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A Life Pension For The President

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Krom the SpuufitUjld Ücpubhcnn. Wu hiive Veen expfccting it tor soiue months and bon; it comes. The Pittshurjrh CotMtiercüil nientionn, in quite a Casual way, tliat. " a guod (leal has been said lately " about the propriety muí justice of voHny; Hit pensions lo retiring President). The pHy attaehed to this great office has been "absurdly raeaí;re," the VóintuerHot thinks; tven theieoent inórense doesn't nmkn it RÍlfBeient. The is bBAUTed bv "persons familiar with the necessitiesot the place,"' that ut $00,000 a ypnr (witn peiqmsites, $127,000 ;i ydiír, as Congresstudii Willaid figures), a President (iest.itute of iiicoine inm oOtside sfiurofe will be ' compelled to exorcise an econoiny so rignrous iis tu be undignified, it lie wOuId innke both eiidí meet." Xot tht thé Coínmeeeiiil would have the President paidan extravacront salury - " a salary quite corxesponding with the salaries of sonm oíd raonarchical counti ies whioh mihtbe named. ' Certaiuly not. But it would have apon erful amí wealtliy nation too jealous ut' it. own dijínity tu keep its President on such a short ullowanee aa to provoke the sneer of toreigners, or to conaign theiu, on the expiítttion of their teims, to the "social insignificance imposed by poverty." If the iny is to be lot't at the present inadequate íifínre the Commercial in elear thai a life-pensixin ahould lm attached to the office. It is sure thut th poople, vvhen thv Rointl to think it i.ver, will eoneur in this opinión ; will perceive tbs reHsona why il man wlio Iihs 1-eon their Chief Magistrato ouffbt to bo ' shielded during lifü trom the sordid surroundings Hnd strugles of professional or business lite. " Pttssy i out of the bag now sure enough ; will the tax-payers to observe the gracelul arcli of her back and the insinimtitig pweetnens of her purr f Pittsbuiííh is not an immense distante frotu Harrisburg, where Mr. Simon Oameron lives, and where Oen. öranl Koes visitiii{j oficasionaliy ; the editor of the Cemmercia! is justly eminent arnonij Pennsylvanitt politieianH tur his loynlty and bis experience in tidal wavi'S. When he sujs Ihat a good deal has been said lutely on this subject, thereisevety reason to belitve that he speaks ly the book. The inoreased sulary is tliought vathev shnbby than otherwise ; the sugestion of ;i lite pension is ruceivd with favor. Perhups we may yet see it nrii'id Ofi politico-coinmeroial grounds as the true solution of the third-term coiiuudium. Quite as strungt' thing-, have happened before now.


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