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WÖIMAN.' !'",' rin immcnpe prartlcc, PTtondin throngn a pcríod of yen ra, haviug witMn tlutt time treated iii.'uiy itMiu.-inul cafo of thwn dimanes peculiar 10 w ornan, 1 tuwe boen enahlod t i perfect ft ma-t potent and agreeable mdiciiif; Miat mwtMhe !ndirationa presentad hy ü-ar. of cllseaaefi witli pwitive certainty and exactnep?. To dfpicTiati' tuis oatnrol speciflc compound, I 11 i ■■ aamed ii Dr. Pierce's Favorito Prescription. The t enn, howcTCT. bni n feohlp nxprosrion f my mout matnred appreciaiïoii ui n - valne. baed npon actual and wituo e! i allM ■-. Aj a cto?a observer, I have wüiic virniaMlng i m punitivo reBiilts In the te w special fiiai'ttBcü incide I te the pepanite orgaoiBii) 01 wuiuhik Klult'tl it oul ;ts the climax or . em of niy mt'dioal cftreer On Ua rooritöasaposlthTS, paf e, and effoctual remedy rorlhUclaï'oKliseatiS, and one that wil] at all timos and uikUt nl! cirenm,Btnnceg act ktnrtly and in harmutiy Mith the lawa whtchgovern the fnnale Bystem, Í ain wlHing to ptakt; my repntatiou as a phyíicían. Nuy, even muro, so i'onödent am T thet it wi'l not, disappoiut the moet sanirnlna expftctationiof ft einifle in valid hniy who empk)vs it for any ui ihc atlmeutn f(r vhich I recommend it. Ihat I offr nnrt peil it under A iOS!TIVi-: GlAUANltii;, If a boneficiftl effoct is not experieuced by tl;e time two-tatrdd of tho contenta ! the hottlc uru Qnett, ï wlil, on return of tho hottle, two-thtrds of the medicine havlng been taken ucconling to dtrections. aud the caso beinc one tor whion I recommend ii. promprly refuiia the montjy paid for it. Jlail I not the moat j rfeel conflüencu in ïtsvlrtucs. I coald not jiT"r H am I do under these condttions; but ha ving witneawd ita truly miraculoiu cures m thousanus oí casee, a i'i warra il led and terfrrtly aaie In iSxSiiig botb mv reputuiiou and my iiioiiey on !■ mérito The foUuuing are among thnse dtaeasoa ín viiicli my Favorita lrrseripiioïi has worked cure (isifby magie andwuhacertainty never before attahied by auy m-diciue: Leu orrjiopa, Lxce#slve Flowing, Painlut Montliiy Periods, Sun;resÍoiiH when ínun mi na tumi cauces, Irregular! t i cb, Weak Back, Prolappns, or ftiUlng of the Tutu;, Auteverxion nnd Betroversion, iieariti Dowu Sensatione, Interna! Heat, Ñervo: ir Depresston, DeblHty, Despondoncy, Tlireatened Miscarriae, Chroulc Cougestlon, InflatniUHtioii and [Jlccrntion of the Utenis, Iinpotciit y, BarruTinep, or Steriüty, Female Weaknen, iiml very maiiy other chronic diseasai inciden t to woman uot meotionad licre,. lo which, as well u in the casos which I havo mentioned, my Favorito PreHcription worka cures- I he marvei oï (iiB notldi ThU roediciue I do uot c'tf)l as a cure-all, but it admirably (Ulfllla a sliiKieues oí jmrpoisp. beluga moet porree) pedftc In il cnnmic diseaíws f tlm raxnal B.yptein of woman. It wiil not rii-appoint, nor w ili ir do hann la any state or conditlun, It wül be Ibund ínvaluabla in dieeaeee incldeut to pregnaiuv. and eau bo taken in moderate doses witn perecí cafptir whlle in that state. Indeed, it is a ñother's Cordial, and bo preparea tlie ByBtetn for partnritlon that ll reoder cliild-lnhor easy. 1 have reoelved i he lieartfelt praira from htmdredeof moMWia for Míe 'nebliimible beuuütt thns conferreñ. [ oflbr my t'avorilu Preacrlptton to the Ladies of America with the síncerity of an honett heart, and for theír bel wollare, Those who desire further Information on thepe pnbjpctii ean obtain It Ín my Tbkatisk on Chbonio Üiseasxs optue Gen bb ati ve and Urinakt Opgans, eent secure frotn observation upon receipt of two poctage ptamps. Tt trente mínutelyon thove dUeasM peculiar to Fexnales, and givea mach valuably advice in regard to tbMr management. l. I1I-;LEK9S l'AVOUITE PRESÍ'USPYlilN IS SOfl.O II 1' ALL FIKST ('LASSDRtGGISTS, at $1.50 per bottle. Mauufactured at the Chemical Labora tory of . 11. F. PTEBCX, Jf. 7., Propr - Bl'FFALO, n! Vinepjar Bitter are not a vile Fancy Drink, made of Poor Rum, Whiskey, Proof Spirits and Refuse Liqnors, doctored, spiced, and sweetened to piease the taste, cailed Tonics," " Appetizers," "Restorers," &c, that lead the tippler on to drunketiness and ruin, but are a true Medicine, made from the native roots and herbs of California, free from all Alcoholic Stimulants. They are t!ie Great B!ood Purifier and a Life-giving Principie, a Perfect Renovator and Invigorator of the System, ctrrying off all poisonous matter and restoring the blood to a healthy condition, enriching it, refreshing and invigorating both mind and body. They are easy of administraron, prompt in their action, certain in their results, safe and reliable in all forms of disease. Person can take these Bitters according to directions, and remain long unwell, provided their bones are not destroyed by mineral poison orother mea us, and the vital orgaos wasted beyond the point of repair. Dyspepsia or Indigestión. Headache, Pain in the Sliovilders, Coughs, Tightness of the Chest, Dizzinesa, Sour Eructations of the Stomach, Bad Taste in the Mnuth, Bilious Attacks, Palpitación of the Heart, ïnflammation of the Lungs, Pain in the regions of the Kidneys, and a hundred other painfu! symptom.