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Monday, Oct. 20, 1873. Board niet pnrsuant to adjournment. Called to order by the chairman. Koll called - present a quorum. Journal oí' yesterday read and approved. Mr. Tuoiny moved that this Bonrd inBtruct the comiuittee on Civil Claims, what amount saidcommitteeshall recommend for allowance to physiciansforoach visit to the connty jail, and what amount to physicians for holding inquests. Mr. Noyes moved that this Board allow one dollar for each professional visit made by physicians to the county jail, including medicine. Mr. Wynkup offered the 'following preamblo and rcsolutions, which were agreed to. Sevcral claims known as Small Pox claims have been presented to the Board lor allowance, (amounhng in the aggregate to several thousand dollars,) which by this Board have leen sent back to be audited and certificd to bv the Board of Health of the city of Ann Arbor, according to law, and Wheueas. Said claims may be amliteil imd allowed at prices deemed unsatisfactory by this Board, therefore, Resolved. That the Prosecuting Attorney of this county bo, and he is hereby requested to state to this Board in a. written oommunioation, whether in his opinión tliis Board has the right to review the action of said Board of Health, and change or alter the same, or whether said claims are au exception to the rule of the law and the constitution which both provide tliat the Board of Supervisors shall liave the power to prescrib, and fix the compensation for all services rendered for, and adjust all chiims against the county. Resolved. That our County Clerk be and ho is iiereby requested to furnish ourl'roBecuting Attorney with a copy of the above preainble and resolutions. The Clerk read a couimunication from the Judge of Probate to this Board, which on motion of Mr. Wynkup, was refered to Mr. Noyes to investígate, and report what action if any is necessmy for this Board to take upon it. On motion of Mr. Forbes the Board adjourned until 1 1-2 o'clcck, v. JL. AFTEKNOON SESSION. Mr. Noyes, to whom was referred the communication from the Judge of Probate this forenoon, made a report recommending that Christopher Frank, of Scio, and Francis Kopp, of Pittsfleld, the persons raentioned in said communication by the Judge of Probate, as laboring under a visitation of insanity, and sent by hiin to the Insane Asylum at Kalamazoo, be placed in charge of the county Superintendents of the Poor of this county. On motion of Mr. Jones, the report was accepted and adopted. Ou motion of Mr, Eenwick, the election of a reporter for this Board was made a special order tbr to-morrow. morning at 10 o'clock. Mr. Galpin moved that the Sheriff be allowed sixty cents per day for boarding prisoners, for the year 187. Mr. Forbes moved to amend by inserting seventy in place of sixty. Mr. Wynkup offered the following as a substituto. Resolved, That Messrs. Rhodes, Tuomy, and Eisele be and they are hereby appolnted a committee to investígate the question of boarding ptisoners at the couuty Jail, and report to this Board the principal article of food f urnished said prisoners ; what would be a fair compensation tor boarding said prisoners, and also such other matters of interest connected with the question of boarding prisoners, which the committee may tliink proper to report. Which resolution prevailed by the following vote, the yeas and nays having been called for: Yeas- Messrs. Annabil, Batchelder, Burch, Eisele, Forbes, Galpin, Jones, Krapf, Kress, Olcott, Pierce, lienwick, Shurtleff, Sage, Van Eiper, Wynkup, Webb, Wilsey, Warner, and Chairinan. Nays- Mr. Noyes. Yeas 20. Nays 1. On motion of Mr Eenwick the Board adjourned until to-morrow morning at half-past 9 o'clock. Tuesday, October 21, 1873. Board met puisuant to adjournment. Called to order by tho Chair. Eoll called. Present a quorum. Journal of yesterday read, corrected and approved. Mr. Tuomy from the committee on Civil Claims, reported the following and recommended their allowance at sums stated. 