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Expanding The Chest

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Take a strong rope, and faaten it to a beam overhead ; to the lower end of' the ropo attach a stick three feet long, conveniont to grasp with the hands. The rope should Ve fastened to the center of the stick, which should hang six or eight inches above th hond. Lot a person gra?p the stick with the hands 'two or threo feet apart, and swing very moderately at first - perhaps only bear the weight, if very woak- and gradually increase, as the inuscles gain strength from the oxerciso, until it may be used from three to tive timei daily. The connection of the arins with the body, with the exception of the clavicle wi'h the broast bone, boing a muscular attaohment to the ribs, the effect of this exercisu is to elévate the ribs and enlarge the chest ; and as Nature allows no vacuura, the lungs expund to fill the cavity, increasing the volume of air, the natural purifier of blood, and preventing the congestión of the deposit of tuborculous matter. We have prescribed the above for all cases of hemorrhage of the lungs, and threatened consumption, for thirty-five years, and have been ablo to iucrease the measure of the chest from two to four inches within a few months, and with good results. But especially as a preventiva we would recominend this exercise. Lot those who love to live cultívate a well-lorined, capacious cheRt. The student, the merchant the sedentary, the young of both sexes - aye, all - shouli have a swing on which to stretch themselves daily. We are certain that if this were to bn practised by the rising gennration in a dress allowing free and full development of the body, many would be saved from consumption. Independently ot its beneficial results, the exercise is an exceedingly pleasant one, and as the apparatus costs very little, there nped be no difHculty about any one enjoying it who wishes to. - Dio Letci. A Sacramento man was found lving entirely naked on the stairs leading to a clijb-room, and when being removed by a policeman indignantly exclaimed : " You have no business to enter my room and take m out of bd."


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