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Savings Of Old Age

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N o one denies that it is wise to make provisión for oíd age, but we are not at all agreed as to the kind of provisión it is best to lay in. Certainly we shall want a little money, for a destitute old man is, indeed, a sorry sight ; yes, save money by all means. But an old man needs just that particular kind of strength which young men are apt to waste. Many a foolish young fellow will throw away on a holiday a eertain amount of euergy which he will never feel the want of uutil he is seventy, and then how much he will want it! It is curious, but true, that a bottle of champagne at twenty will intensify the rheumatism at threescore. It is a fact that overtasking the eyes at fourteen may necessitate the aid of spoctacles at forty, instead of sixty. We advise our young readers to be sa ving of heálth for their old age, for the maxim holds good in regard to health as to money-" Waste not, want not." It is the greatest mistake to suppose that lation ot the laws ot health can escape its penalty. Nature forgives no sin, nor error ; she Iets off the offender for fifty years sometimes, but she catches him at last, and inflicts the puniehment just when, just where, and just how he feels it most. Save up for oíd age, but save knowledge ; save ihe recollectiou of good and noble deeds, innocent pleasures, and pure thoughts; save friends, save love. Save rieh stores of that kind of wealth which time can not diminish, nor death ake away. A minister bad a negro in his fainily. )ne Sunday, when he was preaching he ïappened to look into the pew where the negro was and could hardly oontain himelf as ho saw the negro, who could not ead or write a word scribbling away most indu8triou9ly. After meeting he said to the negro : " Toro, what weie you doing in churoh i"' " Taking notes, massa. All de geminen takes noces.'" " Bring your notes here and let me see them." Toin brought his notes, which looked more like Chinese than English. " Why, Tom, this is all nonsense." "I thought so, massa, all de time you was preaohing it."


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