79 Dean & Co., Suudries for Probate office, $ 5 25 80 M. Andrus, Ice for Court House, 5 95 81 M. Andrus, Ice for Clerk's office, 8 75 82 Eice A. Beal, Stationery, 25 50 8.'! Gilmore & Fiske, Stationery, 104 07 84 L. C. Iiisdon, Hardware for Jai], 61 38 85 John H. Daris, Gravel for Court Y'd 4'? 70 86 John W. Hunt, Sundries for Jail, 6 68 87 Field & Hunt, Supplies for Couiity offices, 11 40 88 Conrad Krapf, Lumber and work for Jail and Uounty offices, 119 68 89 Aun Arbor P. & P. Co., Printing and Stationery, 90 39 90 Edward Clark, Services drawingiuiv 1 fifi 91 W. Lewitt, M.D., Medical services at Jail, g qq 92 Gilmore & Fiske, Stationery for Shenffs office, 2 4] 93 A. Widemnaun, Sundries for Jail, 12 19 94 John Kittridge, work and Band in front of Jail, 25 00 On motiou of Mr. Olcott tho report was accepted and adopted, and tho claims allowed at sums stated. Mr. Iíbodes moved that the Clerk be instructed to furnish a eopy of' the proceedings of this Board, to one of the newspapers published in this city, for publication. Mr. Tuoiny moved as a substituto, that this Board instruct the clerk to furnish a copy of the proceedings of this Board weekly, to one of the newspapors published in this city, and that he bo allowed twenty-five dollars therefor. Which tion pre valled by yeasand nays, as folio ws: Yeas- Messrs. Annabil, Batchelder, Burch, Eisele, Hairo, Kress, Ren wiek, Sage, Tuomy, Van Biper, Wynkui), Warner, and Chairman. Nays- Messrs. Jones, Krapf, Noyes, Olcott, Pierce, Rowe, Ehodes, and Shurtleff. Yeas, 13 ; Nays, 8, Mr. Jones moved that the canvass of the votes cast for building a Court House, be made a special order tbr to-morrow morning, at ten o'clock. Agreed to. Ou motion of Mr. Haire the Board adjourned until 1 1-2 o'clock, r. M. AFTEENOON SESSION. Board met pursuant to adjourumont. Called to order by the Chairman. Roll called - present a quorum. Mr. Tuomy, from the Committee on Civil Claims, reported the following, and recommended their allowance at suins sta tod. CLAIMED. ALL'D 9ó W. B. Smith M. D., visits to iirisoners-at, $ 31 i0 $ 21 00 90 Peter IIill, taking caro of corpse, i 25 97 Starr & Tice, repairing jail, u (iii 98 E. H. Pomeroy M. D., atteiiding Ueorge Dignau at jail, s oo v'J A. Ewmg M. D-, post mortem examination. 10 00 100 D. T. McCollum, juror on inqucst, i 06 101 John M. Johiigon, juror on inqueat, j Q(i ■ 102 Jolm M. Swift, juror on iiiquest, i 06 103 W. W. Saunders, juror on inquest, i 06 L04 Hiram Storms, juror on inquest, Q9 i 105 C. H. Manly, juror on inquest, i 06 106 Urrin Thatcher. holding inquest, g 85 107 James Hudler, juror on ínquest, 2 50 IOS James L. Oilbert, juror on inquest, 2 50 109 Michael J. Noyes, juror on iuquest, 2 50 11(1 C. M. Havens, juror on inquest, 2 50 111 George W. Tumbull, juror on inquest, 2 50 112 Charles H.Kempf, juror on inquest, . ' 50 113 Wm. F. Breakey, medical services at jail, 21 0i) H 00 114 li. Morrison, cleaning well atjail, s 00 4 00 115 WilliamF. Breakey, medical services at jai], 4 50 'A 00 116 F. Sorg, labor and material about court house anii offices, 2!) 66 1 1 7 Z. Waldron. services ou inquest, 3 00 2 75 118 Wines & Hallock, lumber and gravel, 4 (6 Mr. Forbes moved that tho report be acoepted and adopted, and olahus allowed at sums stated. Agreed to. The County Drain Commisaiouer, C. Hoiaor Cady, submitted a roport, which was, ou motiou of Mr. ShurtleíF, accepted and referred to the committoe on county ditches. On motion of Mr. Olcott the Board adjourned until to-morrow morning, at half past 9 o'clock. Wednesday Oct. 22, 1873. Tho Board met pursuant to adjournment. Called to order by the Chairruan. Eoll called - present a quorum. Journal of yesterday read and approved. Mr. Noyes, from committee on Criminal