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Anecdote Of Palmerston

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Lord l'almerston's wit was in suoh unmistakable Saxnn that the edge was ofteu too sharp for very freo use. A few persons have earned tbemselves a greater rejjutation for philanthropby than Lord Shaftsbury, who, by the way, uiarried Lady Palmerst.on's oldest daughter by Earl Cowper, her first husbaud. Lord Palmerston was never weary of telling stories about his son-in-law, whose religious zeal he did not muoh believe in or care for; and Lord Shaftsbury, it whs said, always took thcin in good part. It must be nearly twenty years ago that I overheard tho then Home Secretary cali across the table to Lord John Bnssell, who sat reading a newspaper at the Garrick : "Russell, hava you read Tony's (the nicknauie by wbicb he always designated the Earl of Shaftsbury, whose name is Anthony Ashley Cooper,) speech last night before the parsons and paiish paupers at Exter Hall ? " " I have not, my Lord," replied Lord John, whose priggishness never permits hiin to treat or address any person familiarly. "Well, read it. lts good, and the exaniination of tho ohildren at the close, I am told, was bettei still." " How so 'r " " Tony was asking the children a variety of questions of a Scriptural character, to which he received very satisfactory answers. Just as ho was concluding, he addressed a girl, somewhat oidor than the rest, and, among other things inquired, ' Who made your vile body 't ' '("lease, my Lord,' replied the unsophisticated 1 Betsey Jones made my body, but I made the skirt myself."


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