale of the church, and, both being attired in modern costume, obstructed the passage of all who carne after them. But the ladieR were iinmersed in the subject of their discussion, and were therefore utterly uneenscious of the blockade. Our friend finally left in disgust, drovè his carriage to the door and passed sorae uiteen or twenty minutes in waiting, frettiug, nnd - soforth, before his wife nnpeared. The ride home was enjoyed ín the most delectable silence, but at dinner the long pent wrath burst forth. " Nothing reminds me so much of Balaam and his ass," exclaimed the irate old gentleman, " as two women stopping in chuich to indulge in their everlasting talls stopping the way for those who wish to get out, and making theinselves the subject of criticism." "But you forget, my dear," replied his wife, mackly, " It was the angel that stopped the way, and the ass spoke afterward." Then there was more silence.


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