Claiina reported the following and recommended their allowance at suma stated, CI.A1MK1). ALL'D. 119 J. Q. A. Sessions, Justices bill in criminal cases, $107 03 1107 03 120 Charles H. Manly, Justice's bill in criminal cases, 51 88 51 68 121 Geo. C. Page, Justice's bill in criminal cases, 26 27 122 L. M. Larkins, witness, 1 46 123 Jacob Seabolt, services, as Depy. City Marshal, 13 19 124 W. S. Goodyear, witness, 8 16 2 82 125 John King, 4 50 1 90 126 Henry Hall, " 4 50 2 10 127 William Stephens, " 4 50 2 10 128 Volney H. Potter, " 4 50 2 10 129 Chas. K. Burckhardt, " 2 58 130 William Burckhardt, " 2 08 131 William xi. Gleim, " 1 58 132 Emily Burckhart " 2 08 133 Caroline Moore, " 2 08 134 Richard Whalen, 1 58 135 Charles Gregory ' 1 10 136 J. J. Gregory, juror, 50 137 George E. Moore, " 50 138 E. J. Johnson, " 50 139 A. Dunn, " 50 140 11. Leonard, " 60 141 T. Porter, " 50 142 Wm, Humphrey, witness 61 143 George Inmann, " 61 144 Joseph Buil, " 31 145 Alvah Inmann, " 31 146 W. J. Dunning, constable, 22 12 147 Peter Larkins, witness, 3 0Ü 2 02 148 Edward Clark, justice, ■ 5 88 149 Newton D. Felch, dep'y sheriff, 6 73 150 Leonard M. Larkins, witness, 3 96 151 Newton Fel=h, constable, 4 00 1Ó2 Martin McElroy, witness 2 78 168 J. W. Lovelaud, dep'y marshal, 16 07 154 Hiram Crouby, witness, 2 78 155 Chauncy Brauch, juror, 50 156 Arthur Coe, " 50 157 M. M. Boylan, " 50 158 George W. HUI, ' 50 1"9 Gustavus T. Mann, " .50 160 James H. Morris " 50 1(11 Munson Goodyear, justice, 16 72 162 Wm. Martin, witness, 1 83 163 Jas. J. Parshall, city marshal, 15 46 164 Peter Larkins, witness, 1 77 165 L. M. Larkins, witness, 1 95 166 Orrin Thatcher, justice, 12 54 10 54 167 J. M. Forsyth, dep'y sheriff, 109 49 On motion of Mr. Forbes the report was accepted and adoptad a:ad claims allowed as recommended. Mr. Eowe, from Coramittee on Civil Claims reported the following and recommended thoir allowance at nunis stated: 168 Geo. H. Jackson, city marshal Ypsilanti, 80 00 169 J. M. Forsyth, dep'y sheriff, 90 50 79 60 170 James Gallick, work about, 9 00 171 Geo. S. Wheeler, county sujit. of schools, 19 44 172 J. B. Webster Co., stationery, sheriff's office, 24 16 Mr. Olcott moved that the report be accepted and adopted, and claims allowod at sums statod. Agreed to, Mr. "Wynkup offored the follcming rosolution, which was on motion agreed to. Resolved. That the County Clerk be, and he is hereby instructed to examine the County Order Book, and enter upon the Journal of this Board a description as the law directs, of all orders wliicli have remained uucalled for on said order book for the term of six years and upwards. On motion of Mr. Krapf the special order for canvassing the votes on the Court House Loan, which was yesterday made a special order for this hour, was postponed until Monday next, at 2 o'clock P. M. The Prosecuting Attorney, Edward P. Allen, in compliance with the resolution which passed this Board on Monday last, presented the following communication, which on motiou of Mr. Wynkup was received and ordered spread upon the journal. To the Honorable the Board of Supervisors of Washtenaw County. Gentleman: The resolution of your body. dated, Oct. 20th, is before me and in compliiuice therewith I have to report. lst. Under the Constitution, "The Board of Supervisors have the exclusive power to h'x and prescribe the compensation for all services reudered for, and to adjust all claims against their respective counties, and the sum so fixed or defiued shall be subject to no appeal." Constitution, Art. 10, Seet. 10. 