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The Frost And The Fever

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ïho coming of the frist at Mempbis is tbus described : ' Before daybreak hustüv attired men and wornen, with semi-nude childron in thcir anns, were out in tbo stroetH brea'hing tho iirecioua air of tba purifying f rost. Here stoop - ing down, ono gathered a haudfull of tho glittering hoar-frost, wuich, pure and heautiful, lay upon the earth, and, gazing on with somewhat of tho gladdening spirit witb which the lsraeliU'3 gathered the manna in the dosort of Arabia, exclairaed, ' Oh, God, we thank Thee tot this Messing' Othrrs taiiip and touchi'd with revKrentiül fingurs the pare, cold ruessenger of hoalth, a if to satisfy themselves, like the half believing ïhonias of old, tlmt the saviour of the city had not risen but descended froin heaven, to save the people from the destroying angel of tbe pestilenee. öroups of men and vouien moved trom place to plake to prove by cumulative evidence that iudeed it was a. f rost, and not some optical delusion ; that the wished-for giiest had not merely confined its visitations to one locality, but enjoyed the fretdom of the city. Here a palé face, once a handsome woman, with a tender babe at her breast, knelt down on the cold ground to thank God that tho trost had come ! Pooi-, stricken heart ! he and hor orphan boy were all that the peetiletice had spared out of a once happy family. vStroug men, bare headed and baro armed, walk excitedly hithor and thither, rejoicing in thu fact that a physioian had oonue to whos nostiums the wholo faculty must yield precedente as the only true panacea tor the terrible yellow fever. Windows and doors wore 'thrown open, woolen and cotton garments were exposed to the disinfecting Hgency of the eold and rarefied air, and everywhere in the city thore was marked enthusiatiin.' The lato physieian to the Emporoi of Russia niade a carofuf stndy of the effect of light as a cnrative agent in the hospital of St. Petersburg. He discovered tho number of patients who woro curcd in rooms propeny lighted waa four times as great as it was wben they were confinnd in baok rooms. The fivo leading branches of manufacture in the United States are iron, lumber, cotton, machinei y nu.1 woolen, raging in iniportunoe iu the order named. the iron trade mploys 136,645 operatives and a capital of $19K,3ï6.125 ; the luruber trade 163,;!97 operativos and a capital of f101,800,273. The Icelanders are bftgiunirjg to oniigrate quite extensively to the United States. They are said to lesemble the Scotch in uppearance, aud are a bright, clean and healthy-looking tlasi of peopie.


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