% are the ofisprings of Dyspepsia. In these complaints it has no equal, and one bottle will prove a better guarantee of its merits than a lengthy advertisement. Por Femiile Complaints in young or old, married or single, at the dawn of womanhood, or the turn of life, these Tonic Bitters display so decided an influence that a marked iraprovement is soon perceptible. For Inflammatnry and Chronic Il.ioumatism and Gout, Dyspepsia or Indigestión, Bilious, Remittent and Intermittent Fevers, Diseases of the Blood, Liver, Kidneys and Bladder, these Bitters have been most successful. Such Diseases are caused by Vitiated Blood, which is generally produced by derangement of the Digestive Organs. They are a Gentle Purgatlve as well aa a Tonic possessírig also the peculiar merit of acting as a power ful agent in relieving Congestión or ïnflammation of the Liver and Visceral Organs, and in Bilious Diseases. For Skin Dlseascfl, Eruptions, Tetter, SaltRlieum, Blotches, Spots, Pimples, Pustules, Boils, Carbuncles, Ring-worms, Scald-Head, Sore Eyes, Erysipelas, Itch, Scurfs, Discolorations of the Skin, Humors and Diseases of the Skin, of whatever name or nature, are Hterally dug up and carried out of the system in a short time by the use of these Bitters. One bottlein such cases wili convince the most incredulous of their curative effects. Cleanse the Vitiated Blood wnenever you fïnd its impuríties bursting through the skin in Pimples, Eruptions, or Sores; cleanse it when you find it obstructed and sluggish in the veins ; cleanse it when it is fnul ; your feelings will teil you when. Keep the blood pure, and the health of the system wil] follow. Grateful thotisands proclaim Vinegar Iïittkrs the most wonderful Invigorant that ever sustained the sinking system. Pin, Tape, and other Worma, lurking in the system of so many thousands, are effectually destroyed and removed. Says a distinguished physiologist: Thereisscarcely an individual upon the face of the earth whose body is exempt from the presence of worm3. It is not upon the healthy elements of the body that worms exist, but upon the diseased humors and elimy deposits that breed these living monsters of disease. No system of Medicine, no vermifuges, no anthelminitics, will free the system from wonn3 like these Bitters. Mechanlcal Disenses. Persons engaged in Paints and Minerals, slicli as Plumbers, Type-setters, Gold-beaters, and Miners, as they advance mlife, will be subject to paralysis of the lïowels. To guard against this take a dose of Walkhr's Vinegar Bitters once or twice a week. as a Preventive. Bilioutt, Keinlttent, and Intermittent Pevers, whicli are so prevalent in the valleys of our great rivers througliout the United States, especïally those of the Mississippi, Oho, Missouri, Illinois, Tennessee, Cumberland, Arkansas, Red, Colorado, Brazos, Rio Grande, Pearl, Alabama, Mobile, Savannah, Roanoke, James, and many others, with their vast tributaries, throughout our entire country during the Summer and Autumn, and remarkably so during seasons of un usual heat and dryness, are invariably accompanied by extensive derangements of the stomach and liver, and other abdominal viscera. There are alwaysmoreorless obstructions of the liver, a weakness and irritable state of the stomach, and great torpor of the bowels, being clogged up with vitiated accumulations. In their treatment, a purgative, exerting a powerful influence upon these various organs, is essentially necessary. There is no cathartic for the purpose equal to Dr. J. Walkhh's Vinegar Bitthrs, as they will speedily remove the dark-colJred viscid matter with which the bowels are loaded, at the same time stimulating the secretions of the liver, and generally restoriug the healthy functions of the digestive organs. Scrofuln, or lülng's Kvil, White Sweinngs, Ulcers, Erysipelas, Swelled Neck, Goiter, Scrofulous Inflammations, Indolent Inflammatíons, Mercurial Affections, Old Sores, Eruptions of the Skin, Sore Eyes, etc, etc. In these, as in all other constitutional Diseases, Wai.ker's Vinegar Bitters have shown their great curative powers in the most obstinate and intractable cases. Dr. AValker's California Vinegar Bitters act on all these cases in a similar manner. By purifying the Blood they remove the cause, and byresolving away the effects of the inflammation (the tubercular deposits) t the affected parts receive health, and a permanent cure is effected. The propertlea of Dr. Walxbr's Vinhgar Bitters are Aperient, Diaphoretic and Carminative, Nutritious, Laxative, Diuretic, Sedatiye, Counter-Irritant, Sudorific, Alterative, and Anti-Bilious. The Aperient and mild Laxative properties of Dr. Walkhr's Vinegar Bitters are the best safe - guard in all cases of eruptions and malígnant fevers, their balsamic, healing, and soothing properties protect the humors of the Their Sedatíve properties allay pain in the nervous system, stomach, and bowels, either from inflammation, wind, colic, cramps, etc, Theil Irritant influence extends throughout the system. Their Diuretic properties act on the Kidneys, correctíng and regulating the flow of urine. Their Anti-Bilious properties stimulate the liver, in the secretion of bile, and its discharges through the biliaryducts and are superior to all remedial agents, for the cure of Llilions ïevpr. PVver anH Acup fic Fortify tlie body agalnst dlsease by purifyingf all its fluids with Vinegar Bitters. No epidemie can take hold