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How Daniel Drew Spells Door

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The Chicago l'ost vouches tbr the followiug story : A good story is toM by a, triend of Baniel Drew, which the news of his illness calis up. llemaining onu late in the office, and having occasion to use the safe, he permitted the cashier to go home, remurking that he would olose the safe and flx the coinbination on the word " door." But when the cashier undertook to open the door in the morning, he found the lock refused to yield to the magie " door." He tried and tried again, but without succeES. Finally, happening to reinember that Daniel's early education had been neglected, he attributed his ill luok to poor orthography. He therefore tried the lock upon " dore." Still no succesa ; and then upon " doar," with no better fortune. Finally, becoming disgusted, he proceeded to the St. Nicholas, routed " Dan'l" out of his choicest morning nap, and as he stuck his night-cap out of the door the colloquy ensued : " Mr. Drew, I can't open the sufe on 'door.' You must have concluded to change the word." " Change the word ! Nothin' o' the kind. I shut it on ' door.' " " Are you sure, sir Y" " Sure sir, you tarnal ape ; of course I'm sure ! Go back to your work, and don't come foolin' roun' here this time o' the mornin'." " Well, perhaps, Mr. Drew, I don't spell the word right. How did you spell it r" " Spell it ! Any fooi can tspell door. D-o-a-r-e, doare, of coarse, sir. If you can't spell door, sir, you're no cashier for me. Pack up your duds and go out ot tho ' door. And shutting the "door" in the cashier's face, Daniel returned to his bed in a. passion, and the clerk to his safe. Armed with the open sesame of " doare," however, the safe flew open without further troufcle, and when Daniel arrived, mollified by a good breakfast and his raorning . prayer, hc advised his eashier that he might keep his place provided he improve his time and " go tu spellin' skool in the evenin.' "


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