2nd. The Board of Health of a City or Townsliip, li ave power to provide for the saiety of the inhabilants, by removing persons aftlicted with Small l'ox or other sickness dangerous to public liealth, to provide nurses and otlier assistance and uecessariee, whicli shall be at the charge of the person himself, his párente or other person who may be liable for his support if able, otherwise at the charge of the county to which lie belongs." Compiled Laws of 1871, page 562, Section 6. Tliey also have power to take possession of convenient houses and lodgings and provide ■tonel, attendants, and othor necessaries, for the accomraodatiou, satety, and relief of the sick. Compiled Laws o( 1871, page 562, Sect. 18. The sections above quoted have been passed upon by tlie Supreme Court, aud frora careful study of the same, I advise you that in my opiniou. lst. Wheu a Board of Health act under above quoted section, all expenses by the said Board incurred in behalf of persons belonging to this county, and unable to pay therefor by themselves, parents, or otliers, the county is Hable for. 2nd. When said Board incur obligations under said sections, aud the amount to be paid is agreed upon at the time of making the contract, tlien the Board of Supervisors must allow the amount so agreed upon. 'd Mich. 7 o ; th Mich. 3d. If the Board of Health fail to fix the compensation at the time of incurring the obligation, then the Board of Supervisors must examine the claims, and pay thereon such amount as shall be just, and from such action of the Board of Supervisors there is no aimeal lOth Mich. 307. EDWARD P. ALLEN, Pro. AttV. Wasliteuaw County, Mich. Mr. Tuoiny moved that the Prosecuting Attorney, be requested to give mi opinión in writing, in regard to asscasing delinquent Highway taxeg Curried. Mr. Forbes moved that he be allowed to correct the desoription on his roll, of T. C. Owens mili property in Ypsilanti, so as to make it conform witli the new survey bilí. Agreed to. . Mr. Van Riper moved that Mr. Noyes be allowed to correct his roll. Which was on motion of Mr. Wilsey laid upon the table. On motiou of Mr. Itowe, the Board adjourned until half-past 9 o'clock to-morrow morning. Thursday, Oct. 23, 1873. Board met pursuant to adjourament. Called to order by the Chairman. Roll :alled. Present, a quorum. Journal of yesterday i-ead and ajjroved. Mr. Oloott, f'rom Committeo to sottle with county offiours, presentad the following report : To the Honorable Board of Supervisors of Washtenaw County. The undersigned, committee to settlo with county ofh'cers, respectfully report that wc have settle with Stephen Faixchild, County Troasurer of Washtenaw County, and have compared, and examined the books and vouchers of kis office, aud tínd them true and correct, and we aleo Mini the balance due said county to 'uo ds pur statement herewith submittod. STEPHEN FAIBCHILD, To Washtenaw County. Dr, To balance on lnst year's settlements, 16,145 26 " State tax, 1 1,551 9g " County tax, 51,058 68 " Ditch tax, 5,06a 63 " Rejected tax, 783 42 " Kedemption taxes, 196 94 " Delinquent taxes, 1,703 66 " Primary school money, (,246 62 Beceived of Supt's of Poor, 5,41 1 63 Fmes 2U8 00 $121,422 .38 Cr. By balance on last year's settlement, 42,000 00 " cash on ace't of taxen and redemptions, 2,019 68 " Delinquent taxes ret'il, 3,37185 " Co. orders, poor f und, 26,002 04 " County orders, 10,400 18 " Co. orders con't fund, 9,707 75 " Primary school fund, 6,246 62 " Fine money, 3,39 00 " House of Corr'n fuiul, 968 94 " Jurors and wit. fees, 4,014 61 " Ditch orders, ÜÚ 80 " Uld Washtenaw Co. scrip redeemed, 50 , " Insana Asylum, 776 33 " Cash on liand to balance account, 3,985 88 Total $121,422 38 The balance yet remamiiig in the County Treasury belongs to various funds as specified below. Fine money, .... $44 oo Jurors and witness, - ... 280 14 Contingent fund, - 328 20 House of Correction, - . - 45505 Insane Asylum, - ... 293 15 Poorfund, 45290 Ditch fund, 182 66 Stenographer, 249 78 Salary of County officers, - . 