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November Morning

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Koiring, the wikl south-wester Fdls the wkle heaven with ita clamor, Ploughmg the ocean and smitíng The laúd like a ponderous haminer. Lo, how the vast grey sanees Wrestle auil roli ;md thuuder, Billow piled upon billow, Closing and tearing usunder, As if the deep raged with the angoi' Of hosts ot the fabuloua kraken ! And the firm house shudders aud trembles, Beaten, buffeted, shaken ! Battles the gull with the tempert, Struggling añil wavenng and foltering, Soaimg and striving and sinking, Turning, its high course alteriug. l)own throtigh the cloudy heaven _ Notes fi'om the wild gcese are íalling, Cries like harsh bell-tones are riuging, Echoiug, clanging, and calling. Plunges tho schooner land-ward, Swiftly the long seas Crossing, Glosef-reefed", seeking the harbor. Half lost in the spray she is tossing. A ni't In the roof of vapor! And storray sunshine is streamiug Ta color the grey, wild water Like clnysopiase, green and gleaniing. Cold and tempestuous ocean, lingged rock, brine-sweet and lonely, Grasp of the long, bitter winter, - These things to gladden me only ! Love, dost thou wait for me in souie rich land Where the gold orange hangs in odorous calm ? ft'here the clear waters kiss the flowery strand, Bordered with shiuing sand and groves of palm ? And while this bitter morning breaks for me, Draws to its close thy warm, delicious day ; Liuhts, colors, perfumes, music, joy for thee, For me the cold, wild sea, the cloudy grey ! Rises the red moon in thy tranquil sky, Piashes the fountnin with its silver talk, And as the evening wind begins to fiigh, Thy sweet girl's shape stoals down the garden walk. A white robe glimmering through the scented dusk, Lingermg beneath the starry jasmine sprays, Where thy thick clustered roses breathe ot musk, A sudden gush oí song thy light steps staya. That was the nightingale ! Ü love of mine, Hear'st thou my voice in that pathetic bong, Sinking in passionate cadenees divine, Fainting and iailing with its rapture strong ? I stretch my arm to thee through all the cold, Through all the dark, across the woary spate Between us, and thy s;ender form I fold, And gaze into the wonder of thy face. Pure brow, the moonbeam touches, tender eyes, Splendid with feeliug, delicate smiling moutli, And heavy süken hair that darkly hes boft as the twilight clouds in thy sweet South. 0 beautiful my Lovo, in vaiu I seek To hold the heaveuly dream that fades f rom me! 1 needs must wake, with salt spray on my cheek Flung irom the iury of this northern sea.


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