of a systetn thus forearmed. The liver, the stumach, the bowels, the kidneys, and the nerves are rendered disease-proof by this great invigorant. Directions. - Take of the Bitters on going to bed at night trom a half to ona and one-half wine-glatsfuti. Eat good nourishíng food, such as beef steak, mutton chop, venison, roast beef, and vegetables, and takt out-door eltercise. They are composed of purely vegetable ingredients, and contain no spirit. J. WALKER, Prop'r. R. H. IHcDONALD A, C., Druggists and Gen. Agts., San Francisco, Cal., and cor. of Washington and Charlton Sts., New York. SOLD BY ALL DRUGGISTS AND DEALERS. x - HURRY UP ! Alt'l'l l:s wishing Wall Paper, Cloth 1 and Puper Shades, Hollands, Window Kixtures, Coida, Tácele. fcc, ail New Styles, at Suinfactorj Prices. by J. R. Webiter Co., Bjok ttore, near the ExpreKs Office. X x SEMI-ANNUAL STATEMENT OF TJIK Houal Life INSURANCE COM'Y OV THE United States of America BRANCH OFFICE : PHILADELPHIA, PENN., Where the Business of the Company is transacted. CHARTER KT) Bï CONGRESS. Cash Capital - $1,000,000. JULY 1 1873. RECEIPTS : Frrnn Jan. 1 to July 1, 1873. (Si moitthx.) Premiums - inolu'iirg leHp's on rein surwl polide, - - - $700,120 47 Interest, ----- 124 867 8fl Premium on gold, ' - - 2,016 78 Total receiitsforsixmonths, $820,811 14 DISBTJRSEMENTS ; From Jan. 1, to July 1, 1873. (Six moUhs.) Death Claims and Aunuiti 8, - (lib,866 -tí Cuah and allownuee lor aurrendered poheies, - - - - 7 1 ,0 :4 06 Prumiuuu on poiiuie n n-ured, - - ,.ii7 i'4 Cominutd Corniniioii-, - - '.,11 11 Keveuue ttamps mie! mes, - - 8,331 10 Dividend, - ... ;;u,ooo oo All otliei expendiuires, - 120,786 82 Total disbursemom s for six months, }37.',43(i 1!) ASLET'3. Cash in Bank aud Trust O mpaiiits, $101, fi72 fi Unitet] States Bonda imuikit value,) 432, &5 0 State Bond, (market value,) 39,680 0 Loans secured by niet moitgages, 1,278,587 1 Loanson collaterals, (collateruis worth $l,öOO,uüli.j !)7(i,O9ó :ï Accrued interest, 30,037 0 Loiiib on policies of the Excelsior Life Insurance Company, which were reinsured by the National, 9i,S76 7 Deferí ed ttmi-anmial und qunrteily premiunm, on Mlieies in foioe, liueludinjj reinsured policios,) U7,8S6 2 Pr-jmiuma in eourse of collcction. ineliuling- premiums on reinMtied poiicies;j uudall (ther Qüseta, iVl,U5 1 Totul ikssets, Jnly lsi, 1873, 13,116,270 4 LíABILITÍEtTolal i)resent value oí' tili policies in iul'oe, iucludiiii all polioiea reinsuit-d - heilig the amomit requiaite to reinaurt hÜ outstnuding rik $1,600,613 K Deduct jiii'st-nt TfllU6 of policii'H roin sared iu ofbereolvtiil oompunies, S8,0A3 0 Net present valué oí all outstnuding i-isks, tl,8Ü2,5 0 LostseH rep(frted lui nol duo, G7,..rt6 7 Totul liiim'li-i' s -li;] Is. is;;;, $ ,030,096 7 SURPLUS. (bt'iii(r mlliiiuiml to relnsuiance f umi,) f1,180,178 t Ratio of Assets to Liabilities 102 per et Total Aeaets, Jnly Ist, IR7JÍ, 53,111,276 4 Total Ansets, JauiiHrv let, 187:;. , ;'(;:;, stil í Inórense iu Attsela duriog ix months, $;"2 -Mo 7 New Policies isfi.ed durug the J'o. Amoimt K1X IllOUlllF, i New Policios, issued from -fn. íí,01Ü,98 lattoAug. lat, 1S73, (etjven montha), 3073 7,117,107 New l'ooie issued fiora oi jriu - iantion, f August 1 -i, lh6K; io Augunt ,i, [873, 2206] 50,911,371 ___ The National is making exoeUuut progreu In finan dal streugth- In increow ol luuetk - in new buniuee - and in net nmount at risk. All ooaneetd with the Comp-my, ; ol :y-holders as well K iniui;iiit'i'-s, can feel urutifteri ut iti nïid BUOCebb, : E. A. ROLLINS, Piesident. II. II. CGOKE, (Wiwhiujiiuii) Vioe l'nsidcnt. 1ÜHN M. ISUTLER, Secretuiy. JAY ('OOKE.Clim. Kin. imlFx. Com. KMERSON V. PEET, (Phlladolpl.ia] Vico Pre.-. and A(M umi y. F. O. 8MITH. M. D:, Medical Director. WM. K. CHANDLER, [Wnshjngtoii .tloniey. Bi rector.- E. A. Kollin, ,Iay t'ooke, CUreoog H. Olillk, Oeorge F. Tylcr. Win. O. Muorhead, John W. Elli, Henry D. Cooke, J. Hiock'oy Clark, VVm. E. Ohandlfr, John I). Defrt-ea, Ëdward Dodge, H. C Fahnestock. G. W. SNOVER, Gen. Ag't Moffatt Block, Detroit, Mich. W. W. Whedon, Ag't, Ann Arbor. H44tf WASHTENAW CpUNTY. ÍJS2 SS 552 Sw9S89L SS fiS IT C LAW p pNOTARYPUBUci JtapLÜB GENERAL 1 Uj _ r=f "- -HCONVEYANCER aL._JL,Ji SS5f?T AHH ARBOR E-4 f k J L N s M I C H . J I Q i1IIH:";!l I Üj 'j ■;■ .■i.lliH'i .. ■: I!H' ;.l,, OUR ABSTRACT BOOKS! Aa partiaily indioated above, wc now poeted to dato. They iit once, in m eondensed or posted forzn, show tlio oriiïual ohain aml allnewohaJDsol title. Instanoe, BUCll UB AUDITOR GEN ERAL' S DEEDS, Known as T;ix-THles, which are very numerous in this County, Decrees, Contracis, Deeds ! Alpn, now as well as all of the old ondlsoharged Mortgagee as far back na 18-4 - which ure legions. Beraoiuta&iaztitleorinortgages iti rl liene will remember that Tax-Titles and other collateral muiters are not found in the usual mode of seareh by Indexes ut the Uegister's ottiee. The books or libera in the Regwter's of&cr have becomeao numurouaand voluminous that long time is necessarity required even to mak e a hasty and onreliable aearch. "With our facilities we say to the public tliat wo can show them title and Titlo History, make Deeda, Mortgages, Assignments, Diflohaxgea, &c, as oorrectly, quieker and in better styln thttn any oiher office in the 'ounty. Wc have MONBY TO LQAN ï On Hond and Mortuge en long time. REAL ESTÁTE Soldorexehanfi-eri. HOÜ8ÏÏ8 rl7( EENT. 83 acr opposite the Observutory for etale in Iota tosuit pm obaaera ROOT & LEITER, Ucal Estáte Asienta, No. 1. Gregory Block, Tract "W. Root, aud oppoaite the Poitotfice. (Harles A. Leiteh. 