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Cooking Apples

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The great English physioian, Sydenham, says the Rural Hume, allowed no other aliicent to his patiënte in the febrile stages of quinsey, erysipolas and sraall-pox tlian could be found in boiled apples. There ars a groat niany ways of using apples for food.and doubtless niany novel ways yet to be discovered. The Frenoh, who exeol in culinury matters, are said to have 866 ways of cooking an ejrg. Why should not a similar enterprise be ahown in regard to the apple ï Au estimable lady oï ouracquaintanoe makes gome very palatable dishes and desserts in this way ; apples of unifoim size are selected, and simply wiped and cored ; this last operation is quiokly performed by punching them through the middle with an apple-corer, thus removing the stem, soeds and tougher parts, and ïnaking an opening for the introduetion of sugar in the cooking operation which follow3. After dipping thein in water they aro placed in any deep pan or baking dish, and sprinkled with sugar - about a teaspoonful to each apple, and a teacupful of water turned on around them. They are then baked with a slow, stoady flre till soft, when they should bo recovored from the baking pans for cooling and the table. When served with cream this is a dish for the queen. Every part of the apple can be caten, the sugar having neutralized the acidities in the fruit and the cooking making tender the skin. It is a capital substitute for strawberries. There is another very good way of treating sweet apples. Stew them in a porcelain kettle, with just enough molasses and water to prevent their burning on, till cooked through, and then transfer them to the oven with all the liquid residuum to dry and brown. This gives a baked apple, half jelled, a delicious flavor and moisture that any one can love. Sweet pickles, by some considered superior to the old fashiont'd apple sauce, are made by partly baking sweet apple'e and tlien saturating them in a pickle of vinegar, sugar and spices. This is easier to make than apple sauce, which must be smothered in boiled eider.


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