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A Few Words About Horses

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Hay and oats niake the best feed for horses that are obliged to work hard and rcgularly. If the hay is cut fine, and the oats bruised or ground, the whole mixed and moistenpd, the horse will eat his rations quicker, digest them sooner, and thus have more time for reating and renewing his power for labor. Farmers' horses that work but little during winter time may be kept cheaper by cutting and mixing bright straw and hay in equal quantities, and adding a ration of steamed potatoes or raw carrots. Colts should be fed quite liberally on good hay - bright oiover is best - and bruised oats; give theui a roomy box-stall in stormy weather, and during nights. Litter free] v, Miid do not let the manure accumulate under thora. Saw-dust or spent tan makes good and convenient bedding ; in cities and villages they are often chenper tlian stiaw. Groom horses well. and let them have exerciso evcry day ; a run in the yard is excellent. See that the stable iioors over basements are sound and strong. Arrange the feeding racks so that the dust and hay seed will not fall intothe horses' inanes or eyes: some horsemen build their mangers too high, thus forcing the animal to take an unnatural and painful position when eating. Farm horseo that are not worked should have their shoes taken off, and those that are driven on the road should be kept well shod.


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