14Htf DERMADOR. Oood for JTIan.- Inflammation of all kinds, Diphtheria, Wonnds, Brnises, Burns, Sprains, Rheu. matism, Sore Throat, Swelling of the Glands, In. flammation of the Ejes, Broken Breaat, Frost Bites. Chilblains, Piles, Bee Stings, and all Sores. Good for Beaat.- Fresh Wounds, Galls, Poll Evil, Sprains, Bruises, Cracked Ileels, Ring Bone, Wind Galls, Spavins, Sweeney, Founder, Lameness, Sand Cracks, Scratches, or Grease, Mauge, llorse Distemper. Thl trulT wonderfnl Llnlment waa discovered by HOMER ANDERSON, A.M., late ProfesBor of Chemistry and Mathematica in the Clinton Liberal Inetitute, of Oneida County, N. T. In experimenting for the purpose of making Pressie Acid, by uniting the independent gaseous bodies of which it is composed, a residuum was left, which, on being applied to bniises and inflamed parts, by the students of the Institute, was found to possees the remarkable property of cooling down and carrying off the inflammation and Boreness at once, and restoring the parts to soundness and health in a few liours without pain or irritation. It Is not a heatlng Iilnlment, bnt acts by lts peculiar speciflc or chemical qualities in diseolving and scattering the soreness and inñammation of the injured part By a f ree application, the red snrface soon becomes cool, moiat and natural , and i restored to natural health without euppuration or destruction . As a I,liiimeiit ror llorse Flenli, for tne cure of all the ailments named above, we challenge the world to find its equal. Prtce 25 & 50 cents per bottle. D. EANSOM, SON & 00., Propï's, BÜTFALO, N. Y. See noüce in local column, W BJ THE GREAT AI.TFRA'lTVE A.S'D RJPJ BLOOD PUKI 1 IüH . BJ It is nota quark nos'nmi. Tl'e ■ ingrediente are publishtd iji eich M bottleofmedicine. Itiauaelmid ■B recomm ende d b v I ii y s c i a n s H wherevcr i t ha3 been iutrod.ced. I fcH Itwill pusitively cue HSCROFOLA W Êand hindred distases, PHEUMAV H V TISM, WIU Th! tí WELLING, Lj';i"; goitre, broncuiWíTIS, NEHVOUS JJJCllLJTV, m MlNCIPlEAT CONSUMl'TWN I I land all diseases arising from an U B imjmrc conditiou of t!io üldoil, MgpÉBSend fr our Almanac, Hin which yon will find certifícales ■iïBfrom reliablo and trust-worthy V B Physiciana, Ministers of' the GosBpel, and others. Mb I i)r. It. Wllson rarr, of BaltiH B BJmorc, sayslïc has used it in rasos of HScrofulaand other diseases with uiuch Hiatisfaction. PPV " Ir. T. C. PllRll, of Baltimore, re■ coramends it to all persons suffering ■fMBH with diseasod Blond, Baying it is supeB3 I H riorto anypreparatinn hehas ever used I llev. Dabney Hall, of the BaltiH more M. E. Conference South, says H he has been so much benetitted by I itsuse.thathecheerfullyrecommends ■■■■BI ittoallhisfriendsand acquaintances. W BB Craven & Co., Druggista, at GorI A BJ (lonsville, Va., say it liever has failed BÏBi to Rive satisfaction. ■h B Snm'l O. AlcFadden, Ururfree■T M boro', Tennessee, says itcured hioi ui KH Eheumatism whenallelse failed. THEEOSADALISIN CONNECTION WITH OUR willcureChills and Fever, Liver Complaint.Dyspepsia.etc. Weimarantee Rosadalis superior to all other Blood Puriflera. Seuü lor Descriptivo Circular or Almanac. Address, CLEMENTS & CO., 5 S. Commerce St., Ba'Unwre, .Vd. Kemember to ask your Druggist for Kosadalis. "STEARUiS9 COCO-OLEINE, A perfect hair dreaaing- not a dye - nor a restorative, but a dressing, elegant -1 and economical. " STEARNS' COCO-OLEINE is cooling to the scalp, imparta a delightf ui sene of vitality and soítuesa to hgy; the Lair. STEARNS' COCO-OLEINE, eweetly perfumed and limpid. renders the liairsupple and dresaea it in any HH deaired form, STEARNS' COCO-OLEINE, entircly vegetable oil, prevente tbat dryness of nalp wliich f causes dandruff f- __- 1 to accumulate. m IH STEARNS' COCO-OLEINE containsin onelarge bottle more oil and more perfume - ■ ■■■ tnan any othcr h ii i r dresBing ' in market, and H mÊm besidea is sold twenty-Üve per cent, lesa than most others. STEARNS' COCO-OLEINE brightens blonde hair, darkensaub ■ urn hair, renderaluBtrous brown and black " hair, toseena the harshness of coarse hair. STEARNS' COCO-OLEINE IB MADE ONLY IÏY FEEDERIOK STEARNS, - OHEMIET, DETROIT, MICII. f Sold everywhere. Be aure and get the Oeimine Coco-Oleine. Let no one palm otf on yon a bottle of some chcap and worthless imitation of i'ocoOleine. Thore are more than twenty countortriU of it now sold, put up as near like the genuiue aa tho makers duru and evade the law. r IVE ÖEESE FEATHJÍRS odh 1 on hand and for saleby BACH& ABEL. HAOAN'S Magnolia Balm A. FEW APPLICATIONS MAKE A Pure Blooming Complexión. It ia Purely Vegetable, and its operation is seen and feit at once. It does away with tuo Flusned Appearance caused by Heat, Fatiguo, and Excitement. Heals and removes all Blotchesand Vimples, diapelüng dark and uneightly spots. Drives awuy Tan, Freckles, and SuDburn, and by its gentío but poworful inüuenue niantles the i'aded cneek with. YOUTHFUL BLOOM AND BEAUTY. liolá by all Dmggist and Fancy Stores. Depot, 63 Park Place. New York. PEINÖ BULLETIN ! ft 1 1 M II 11 1 li. ü. Ú II il il Ü II II, 4 THE " HATTER! Has turneiJ !itl:i'k apon Winter ukI i]i n-'d iii stoc v o! SPRING GQODS! Inclnd rm uli the latest atyles of Hats and Caps ! a e n YT s ' FURNISHING GOODS, &c. Whicli must be so d. GOOD GOODS AND LOWPRiCES Is the word to jja.'a along the line. 7 Souíh Main st., Ann Arbor. 