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The Modocs Stretch Hemp

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Jacksonvili.e, Oregon, October .'!. - A correspondent loft Fort Klamath this morning at 10:30 o'clock, and by hard riding arrived here a few momonts ago. The following is a report of the cxecution of Captain Jack and his band : Boston Chailey and Black Jim were led on the scaffold first, and Schonchiu next. They trod on it with apparent indifference and iron nerve, haviiig evidently resolved to die as brave as they had lived. Jack went up the stairway easily, but looked wretched and miserable. The raanacles had been struck off, but their arms were secureH' piniouod with cords. At precisely 9:45 A. jr. the interpraters, Capt. ü. C. Applegato and David Hill, explained to the culprits the nature of' the order to be read to them by the adjutant, and at 10 a. i. Adjutant Kingsbury read the orders promulgating the sentence of the coiuniission, and the Presiident's order theroin, with the orders of the Secretary of War and the department commander in the premises. The two reprieved prisoners, Barncho and Slotuck, yet stood on the ground in front of the scaffold, shackled and underguard. During the reading the pinioned victims were seated on the platform of the scaffold with their ferit on the drops listening anxiously, but of course not understanding a word of it. The reading occupied 10 minutes. Then the adjutani read the order of coinmutation in the case of Barncho and Slotuck, and the poor fellows were taken back to the stockade, evidently happy at not accompanying the others to the happy hunting grounds. The chaplain then offered ar earnest and fervid praycr for the souls o: the culprits, which was listeued to attentively. At 10:15 the fatal nooses were placed around the necks ander direction of Capt. Hoag. It was necessary to cu1 nVf pl litl.lft of .Tarík'a Iotiít hair. whinh "was J ifc OT VV-W H - - J - -" in the way of the rope. Gapt. Hoag then bid farewell to the prisoners, and the black caps were placed over the heads o all the culprits. It must have been an awful moment. At 10:20 they stood on the drop, the rope was cut by the assistant at a signal made with Capt. Hoag' handkerchief, the bodies swung rounc and round, Jack and Jim apparently dying easily, but Boston and Sehonchin suffering terrible convulsions. Boston and Schonchin repeatedly drew up their legs but th other two seemed to die aliuost instantly. At 10:28 their pulses were feit by Capt. Hoag and as I write they are swinging lifeluss in the air. As the drop feil with a terrible deadly thug and the four poor wretched human beings feil into eternity, a half smotherec cry of horror went up from the crowd o: over 500 Klamath Indians whowitnessec the awful spectacle. Wails of deep and bitter anguish went up from the stockade where the wives and children of the poor fellows had a fair view of the shocking scène. The coffins, six in number, hac been placed directly in rear of the gallows two of thein destined to be unoccupied The order commutting the sentence o Barncho and Slotuck only arrived at 10:30 last evening and preparations had been made for them likewise. Au application was made to Gen. Wheaton this morning by the sheriff of Jackson County, for the custody of the Iudians indicted by the grand jury, but it was rtifused.


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