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In her recent Outlines, of Men, Women and Things, Mary Cleinmer Ames wntes this paragraph, which is only too true : "The sister is taught, whatever her temptation may be, that she must be good ; the brother is left to believe that however he tries, he cannot help beintt bad. It is expected of him that ho will grow to be a respeetable man some day but before that event, through the law of his nature, he must necessarily be very wickod. The sister is taught she must preserve herself blameless for the future husband to whose life she is to be the crown; the brother is left to spend the same time in ' sowing his wild oats.' To his wife he is to bring no virginity of heart, no purity of person, no record of a stftinless past. Many aman looks into the eyes of the wife who trusts him as 8he does her God, into the face of his daughters who believe him scarcely low er than the angels, with n secret reraorse wnich cannot be measured, as memorv faces in upon bis thought what he has been-perhaps what he is. With what hame he ia conscious that if they knew his secret history, ho would stand transformed before their eyes !"


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