1424 THE BABGÖCK ■ ''JI Ir jl L-IOOK & LADDER TEÏÏCKS Rquipped with Babeook Fire K.xiinfruiwhers, Extensión uiid 1 jitdders, Gfrappl i Qg Hooks and Chaina, Buokets, Lau terne, Pike Polea, Fike Axea, &c, &o., weifthixtg leas chttD 1,000 Ibs.; easily handled, hundsomely aniaSed, and atford the greatest protec'ionut Lase expense tlmn my truck iu the nmiket. .Tust wliut BVety File U p;tlí moni Wüllts. The Baboook Fire Eoginesand Fire BxtJnguishera are aavin rohtable propcrty all over the couotry. Seud for their record. E. T. BAUNI?If Affrnt, 118 Woodward Ave., Detroit Vfnuufftc'tnror of Iron, Copper and Brass Wire vi'lreOluIh, Bolt In Üloth, Burr Mr 11 Stones, Broom Wiio and Twlne, Gopper Wejtther Vanee, Wiie Oonntör Rn il ing, Wire t'oiicing and Ornamental WiroWork. Ï41üyrl BUSINESS COLLEGE! Bank Bloeit, Aim Arfoor, - Michigan. Students can enter any time after Aug. 31st. Cali and examine facilities for Btudy at our very pleasant and uewly furnished rooms. Hlltf tioldsmith's Bryant & Ntratton BÜSINBS UNIVBRSITY. Rusiness practicoUy tauirht ufter the countins house aystam. liuciks and business papers are written up trom iransHcdons Driginating from domg business witli the varioua Business Hmmes, Offices, Roard of Tmde, Iínnk.s, &c, conneoted with the institution. - l'liiisc send College Paper gii-ing lull particular. AddreM J. II. Uoldsmith, President, Detroit, Mich. W. E. HKAMES & CO., Flonr Merchants (3 WOOOBBIDGE STBLET, toner Bhelby. DEïlü UT, MICH i'lioire Rye and MitiDeanta Flours tor Bnkera' uwe a speoíiilly. l'"iie Kriek, 11 shHpes ind sizo, lioin Jer--y and Ohio chiys. Foundry Faeingfl and SuppÜe8 Flour & Graiu Oom. Merchant A1WATEB STBKr.T, (Betvreen GMitwold and íSlielby,) DBTROIT. Dï? 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"THE BEST.-For Journal giving full inforniatiun of College, Hooks and Biisineaa l'ractice Address IUA MAYHEW, Detroit. Mie. Mai-ble, Marbleiüed Slate ANB I. JIA.VTI.KS, AU leading Btyles nod patten. V.'itli overy varioty oi' tnnuiiKTitiil and plain euameleu GEATBS. Atjcnt for Strings patent nre-plaoes." Seod lor dfestriptive oiroulal. 1'. A. BILLINGS, 59 WooibrUfra st., Detroit. Rale. DEFAULT havlng boen made in the condition oi a cerbuiu niortgage made and exe.':uted by Klijah V. U'.i-nn and Lucy W. S., nis wife, of Ann Ar'boi City, Miohigan, Co Persis L. Tnttle, of (ieneva, New York, on the tenth day of December in the year oí our ."ni one thousuud right hundred and aixty-niue, and recorded in the Keyister's otfice, Washtenaw Cotmty, Michigan, on tlic tenth dity of December A D. 186, at 3 o olock 1 M. of aaid day, in liber 41 oi mortgages, on ptte4 :, and that Diere is dow claimed to be due upon said mortRge and the bond accompitnying th same the aum of serenteën hundred and Beventy dollars and tliirty-tuur cents, ateo a reiisonable soJicitor's or attoniöy's fee shonld nnyproeeedtnga be takeu to foreeloee aaW mortgage; aud no proceedings in law or in equity been had to recover taiü sum of mnney or any part thereof: Now, therefore, notice ia hereby giren that by virtue of a power of sak' in said movtage tontained, I shall sell at public auetion lo tíie bidder, on the Öfteeulli day oi Koveulber ncxi, at 2 o'olock P. M. ot said day, al the hout door ;i the Court Houe, in the city of Ann Arbor, county afores:id ('hat being the place oí holding the Circuit (Jourta for said county all thoae pareeld "f land known and described au Iota No. ix, Beven, eight, nine, ten and eleven, and Iota No. nineteen, twenty, twenty-one, twenty-two, twenty-three and twenty-four in blook fl_Te soutli In range foux east, and Iota Xo. six, seven, eight, fourteen, iifteen, sixteen, seventeen, eighteen and nineteeu in block five aoutJb in range ftve east in the city of Ann Arbor, in the State of Michigan. August liïth, 1873. PEESIS L. TTITTLB, Mortgagee. John N. Gott, Attorney for Morragee. H39 In Chancery. STATE OF MICHIGAN, Fourtb Judicial Circuit, In Ohancery. Buit pending in the Circuit Court tor the eounly of Washtenaw, iu ('hancery, at Ann Arbor, this twenty-sixth day of August, a. d. 1878, wherein Sarah Jane Miles is eomplainant. and George BCilea is deïendant. It Hutisfactoiily ippearing by altidiivit thiit the said defendant, George Miles, is a resident of this State ; tliat process for his appenrance has been duly issut'd, and that the same could not le served by raason of his absence from, or conceulinent withiu, the State : On raotion of Cramer & Granger, Solicitois t'or complninant, it is ordered that tlie said defendant, Georae Hüee, appear and anawer the bill of eomplnint tilrd in said canse, within thiee raonths from the date of this order; and in dcfault theroof Unit tle said bil] be tnken as oonfeswtf by the suid delondant. And it is further ordered thnl this order be published within kwenty days after dte in the Michigan Argutt a newspapor printed ín Baid eounty, í.