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I OST. A Si(fma Phi badge studdnd with rabies. Finder will bu rewardud by leuving tilo same at No. 44 División tít. ' N . AKEr &OÏ Manufacturar of Carriages, Buggies, Wagons, AND SLïJtüIIS, of everystyle, marie of the beat material, and wnrraiited. KepairiiiK done prompt ly and pnces reasonable. Detroit Street, nearH li. Depot, Aun Arbor, .Mioh. 14-l(iyl Report of tbe Condition of tUe Ann Arbor Savingi Bank, of Ann Arbor, Miei., at tbe close of business, Sepl. 3Otb, 1 873, na required by tbc Keueral Banking taw of tbc State of micbiirau. EESOURCF.S. Loans and Diacounts) - - $126684.39 Overdrafts, - TÖ9.21 Furniture and Fixtures, - - 2,G;i:j üo Expenses, l,0969 Uue trom Bnnks and B.uikors, - 21,634.61 (Jitól'i ------ 36,090.41 $188,900.26 r.IAÜILITIES. Capital, $00,000.00 .Surplus, ----- 10,00000 Interest and Exchange, - - 3,092.21 Unpaid Dividends, - 45.00 Due other Banks, - l,7;ii).üli DueDeposits, - ... 124.023Í39 $188,908.26 l do solemnly swear that the ftbove statement is trueto the best of my knowledse and belief. SCHUYLER GBANT, Cashier. Subscribed and sworn to before me tilia ttrai day of October, 1873. ZINA P. KIXi !, Notary Fublic. Extraortihrary Cüaiice for ïiivesimriits. $20,000 In on ds for Salo. I will aell ten thousand dollars coupon bondB of Leavenworth üas Ligbt Company, oí Leavenwortli, (Cansas; also ten thousand dollars same kind of hond of Citizeng' Gas Ligiit Coiupany, of St Joeeoh Missouri. ' These bonds re in denominations of $100, $600 and $1 ,000. The St. Joe bondp have netirly 4 years to run and draw eight per cent. interest. The Leavenworth bonds have over 5 years to run and draw seven per cent. interest. I will make botk to puichaser ten per cent. interest to maturity. These bonds are a flrst-class investment, will flnd a more ready sale in the market thau furm mortgages in case partics purchasing shall desire to realizo on them at any subsequent time before maturity. The interest on them is payabla semi-annually, and payable at First National Bank, Ann Arbor. The stock of these Gas Oompanies is owned principally in Ann Arbor, and is controlled entirely by citizens of Ann Arbor, by such men as Dr. E. Wells, James Olements, T. M. Cooley, Philip Bach Wm Wagner, E. C. Seaman, J. W. Knipht, ChaH. Tripp, C. J. Kintner, and myselt and others. The bonds of these companies are owned principally by the same parties. In addition to their undoubted secnrity I will indorse the bonds, thus holding me personally resnonmble, and I will give written guarantee to take tía m back if parties purchasing now afterwards desire to use their monev otherwise after the rtrfit dav of December or before the flrstday of Janunry next, at same pnce as paid, and allow one per cent. per month for the use of themoney, or at any time before maturity, allowing ten per cent. per annniu from date of purchaBe. These bonds being of denominations of Í100 puts them within the reach of persons of moderate means, and with my personal indorsement places them so fax as seeunty is concerned beyond question My reaaons for selling are : Being nnable to procure, as I have usually done, the neeessary aeeommodation from BankB in conspquence of the 'flnancinl difflculties extending throughout the entire couufiy and havinj? agenta disbursing for me at over flfty towns and cities throughout the State and paying cash for each day'a purchasfs, requiring from $1)000 to $10,000 daily to carry them through, I prefer to sell some of my permanent investments rather tban check my buBiness These bonds can be seen on application to J W Knight, Esq , Oashier of the First National Bank of Ann Arbor, and will remain in the market for one