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In several of the States the elections to be held on Tuesday next are of the most important character. In five of them - Minnesota, Texas, Virginia, Massachusetts andWisconsin - Governors and Legislatures are to be chosen; in New York half of the State oflïcers and the Legislature, and in Marylaud a part of the Executive officers and one-third of the State Senators. New Jersey electa a portion of the Senate, and in Illinois the election is chiefly for county officers. In all of the States named, with the exception of Illinois, the term of the United States Senators expires on the 4th of March, 1875, so that the elections will have a more or less direct hearing upon the Senatorships. - The New York World has been writing up "The Coming (Jreat City." It is to be located in Jersey, opposite New York and all along the bay and river. The World may prove a true prophet unless the problema of quick transportation and an honest municipal government are speedily solved. - The Detroit charter election takes place on Tuesday next. The present Mayor- Hugh Moffat- is the Republican candidate, and ex Mayor Willinm C. Duncan the Democratie candidato. The anti-park nien claim both tickets. - Tiltonwont; that is Theodore Tilton repudiates his mombership of Plymouth Church, and refuses to respond to an invitation to tell its smelling committee what he knows about the BowenTilton-Beecher-Woodhull scandal. - The trial of Stokes was concluded on Wednesday, resulting in his conviction of manslaughter in the third degroe. He was imuiediately sentenced to confinement in prison at Sing Sing, at hard labor for four years. - The first passenger train into Detroit over the Canada Southern Eailroad was on Tuesday, consisting of nine coaches loaded with excursionists - the occasion being the formal opening of the road for business. - Madame Rumor has sent William H. Vanderbilt to Europe, to negotiate $2,000,000 of the New York Central bonds -the balance of the old $70,000,000 loan. - -Hon. W. C. Duncan hasdeclined the Democratie nomination for Mayor of Detroit.


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