íhI Chat said pablioatiOQ be continued in said paper once in eacli week for six weekl in succossion; or that tiie said eoinpluina toauaea oopy of this order to bc personally served on the said riefrndant, (ieoige Miles, at least twenty daya before the time above presoribed for his appearanoe. Aifh Arbor, August 26, 1L78. J. F. LAWKENCE, One of thó Circuit Court C'omruissioners WavHtenav Ooiicty, Michigan. Craubb Hl Gran(;ek, olieitors lor l omplainant. I4tíw Chancery Order. TATE OF MICHIGAN, Fourth Judicial Circuit In ('iiaiicery Snit pending ia ihe Circuit Couit for the County of Waehtemiw, in Chancery, at Ann Albor on the bixth day of September, a. ü. 1873. Louina Dillon ooraplniaant, vb, Heitry DiUon defeniant, Divorce. Ir appeturiag by uiiiduviton file iu said cause iliat the shhÏ nVtendant, liemy Dillon, is a resident ut' State ; tlntt procet-s tor his appt iirnin'e hns bren duly issued mul tlüit tlie n:me eould not be tterved by rvuAOn of lus continued absence from Iiis pillee of rt'sidenee, on motim of O. A. C'ritchett, solieitor fop said cuín ]hiiiiM rit , it is ordered that sHid dofendant c.inse Iiis :ippeariice to be entered in said cause, v itlnu thrc montha from tlie dute of thia order; and iu detnult theieof thnt the bill of comphiint h'led il'eit in lic taken ft coufessed íiií.-iinst. him. And it is furthei ordered that in case of said dt'tcndjtnt's f'X'poarnnce, lie eaiise his answer to the OOmpJaiDRnt's bill of complaint to .ue tiled and a copy tliercof to be t-erved on the complaiiiant's so liciiur witliln tTMity dnya alter bcotípg upon Itlnu of u (Kpy of thp said bill and anoiircuf t his order, and in defaull thereof that paid bill be taken as CODfeswd by him, flio snid defetulHiit. And it Í8 further ordwed that within twonty d a y s from this dwte, the oomplaiaant onnee tliis order to be piibliahed in the Mich aan Ar gut, n neirapapei pnblishra in said county, and th-iL the publiontion thereof be continued ouce in cjieh week lor aix succewsivt; weekt thereafter; or th1 shf canse h copy theot' to be perponnlly served on said defend&nt, it least twenty days bei'oie the time Rbove prescribed tor bis uppeunuice. Sout mbtT (. lti7;t. J. F. T.AWKBNCE. liri'tiii Court Oommiasioner. Washtenaw County luehisan. O. A. ClUTCHETT, SoüOitOI for CmiiplïUIItllit. H43wC "IAMKS McMAHON, Justice of the Peace, OIKco in now block, North of Court House Mouey oollccted aud promptly puid over. INSURANCE AGUDTST'r. Triumiih, nsels, $727 0(13 11 Nor t ti Hlamnri, " '45,ji7.n Blbernls, " .iï RKA.L ESTÁTE. I have 80 acres of land H of ■ mile trom the city iruits, flnely located for fruit or uden purposes. Also 40 acres. Also 10 acres, with h"nse and bain, and a livel stream of waterrannlnifthrongh the ham yard 60 acres, a mile on! 1 will sell iiny or all the above cheap, or exchange for elty pruperty. 1ST JAMES McMAHON. Mortgacro Sale eight hundred and seventy, executed a ï Uiousand Charle J. HoweU, of t dtr of vív 'o Stateof N.w Yo.Mn ,,,,,,," 1,' vm nt of ' f" principal ,„„1 intie.t moi.ey i?,L tmfI$Ha jrbich mortgage a recorded ín the office cf thl p' ■ ínter of Deed ín aaid ornintT m hT u , f Ee&d..-lauU hos heen mude for more'thHn tl,ir v d.'f" ""ch. ' '"" ''"- ■"' the lift, rati d, ot Jul," ' ?nÏÏ Mi bv reabon whereof und punraant to til'fc ■ of tód morte,gf .,;,„] mortgagw hereby eleíS, tte iiiii,-1, ,,t said: principal aa remain unnaidwiE? Í garage of ínterít thereon, shall 1 , „ . S?1 go uit orprooeedings having l:,,„ institutedii mlawor equity to recover the same or mit 2 Jhei-eof: lïotice ü therefore I,raeb3 ti,, ,, ,. !, .""" theflftíenthdatofNovembern, a ".f n!gC?a"SIiLl autn tu .ttrfy tb monnt of ,„„:.-, „i „ terCTtaboveolaimediwdTO,with the charëU pjece.orpHrceU.of land ril uatd in 11 , ,t , , i '"" 5jar.che6ter, ooimty of Wu.htem.w, md 2rt?2 Miohigan, known, bounded and desctibed as , towit: Belngthenortbeatquarterof Quarterol eetion uumber four f4;. also the i, tí' wt-Btquarterof the sontbeast quar'er of said J,,t l','' onmber four rexcept the üght.s and p.ivil,,, .'„ , , '! ed to the Michisan Southern and NortheralS, Eailmad Compunyj, al the southensi onarterofH northemreonartet of said Mction number f..„ .' also the followins; desoribed land towit: bei,,,,', easterly ten cliains and fourteen links fromthe sonii, west corner of the east half of the north part of tu noilhwest qnarter of section number three tl pi noi-therly twenly-ftve chaina, thence easterlv fnm. ohaing, thence sontherly tAventy-hve chatas ana thence westerly four chains and four links to tl' p place of beirinninK-, the last deswiption containbi ten acres, the whole of the ahove describid 1Ja amoimtinfr to one hundred and tifty acres ■ ilso t) aoutheast ter of the southeast quarte'r of mM seqtion number four f4), except fourtesn acres ha tofore deeded to I.uman Stevens, all in townshin f, ut south of range number three eaat, in said cniilvtt ashtenaw. J l Dated, August 15. 1873. CHARLES J. H0WELI,, Morteai John N. Gott, Atty. for the Blortgagee. ld Mortgage Sale. WHEBEAS John and Eliza Clair, of tb city of Arm Albor, (Jounty of Washtenaw u-ú State of Michigan, on the tentli day ol Juiy in tbc year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred ai,d seventy-one, executed i mortg.;e to Charles I Howell, of the city of New York, to secure thei'.