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Ann Akbok, Thuhsday, Oct. 2, 1873. Applf.s- Green, 30@50c. BuTTEIt- 22@25c. CoBN - Brings 5OCÍ55C perbu. Chickkns- Dressed 12?ao. Eoos- Command 16c. Hit - $15(317 per ton, according to quality. flnNKv - In cap, 2r{5íó(ic. Lard- The market stant-lsat 8(fli9e. Qatb- 33;i3ic. Pol atokp- New 50c. - We quote White at l.S09t.3R. Detroit Produce Market. Latest qnotattona for leadins; articles of eoisntrj produce- Oct. 2. are as follows : Wiikat- white, 1.30@l. 45: amber, tl .2101 36. BabIet- 0@J.(Wper nèntal. BYE- 8S@7Gc per lm. Oorn- 30@üSe. Oatk :!.; ! 40r), POTATOES- 55g('Oc. DitF.ssEn, Hay- $18(325. Hi-tter- 2n,fi27c EG#- 2ft@3Sc, I, mu. 8@9c. HONF.Y- IS WooL ')■■ 45c. per 1b. Detroit Live Stock Market. From the Hetroit Free Press. Michigan Central Cattle Yards ) Monday, Sept. 29. The financia! disturbanee or the past weel seriously affected the shipments to thÍ8 markei and rendered the tonner briskness into decidec inactivity. The orders received by factors te withhold all luts from markets tended to frighten smal] operators from making ventures, and produced n feverish feeling. whieh was heightened by the nature of market transaction. Shipments eastward were conrined to necessities restlting from the the indispositions of largí operators to particípate in the market. Receipte for the waai air! moath were as follows : Cattle. Hojrs. Sheep. Week ending September 8, 343 2,065 4,524 Week ending September 15, 436 1,708 3,570 Weet euding September 22, 719 3,583 2,004 Week ending September 29, 434 1,5% 2,654 Total 1,932 7,352 11,252 Month of August, 2,493 7,839 1 t.Otiti VIA CHICAGO. Stock received for translnpment : Cattle. Hogs. We0k ending September .S, 2,148 4.28C Week eadiiig September 1", 1,484 4,54S Week ending September 22, 2,851 3,129 Week ending September 29, 1,550 2,776 Total 8,033 14,734 Montb ai August, 9,797 12,979 CATTLE. It would he impossible to place the transactions of the past few days in cattle upon any basis or on record as legitímate. The lots that were brought were in transitu previous to the papje or liad been engaged and must be offeredThe quality wns not up to the former market, and sueh butchers as were possessed of the ready money bought up what they could at their own prices. Choice heads, nicely built steers, averaging 850 to 1,000 lbs, were secured at about $26 per head., which would put prices about 75c oft on a hundred. Eastem operators were not in the field, considering it uselesa to olfer New York drafts. Many lots were unsoid, holders having decided it best to put in pasture till the market brightena up or pssumes a normal tone. HOOS. Paoken, not un'ike other operators, saw their pportunity to secure lots at a decline. Eastern buyets oould not tender drafts, and so home huyers advanocd their own prioes, payable in greenbacks, which were taken uuder compulsión ly holders. Lots bought were at f3 50 to Y1 per 100 lbs., the highest realized being about V4-26. The Iota in transit from Chicago to the Eost formed the only shipinents for two days, and wcre of fine qualities. Those reoeived from the State showed a betterment and trade had began to be quite ln'isk in choioe lots, SUEKP. This departmetrt of the market suft'ered a decline. Olïerings were fnir, though tney could nol be regarded as an improvement over the werk. Somo liolders, after holding lots in market, returned thein to pasture, but flnally succeeded in selling therfl ata aacrifice to-day. Those that exchanged hands were sold at $3 50a '■', '■. The absence of regular operators and the refusal to accept drafts tended to produce the stagna tion. Kixa's Cattle Yards, ort, Monday evening, Sept, 29. S CATTLE. Therè wer about the usual ofi'erings of commongood tobutcliere' cattle, and a small mixture of choice butchers' stock. Sales were made at a range of prices generally about 25c perewt., below rates of the early part of the present month, as the followmg (ïuotations will show : Choice beeves, young, large, wcll Eattened, weighing from 1,200 to 1,400 lbs. f?, .".() 4 25 Good beeves, well fa tt ened, teers and heifers, aveaging 1,050 to 1,100 lbs, 3 00 3 75 Medium grades, fair steers, averagiug 050 to 1,050 lbs., 3 00 a 3 50 Working cattle, well fat tened, aving 1,000 to 1,500 lbs., 3 75 a 4 00 Cows, coiiinioii to choice, ;i mi 3 50 ('oniinon stock, medium steers, and fair to extra cows, in delesh, 800 to 1,000 lbs., 2 50 a 3 25 cattle, 2 25 3 00 Of the cattle offered at these yards to-day about UK) head wure lel't over unsold( it tlie cattle offered at these yards to-day aboul 150 head were left over unsold. ICILOH cows. There was a liberal supply this morning of oommon cows, and a few good ones, but they iound few buyers at Í30 to Í50, including cal f. HOOS. A few small lots of good hogs found buyers at te : W of them weighed 194 lbs each, aiul 7 of theui woighed 228 lb.s eacli. SHKEI'. Tlie offcrings were much lighter this morning luit the quality was full better than last week, and prices were about the same. Twenty-five jood merino ana Oötawool sold at 4c, and 30 ood nieriu". averaging 93 l-:i lls, sald at 4c.


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