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A Mile A Minute

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Of the flight of a railroad train at the rate of sixty miles an hour, between Salem and Portland, in Oregon, an editor of the Evening News, of the lattor city, says : The depots and towns along the road presented a ludicrous appearance ; they seemed to be stretched out like a piece of rubber. The depots looked like bricks flying through the air, and telegraph poles danced the Highland fling to the niusic of the screaming whistle and the snort of the iron steed. The reins of steara were loosened and the angry engine trembled as she bounded over the tinkling rails, scarcely touching them. With the speed of lightning, almost, she passed over bridges, around curves, and through deep gorges, hurrying on with her freigüt of human beings to aid a sister city in her dread affliction. In the short space of eighty-three minutes froni the tiine of leaving the Salem depot little Capital engine was doing beautiful work in the city of Portland. Although the train started thirty-six minutes behind timo, it arrived at its destination thirty minutes ahead of time. Where can such rapid speed be equaled '( Where was prompter response ever made to a cali so many miles away, and so soon answered 'i But one alone of the many passengers realizad the dangers of the situation ; the others would have said, "give her more steam," if that had been their privilege. We have been told of a liiughable incident that happened at Milwaukee. A gentleman who wished to come down on the train was in waiting at the depot, and had stepped out near the platform in order to jump on board as soon as the train slacked up. While waiting patiently, he turned nis eyes up the track and saw something coming. Strange ideas flitted through his mind of death and the hereafter. Not having time to reach tall timber, he embraced a large post in the shed and clung to it for sweet life. As the train shot past his hat was carried almost flfty yards, and his coat tails were both dislocated. As soon as he thought it was safe to loosen his hold, he made a break for home, bareheadcd, having come to the conclusión that he didn't care to go to Portland any way.


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