-,y' inent of ceruiin principal and interest money tl',.,,, in nieutioned. whioh mortgiige u recoidedin tb oöiee of the Register of Heeds in said Connti of Waahteiurw, on the twenty-seventh tlay of Julv a' D. 1871, ut S:2ó o'clock in the afternoon of soid j'-iv' in liuer 44 of mortgagea on page UI; and, where! detitult bas neen mudo tor more than thirty days in tlie payment of au instaliment oí naid intereat moncv wbicb became due on the fint day ot Janna] y, A. Ij in;:; by reaaon whereoi axtd pnrauant to the tèrmi of iid mortgage, gaid mortgagae hercl.y elect thatss muuh of Hüiil prineipal au remájxu uopaid with all hirearases of interest thereon, sliall become mu and payable mmediately ; and, wlieitas, there is daimed to be due and uniiaid on utd mortgage at the üatu ol thi.s notice two tboaeand two hundred and twentythrce dollars and tlnrty tour cenia, for prineipal ij interest money. also au attorney's fee ai ttfty doDsn should any proceeding be taken to foiecli ■ mm-tgage, and no uit oi pioesedings having i stituted eitherin law or equity to recover th itoieor any part thereof; Notice is therefore hefeby giren tliat on tlie titteenth day of November next, at twu o'clock in the aftersoon of that day, at the hont iloor of the Court Houe, lu tiie city of Anu Albor i county, (that beingthe building tn wbich the itci v Court fur idCount) ol - ashtiiuuv is held by virtne of the powei of sale contüii.ifl il, said mort ■age I shall seil at public auciion to the highesi biildo , tlie prexnisea deacribed ín aaid mortnpe ;o -h i;.fy the amonnt of principal and intere -t abore i as dut', with theoharfre of suoh sale and un attnrney's fee of flfty dollars: All tl.ot' oertain pieeee i pareéis of land sitúate and beingin the Conntr of Washlenaw and rítate of Btichlgan, ana deecril ifollowsto wit: 1, íti a part of lol rihml-L i ! I bloi:k nuniber two C2j nurtli of Hurón Street, iirie numberfoui (4) east. in the city ■ f Ann Arbor, iiid Btate aforewaid, deaoribed a.s nljows to wit: cdmmoaoing on the sonth ïine of said lol thirtyone feet and iwveii inohel eat oi the aouth-weat coi-ner ot said lot, mnning thence eat on the south line ol said lot iwelve feet and five inehes. thence nortl parallel with the east line of aaid lot geren rod thence west parallel with the aouth luie of snid ut tweive feet and rive ruchos, thence running soutii parallel with !he west line of said lot seven rods, te the place of bxginning; Also lois No. one (1). tï f2j , three (3, i'our f4j and üve in bloek 'l,',"Ors. by and l'age's additiou to the city of Ann Arbor, acoording to the recorded platthereof. August lst, lH7o. CHARLES J.HOWELL, Mbrtgagee, John X. Gott, Attorney for Hortvgee Mortgage ÍSaie. WHEREAS Wright E. Mills and Clariak E. Mili, of the township of Manchester, oount] oí Wushtenaw, and State üí Michigan, on thi iuteenth day of December, A. D. 1871, execnted mortgage to Charles J. Howell, of the i-ip 01 Ne York, to secure the payment oí eeitatn principal and interest money therein mentioned, wnu-h moi was ïeeotded in the otX'u-.e ol lieister ui Ut the county of Washtenuw and Mtaïv of M ■ on the eighth dyy oí .January, A. Dt187i',at3o'cluci l M. in LibtiT4A, page 1': Aiid whi has. been made tor more thantwenty l;tya in Hit' pay ment of an iiistalnirnt of said interest money wbieh bocume due ou the íii-st day oí Janumy, A. 1. 18 , by reason whereof and pursuant to tïie ( rme oi aaid mortgage, said niortgngee pleclK that s( much principal as remanís unpiiid with uil arreuragesof interest thereon shall become due and payablt diately: And whereaa tlieic is olaimf ü to ï due and unjHiid at the date oí tlns notire the bu oí íhu thottsond six liundred and loríy-niíic dolía and ninety-two cents lor principal ana interest, ateo íií'ty dollars as a reasonable solicitor orattorney fee theivfor in uddition to all oiher leyal costs.nsorit.iiii any proceedings is taken to foreoloae said mortgage eitherhy virtue oí the bove ]ower of ?aie in c)mncery or in iiny othcr manntr piu ided by lav, und no suit or proceedings baring been inatituted f-itlur in Iaw or equity to recover the saiue or nny purt thereof; Notice thereiore is hereby given, tliat on daturday, the sixth day at December next, at two o'cloek in the afterno'-n of said day, at the sontb door of the t'ourt House, in the city ol Add Arboi Tthat the building invbiofa the Cireiüttoort ior the county of Washtenaw, and State aioresaid is held,) and by virtue of the power oí sale contametlin said mortgage, I shall sell at public auciion to tba bigheat bidder the premist desoribed in'aaid mortgage, to sntisfy the amuuni of and interesf claimed to be aue, vitii the attorney's fee of flfty dollars and charges of aale to-v,-it: AU vhosc eertoin pieces or pareéis of land situated in the townahip of Mhtichester, county of Washtenaw, and State of Michigan aforesaid, known, bounded and describid aa follows, to wit : Being the tast h;ilt oí 'the northeastqunrter, and the nortlieast qnmtir oí tl:e suutlieat quarter, of section number thirty--ne fexcepting one and a half AOXesof the last above doeribei' piece oí land,1; also the northeast quarter ol the sowthwest quarter of section number thirty-t-o. the easthalfof the southenst (juarter of section nuinber thirty, (80) (exeepting sixty acres liom the north end of the last above described piece of land); alo all thatpartof the west half of tbf north west quartei of aection number thirty-two which lies south of the center of