week. and unless applied for within tljat Mme will be withdrawn ; and unless application is made for at least ten thousand dollars no sale? will be made. Parties desiring any portion of this lnan can culi :it the bank or apply by letter, care Freight Ornee, M C K. R., Chicago, 111. . IIENNIlVf;. Ann Arbor, Sept. 29th, 1873. Estáte of John Millson. STATE OF MICHIGAN, County of At a aesaion of the Probate Court for the County of Washtenaw, holden at the Probate Office in the City of Ann Arbor, on Friday, the twenty-sixth day ol September, in the year one thousaud eight hundred and seventy-three. Present, Noah W, Cheever, Judge of Probate. In the matter of the estáte of John Mlllson.deceased. Junius Short, administrator of said estate, comes into court and representa that he is now prepared to ronder lus final account as sueh administrator. Thereupon it is ordered, that Tuesday, the twentyeighth day of Ootober ne.t, at ten o'clock in the iorenoon, beassigned for exuniining and allowing such iiecount, and that the heii's at law of said deceased, and all other persons interested in said estáte, are required to uppear ut a session ol said Court, then to be holden at the Probate Office, in the City of Ann Arbor, in said county, and show cause, if anythere be, why the said account should not be allowed: And it is further ordered. thtil sairt administrator give notice to the persons interested in said estáte, of the pendency of said awount. nnd the hearing thereof, by a copy of this order to be publiaheö in the Michigan Argus, a newwpaper printed and circulating in said County, three successive weeks previou to aaid day of hearing. (A trae oopy.) NOAH W. CHEEVER, 1-HB Judge of Probate. Estáte of Mary Carpenter. QTATE OF MICHIGAN, (ïounty of Washteaaw, as. J At a session of the Probate Court for the County of Washtenaw, holden at the Probate Onice, in the city of Ann Arbor, on Kriday, the twenty-sixth day of September, in the year one thousund' eight huudred and seventy-three. Present, Noah W. Cheever, Judge of Probate. In the matter of the estáte of Mary Carpenter, deceased . On reading and filing the petition, duly verified, of Francés M. Carpenter, i raing that a oertaio instrument now on file in this court purporting to be the last will and testament of said deceastd may be admitted to probate. Thereupon it ia ordered, that Monday, the twentyseventh day of October next, at ten o'clock in the i'orenoon, be aasigned for the hearing of said petitkm, and that the deviset's, legatees, and heirs at law of said deeeased, and all otlier persons ixitexested in said estáte, are requud to appear at a session of aaid Court, then to be holden, at the Probate Office, in the City of Ann Arbor, and show cause, i f any there be, why the pniyer of the petitioner should not be granted : And it ia further ordered, that suid petitioner give notice to the persons interested in said estáte, of the pendency of said petition, and the hearing thereof, by causing a eopy of this order to be published in the Michigan Aran, a newspaper printed and circulating in said County, three successive weeks previoun to said day of hearing (Atruecopy.) NOAH W. CHEEVEE, 1446 Judse of Probate. Estáte of Veit Zeeb. OTATE OF MICHIGAN, couuty of Wfwhtenftw, as. 0 At a session of the Probate Courtfar thuooimvy of Washteuaw, liolden at the Probate Uttiep, in thf city oí Ann Arbor, un Monduy, tht twtntynimh day of September, in the year oue thousand eight huiidied and seventy three. Preaent, Noah W. Cheever, Judpe of PiobHte. In the matter of the estatt) of Veit Zeob, deceaned. Ou readingand flling the petition, duly reriflecl, oí WilHiim April, Adniinislrator, pi-aying thnt he muy be liceneed to sell