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Transplanting Trees

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causes the greatest nuiuber of failurei in removing trees, we should nnhesita tingly answer, allowing the roots to becoiue dry while out ot' the ground. Espeeially is tliis the case with the conifera: or oone-bearing family, and, in fnct, all trpes with persistent or evergreen leaves. Despite the oft-repeated cautions of our leading horticultural writera - amounting in many instances to eitrnest pleading - the careleps praetioe hinted at is still adhered to by a large propnvtion of our planters, inoludins: many wliom we t'ear really know better. Scaicely a day passes during; the spring and autumn nioi)tli8 that we do not notice trees and plants lying out waiting until tlie workmen are ready to set them, although exposed to the combined intiuenees ui' the wind and sun, which invariably canses rapid evaporation to take p!ace. In the majority of instances the nurserymen are obliged to bear thebnrdcn of the failures - "for was not the planter careful in setting bis specimens? henee previous dia eaee must have been the cause." Frionde, never let the roots of your trees dry for one moment whon out of the ground. You inigbt just hs well keep your favorito Cotswold and Duihain from the water-troüli and ezpeot them to tbrive. Tramping the soil firmly preserves the roots moist after the planting, and a slight niulch over the surface completes the work in a Batisfaotory maoner. - JV. Y. Tribune A " Life of Washington " is announced, we are told, by a Yeddo (Japan) publisher, to be brought out in no less than fortyfour volumes in the Japanese eharaeteis, and to be profusely illustrated in tho highest style of art. Washington is reprcsented in the clothes and fashion of the present day, and with a moustache, oarryng a cañe and accompanicd by a Skye terrier, andisgazingatalady with a train, a Orecian bend and a hideous waterfall.


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