the highway nbove mentioned, and ulso fiom the west side of ttie nortlaast quarter of the southwest Quarter of said section, tbe two last parcela of land on section thirty-two containing fortysix and a half acres of land, and fcb.9 same land deeded by Oliver Nickola and his wife to Ueorge W. Matthews in the spring of 18(J9, all in Lownship number ibur south of range numbor three east, and confcaining in all two hundred and twenty-flve acres of land. i-eptember lOth, 187S. John N. Gott, CHARLES J. HOWELL, Afforney for Mortgagee. Mortfraef. Mortgage 8ale. DEFAULT having been made in the conditior.soi a eertain mortgHge axeouted on the Becond áy ut November, A. D., 1869, by Elijah W. Morgan and Lucy W. 8. Morgan, nis wii'e, of Ann Arbor, Michigan, lo Edwnrd L. Boyden, as administra tor of Norman C. (ruodule. late of Washtenuw county, deceased, and John Heniey, of said county, and thfl same day in the otfiee oí the Register of Deeds, lol the oounty of Washtenaw, Michigan, in Libel 4! oJ mortgageii, on page 878, oud the andirided half oí said niortgage was dulv Maigned by said Kdward L. Boyden, adminisirator ol tlie estáte of Nonaan C. Qoodale, deoeased, to Amanda M, F. Good&le, wbwh said ottunmeat béandate the tifth dny oí November, lê70, and in reeorded in said Begister! office, in Liber number two of Assijfiinienis of Mürtffage&, on pagfl t)4( ; upon wbich inortgnge theic is daimed to be diie at the date of this uotioe, two thousaml two huudreil and sixty-four dollars and scventy cents, for princip! and interest, and lso a reasouüble attorney's fee provided in said mortgnge should proceedings be taken to foreclose the sanie, and DOprocetiings having been taken at law or in equity to recover the amount due or any part thereof ; Theretore notíee is ber ib) iii'ii rhrit by viitue of the power of salti contained m snid mortgage. and pnrsnant to the statute iñauch case raad and provided, on Ssturdsy the Qfteentl) day of November, A. D., 1873, ut ten o Vloek In the forenoon of that day, at the soutli, or front door of the Court House, in the city of Ann Arbor, that boing the place where the ircuit Court for the county of Washtenaw is held, there will besold tothebigbest bidder the premiaes desenbed in said mortgage, or - much as may be necessary to latisfy the amuimt sC dueas aforesaidt and interest nud cost and expenwfl allowed by law, for tbe advertleement and sale of said premi&es, excepting the south hall of Int numbei tii t in bloek number tíiree south in rangtbree east, in the city of Ann Arbor, Michigan, which bas been releas. 'd from said mortgHS-eby a release oxeeuted by John Heniey and A manila M. 1' (joodale to Eiijiih W. Storgun and dated the Hth day of August, 1878. That part of the premisos deBd-ibca in said mortgnge which will be sold at the time and place afor6ftid ire descríbed as folJows, to wit : Ah those pareéis oí land known and deuHbed its lots ntimber one and two, and tbe south nine feet in width of lot number three in bloek number two north, in ranffc number ihree east, and also Iota nnmlwr fonr and tbc nurrh lialf of lot number five, in bloek number three soiith, in range three east, in Ihe city Of Ann Arbor, Michigan. Dated Anglist 20, 1873. JOHtf HBNLEY, Mortgagee. AMANDA M. F. GOODA LE, Ansignee of an undivided half oí said Mortgag E. E. FiiAZEit, Att'y for Mortgagee and Aroignee. 1440td. Estáte of Gottfrey Miller. QTATE OF MICHIGAN, County of Waehtenaw, seÖ Atasessionof the Probate Court tor the Coontj of "Waalitenuw, holden at tlie Probate Office, in tlie City of Ann Arbor, .on Wedneaday, the fourteealfe day of Mfiy, ín the yearone thousnnd eight huodred and seventy-three. Present, Noah W. ('hoever, Judtje of Probate. In the matter of the estáte oí Gottfrey Miller, dewnsed. Onreadinfrandnlingthe petition, duly vorifled, Jolm G. Miller, prayinf? that au adminuitrator may be uppointed on the estáte of suid deee&aed. Thereuponit ia oidered, that Mondny, the thirtei ntn day of Oetober next, at ten o'olock in tlie fbrenooo be iissigned for the hearing of aaid petition. and that the heirB at law of suid deceased,and all other persons inte res ted in euid estufe, are required toappenrata se8sion of aaid Court, then to be holden t tlie 1'vol'H Office, ín the City of Ann Arbor, and show cause, if any therebe, wby the prayerof the petitioner BhoiW not be grnnted : And it is furtlier ordered, that saifl petitioner sive notice to the pereons interested in saia estute, of thependency of suid petition, and the heitr inp thereof, by cauaing a copy of tliis order to h pnblished in the Michigav Argus, a newöpaper.printed and cireulatinp in said county, thrce successive weeks previousto saidduy of hearing. (A truecopy.) NOAH W. CHEEVEB. 1443 Judge of Probate. Has been before the American public without this Liniment-. The money reOVER THIRTY yoars. It has nevci yet funded iinlras the Linimtmt is as reprefailed to give porfct satisfarfion, and has pented. Pe pnre and pot the genuine justly been styled the panacea for all exMF.XIOAN ÏIT'STANO T.INIMENT. Sold ternal Wounds, Onts, Burns. SwcllinRP. by all Dnifrcisls and Country Stores, at Sprains, Bruises, &c, &c, for Man and 2-vc., 50c. and $1.00 per Bot'tle. Notk Beast No family should be a single day style, size of bottle. &c.


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