the real estttte whereof unid deceased died Beiaed. Tbereupon it ia order3, that Tuesday, the fouiih day of Xovember next, at ten o'elock in the 'i'ni aoon be asitfned tor the heuring of said petition, and that the heirs at law of said decentted, and all other peraons intereetod in said estáte, ai e rcquired to appear ut a seeglon of suid conït, then to I"' holden, at the Probate ÍJÍtice, in tbe city of Ann Arbor, nd show cause, ïf any there be. wiiy tlie praye? of the petitiouer should not be granted": And ií it further ordered that said petitioner give notioc fcothi pereons intereftted in said estáte of the penitni oi aaid petition, and the hearing thereof, by oauaiDg n oopy of this order to be publislied in tbe Michigan Aryus, a newspaper printcd and ciroulutiiifr in said oounty, four Huccebbivft weeka previo ut to said day 01 hearing. (Atrueeopy.) NOAH W. CHEEVEK, 144ti Judge of Probate ÜLOUE AND FEED STORE. HENRY TXTASCH, (Succe8or to Geo. Laubengnyer,) At 14 West L.ilorty Street, willkeepconstan Iy on hand a fu 11 stock of Flour, Meul, Oats, Oom, Viill Feed , &c. All orders prorii]itly tllled it tae loweet cash prieeu. Cash paid for Corn and Oats. [415] 1 County Fair Floral Hall. James Toma respeetfuUy announces to the pabüc that hia absence from attendiiiff th,e Floral Deorntion thi year was cauaed by beirifí too Orowded witli curing: for itnd protecting hib businesa wtock finmiln near approach "i winter. J. ï. respectfuUy invitea all visitors to the fair or city. that take pleaaurein the culture of fluwer. to his gruunds tree, on 1 Üler A venne, tour minutes walk from the pwtoffioe. Hoping souie arrangement s can be made bofore anotht-r fair to prevent bis absence lia reniains upectfuHy, JAMES T0M8. yWELLÍÑG HOUSES xvR SALE Alargeand vory well bmlt briok houae. with two or more lotB. Two large framed houMB. Alao a good siaed brick house and framed huiinc ; and ft mnll# 'rarae house on a good lot, in tended for adding a front , or sale on fair terniH and a reasonable credit. Also other buildings, Iota, and property. nONEY WANTED -So many wibhing to orroio money appl to me that L oan readüy obt;un 01 Ir miers good satisfautory investmenlM at ten per cent. interest. B. W. MOE X Anu Arbor. Amil 23. 1S73. M2SU MtciiSsiií Continue ío offer this week NBW& IRBH ARRIVAU " LATEST DESIGNS In Foreign and Bomestic DRY GOODS Suiiabie for Fall W Buyers should nol fail 1 ine oiir Stock before making their purchaei MACK & SCHMID'S CAMEL S HATR A S i i WATERPROOF CLOTHS In all Uto New and 'fasïïionable shades Now in sucli great Iemand. L. C. RI3DON SELLS PERKT & CO.'K Xo. 9 New Auritii, COPPER LINEO IRON-CLAD KESEEVOIE, Fi 1,1, TRIMMED, FOK, $6O! Otlier Stoves iii proportion 31 SOUTH MAIN ST., ANN AliBOU. H4Ctf Dr. Crook's Wine of Tar VHV Contalns Yrgrtable Ingredientsof l'ti'foiibted CnSV Tonie value eomüined -tia wlth the rich medicinal qualitles ot' Tar, whicli _jrflSnyiii_ cause it to Imilil u ijft TKMhfc. tile wt'ftk mil ili'ïiüT jkKSP mM "$■ ik itïitil Htiil rapidly m'-' 1 SleloreexliinlMl H TffX? ■■ w'lstrenïlh. ltcleanses aJ-fc JB Mfi tlle i"u"m'Ili r.'laxi's VyfflpipHil the Liver, and rauwe [EiS tHMnS11" ""' ' ■!.. praS3ESlSjiS8JïeiiiOYlns l.vscpsia tA'WEMwjaSag Is a Superior Toilif, BmryMrrT?M I ffiliMrl rest'' thenpxktile rTj]ffirtíPS3Íwwl ant strenysÍK'itw th U'l'uUloilitrillBI system. Vov Jbains in ïPPmtëitC' 0Sl'e Bretst, Sil er IpaBfB B Back,Jravelor KidrnTnERIIH ËSney discaw, diseases liyfrSjiL ]H Of the l'rÉiiary OrHmmHHb gïins,JnmHli'orHny w JLier Coinplaint it ■ialMlfl!1f!V1lMHB has no equal. It. Wfocïnf'mJB KffliiáS tnally cm ::! U'oiikIi- DBSBJnHMHH ;f2 Colls9 and all (Hseascs lillllSPT3lïllM ' ''" T1IIKOA'1' "ni1 msee& pronounoed a pi for Aathma aud BroutrliiUs. XY IX. Bukl by ïrlïËLU &TÖLËr GROCERS AND . PROVISIÓN DEALERS ! No. 30 East Huren Street. A ful] line oi 'i(l t'"' su í'hfi p, i '!