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Caros. ■ars. _ Bill-Heails. _ Letter-Heads. -Shipping : . printed at the Arcius office. In the best style ;m,l cheap. „Don't order elíewhere before callín. tjsfection guaranteed in every respect. __ The philosopher'B stonc : Advertise- in _- Mnck & Schmid liavc a nevv ad. m to-day s ROtrs. " _-Thererefive lady student in the Law Deputment ot the University. _The Ann Arbor Savings Bank publish their „.„ular statement in another cohunn. üprof. Seeley, of Amherat College, preached „t tl ■ Congregational Church last 9abbath,mor„ing and evening. ' _ The office of the A. A. & P. Telegraph Co. has been removed to the bookstore of J. R. Weh Co., in Oregory Block. _ We would like to know the place where ey can get up more delightiul weather tlmn ,1,(1 „Í the last few days hereabouts. _ E. h. Warren, of the East Saginaw Llntermu gave us a cali on Monday. He reporta the tiiiancial waters in the valley a little troubled .„„1 business r'ather dull. - On Tuesday , a little son of Conrad Sehneider, of tlie Seeond ward, aged about two years, felldown the cellar stairs, and w-as killed instantly- breaking bis neck. liavid Hcnning wants to raise Bome tunda toprosecute hi apple trade with, on favorable terra?. See canl, and remember that the funda will be paid out to keep business inoving and not hoarded. luj. E. J. Barry, an oíd and highly esteemed resident of our city, died on yesterday afterteiwn, after a long illness. His funeral will be held at the l'resbyteriau Church on Sunday aftenioon at 3 o'clock. - On Tuesday Chris. Millman was up before Justice Manly, on a charge of resisting an ofticer, waived examination, and was held to bail in the sum of i")00 for his appearance at the next term of the Circuit Court. - Since dogs are licensed it is well to make t'nom useful. And that is just what the dog power chum exhibited at the late Couuty Fair, bv Win. Yost, of Pittstield, will do. It was quite a " maaheen." - R. L. Qodfrey, of Pittsfleld, exhibited a ■pig" at the late County Fair - Poland and China- whieh weighed 89U lbs., and which he proposee to make weiph 1,200 when it gets to be i hog- ay next March. - A oouple half-breed Indiana ran a foot-race on the Fair grounds on Friday aftemoon last, getting their heat in between the heats of the "big trot." They made their half inile in 2 minutes 41 secouds. - TheKnights Templar and Portes Zouaves of'thiscity, left on the evening express of Wedneaday for Lansiug vía Jackson, to take part in the exercises of laying the coruer stone of the new Capítol. ïhe Kniyhts ware accompanied by Gwinners Hand. - A Deputy United States Marshal came out frora Detroit on Tuesday and took possession of the banking office and effeets of the suspended tinn of MiUer it Webster, olí a procesa ororm the Unitetl States Ct-int in bankruptcy. - Two fairs are heilig held in this county this week : one at Ypsilanti and the other :i! Chelsea. It is a great pity that Lenawee and uther counties could not be iinitated and a single fair held - oue of which the county could be proud. - During the third lieat of the " big trot" on Friday last, Eagle Eye" commenced kicking, got his huid feet over the thills, threw himself md dumped tlie driver. The heat was declared r, and the race postponed until Saturday lorenoon, when it was won by Greeuwood. - ïlie ladies of the Congregational Society won a deal of praiae tor tlie prompt and bountif ui manner in which they fed the hungry at the late Faii Their tables were loaded with wellcooked vietuals, and the servmg was done by neat and handy waiters - the ladies themaelves. Their profits were about $300. They also had a tand for the sale of fancy articles in the central building, and eleared at the same some $70. - X. Arksey gives his card to the Aeous readers this week. Mr. Arksey has won an enviable reputation as a mnnufacturer of first-class caniages, doublé or single, and the work he turns out is of the best material and finish - a statement we shall be borne out, in making by all visitors to the late County Fair who examinad the iine doublé carriage, two .single buggies, and pony phaetou exhibited by him. Cali on Arksey before sending an order away from home. - There was a very severe rush between the Snpha and Fresh on Saturday last, and pumpmg raids have been indulged in on successive (Tenings, In tin; Saturday rush one student hadan arm broken and otliers were considerably battored. It is time to calla halt: Such reckleesness, lawleesness, and riot cannot be I legitímate sport, and disgraces the classes ml the Cmversity. Let the rivalry and strife be tor fue bemors WOB by gentlemen and scholar rather than those oí rowdies Dr pugilista. - The oeoosional or nightly whooping, yelling r yelping with vvhich the ears of our citizuns wereeted, disturbad, pierced, and their sluraDW8 and dreams banished, would lead an ïnnofit aud guileless stranger to suppose tliat our Gïty had huvn invaded and c-aptured by a roving bind ,,f Sioui ni Al ido.: waxriors, and never would the unmitiated suspect a simple inñux of young men, nona of intelligent and well-behaved pwents of tliis and other States, studente in Ureek aml Latin and other studies of a UuiWsity cuniculum. TheLawand Medical schools of the Univer'ty were opened on WednewUiy last with a íair Prospect of a goodly numberin eacli department. rhs matriculutions, up to yesterday morning w-re, in the Medical department, 244; in the Law department, 218. Applications to these departments are coming ín very fast, and while " law-school vvill have about its usual numher ot students, the departmeut of medicine vvill, bom present indjcationg, be a considerable larger than last year. ïhe University is now Wij apened, and the studente are uettling down totheir work with o gieat deal oi Mal and detennination. At the recent County Fair C. II. Woodruff, ho lives just "down the river," exhibited thirty varietiea of oative grapes, al] of the m Well-ripened upand making one'e mouth water to '-'Ie at them. Amoug thcin were three seed'"'gs raised by himself: eaoh he thinks trom Ble Conoord. One oí the seedlings was white M"l was pronounced superior to the Martlia or Hier favorite variatie of white grapes. AnW wae blue and superior to the parent Conr'l; the thlrd had no Bp ially noticeablu feabm- W think that Mr. Woodrff vvill have two first-claas grapas to pul on the markat, and e oongjatulate hia oa bü f"1 We have the July number of the Typographie - enger,' a little late but with some very attrctive pages. J.ími: Cosxeb's Sohí, l'ubÍWierB, NeW yOTt


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