■ ■■■ Country Produce Bonght and 61d. Brini ta trj , 1'lm IV. H. JOI,!-; hal slmv Of TRBMA be proniptly attended to. 41ÍA C9ÍÍ r('r '1;'-v ' Agent wantrdl -ii ÏJ l JAV da-i ,,f working pruple, of eithcr sex, young or oíd jntiktí mure moiiey at workforuain llifir spare munn-ntü cr all tiie time. than at auytliitifr rle. Partfcolar ftee Adclrt-dS ti. Stiusou &, Vu., luillu1"', Jlaiuu QHÁMBEKS' ENCYCLOPJEDIA. i.V OF Universal Knowledge for the People. KETVISEJD BDITION. virn Maps, Plates, and Engravings. Complete in 10 Vols. of 882 pages eaeb. ' Hapt, iogetket tmlti a Seria if i',,,„, tlnvdred Eleganüy Kgravea Plata - iUwtraHvt nf Ou a-al si,,,-,, for the i timi: oppearing in tíu work. ritlCE PEH VOLUME. : totfi bei led boards, - - , h This Edition is Sold oxly by Agextj. Published by J. B. LIPPINCOTT & CO., l'hil,,. delphia, i'a. SYT,VAXt:s WAEHBN, 189 Woodwaid Avenue Detioit, üeuerol Agent lor the of Michigan. ' tnbers1 Rncyclopeedia with the New Au i. the vork witfa whichit brought into comparifun,it will be found th:ït while the ten volumes of Chumbera' contain 83. 0 papes, the origina] ixtten volumes ot tlie ■! ooBtAin lesa fchan 12,000 pages. It ui thata page of Chamberí contaius lore matter hun a page of the New q, maliinti the ten volumes ot' the tormer iznount of printed matter to at least volumes of the lattei, ndt to mention the aumerous Plates fabout 80), Woodcuts (some 4 (XMi), (aboul 40), thüt are included in this edition ui' Chambers', and bo whicli the New American poaing features. It is confldently believed that as a poTnuai " Dictiohaby of I'nivfj'■■ e, fcne work is without au equalin the English language. i t26yi T)TIT YOÜE MOKBY Wil ERE IT WILL DO Til E A. A. TERRY IJ AS A FULL STOCK OF HATS AND CAPS! IN THE LATEST 8TYLES. QÜALITY AND PRICE8 T O DE &' V C O M I K TlTION. AI.Su, A FÜLL LINK OF Q2NTS' FÖBNISHING GGODS .■, purchagiug. 15 South Main .Street. aJ . j BOOKS. J. R. WE1SSTKIÍ k CO. fTEW KOOK STOEE SKAÜt THE " EXPRESS OFFICE." LOOK ÏO YOl R INTEREST A1 CALL. BOOKS. L.C.RSSDOIM'S A iVERTISEMEN I. Novia the lime to buy Flliüll k lATli STOVES. 1 „ju ge]] ■ i IBT until Purthel noticL'. ; So. 51 S. Main St, Aun Albor. A MEW INVENTIOH.bSIsT YhTRS, PHYSKIUMS, dUSRGYMEN, KDITIIKS, AC0UNTANTS,MEBCHA?IT8, professional umi budaaa men; protectitig nd keeping in ilptwbetU! orfertH lettere, biïls, ivomptí antt uther documenta daüv atieral routiweoi buinBfreftoni diMt, :nid away trom the obeervation of the curioui In thia smul] caliinet 8,000 Ii"t1cra can be filed umi trf always Éidy reference. It Is nóade of bUck m il'iut. is (iiiitc ornamental. The Cabin nr lninfr to the w.dl. Seml lurnü i írcular. Addrflfls, t CARLOS A. CttOK, 1 til. ■(o, III". V Chance for Bargains! ,i, 160 ACBB8 OF CHOICE i les frora the eitj of [onw. i"" nrter improvement, witli good iirchsrd, b"1" .. houae. Ttrma of pyU dofl il . bal.uire nn U'i'S uu tïom Augurt' il] improved itii goptl buil , i.nirly lOW. [fl ACRKSabout eightmilHHl Ihu-iiutf' on s i,, the town of Hm1■ il 11' miles nuin loruBIl Foi te ■ Ihe tmderaignecl. i:. ie. ri. !V O '' I C' E Í v d Chai sealed propos! wil'1"-' . during the publicutior und pavjug the Alley betwf Etreets, mul midway i1" b jtre ■;-. in ihe ''iiy oi A rialfl therefor. 8aid Al' tne intileiial :i th reet, and " accordM wiih ; : ons i ti my ulfi Ann .1 ADAM D. BEYLEK, B rüer. -jïr ,1). BROS8, ARRIACES, BlCtilES, L! MIER W:S. SPRIKfi H AiOS, ('l'TTKRS, s!,i;i;;;s, k. ti ., rial. H'-'r1"'1" ibly. AU w01'k,'""" on. 68 South Mw


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