1.70000 {3,985 88 All of which is respectfully submitted. John D. Oi.cott, ï Jesse Warner, i Committee. David Wilsey. J Report accepted, and 011 motion of Mr. Wynkup laid upon the table. Mr. Krapf moved that tho County Treasuror be instructed not to pay any Ditch orders drawn by the Oouuty Drain Comraissioner unless signed and countersigned by the Chairman and Clerk of the Board of" Supervisors, as required by law. Which, on motion of Mr. Hüiro, was laid on the table. Mr. Ehodes, from the Comiuitteo appointed to investígate tho question of boarding prisoners at tho jail, submitted tho following : To the Jlon. Board of Supervisors of Washtenato County. Your Cominittee to whoin was retened the matter of the Sheriff's liill for board of prisoners at the jail, would most respectfully report the following : lst. That we find the food used consista of Bread, Comed Beef, Coffee, Milk, and Potatoes, and about the same three times a day. 2nd. As the Sheriff made liis biJl in accordance witli the resolution which passed this Board, on the second day of this session, at seventy cents per day, we the undereigned oommittee would recommend the allowance of the same. G-. H. Ehodes, } Anton Eisele. Committee. P. TtrOMY. ) On motion of Mr. Wynkup the report was accepted, and adopted by yeas 16 ; nays 7. Mr. Wynkup also moved that the sheriff be, and is hereby instructed to bring in his bill for boarding prisoners, at the rate of seventy cents per day. Agreed to. Mr. ülcott, moved to adjourn until 1 1-2 o'clock, v. M. Agreed to. AFTERXOON SESSION', Mr. Tuomy, from Committee on Civil Claims, presented the f'ullowing: and ' recommended their ailowanoe at suins statei. all'd. 173 G. M. Hasty, (ail record, $11 öO 174 J. A. Polhemus, Horsea and Carriages, use of Supervisors, 15 00 175 J. Jacobs, Suit of Clothoe for boy by Sheriff, 5 50 176 C. A. Leiter & Co., Medicine for prisouers, 15 15 177 Edward Duffy, supplies for jai!, 45 70 On motion the report was aecopted and adopted. Mr. Wynkup moved that tho Committee to settle with county ofricers, be instructed to burn all paid county orders, ditch orders, aud old Washtenaw County scrips, now in possession of the Couuty Treasurer, and all unpaid orders which are six years old and upwards. Carried. Mr. Krapf moved that the reception of the report of the County Suporintendents of the Poor be made the special order for to-morrow morning at 10 o'clock, which motion did not prevail. Mr. Burch moved that it be made the special order for next Tuesday morning, at 10 o'clock. Mr. Shurtleff moved as an amendment, that it be made the special order for to-morrow afternoon, at 1 o'clock, which motion prevailed by yeas, 1G ; navs, 7. The yeas and nays having been called for. The County Treusurer submitted the following report : Cou.nïy Treasurer's Office, 1 Aun Albor, üct. 23, 1873. ƒ To the Honorable Board of Supervisors : I would report to your Honorable body that the amount of fine money received at this office, from Oct. 28, 1S72, to date is as follows : Oct. 30, 1872, from James McMahon, Í31 00 " 31, " " l'. McKernan, 35 00 " 31, " " C. H. Vancleve, 2700 Nov. 22, " " John J. Robison, 25 00 íeb. 21, " " C-. C. Page, (ómit. last report,) 25 00 Dec. 5, " " Munson Gooilyear, 15 00 " H. " " Miclieall). Howard 16 00 Jan. 17,1873 " William O. Hoyt, 25 00 I Muy 6, " " J. R, Brown, 25 00 June 16, " " W. F. Hatch, 5 00 " 16, " " E. Clark, 5 00 " 18, " " E. Clark, 1 00 July 8, " " E. Clark, 10 00 Oct. 13, " " Ezra Jones, n 00 " '3 " " Munson Goodyear, 12 00 " 22, " " Charles H. Manly, 1 00 " 22, " " Munson Gootlyear, I 00 " 23, ' " M. Warner, ' 46 00 Total, 316 00 All of which is respectfully submitted, STEPHEN FAIKCH1LD, County Treasurer. Oq motion of Mr. Shurtleff, the report was accapted, and ordered spread upon the Journal. On znotion of Mr. tëhurtleff, the Board adjourned until half-past 9 o'clock, tomorrow morning. Friday, Oct. 24, 1873. Board met pursuant to arljournment. Called to order by the Chuirman. lioll j called - present a quorum. Journal of yesterday read, corrected and approved. Ou motion of Mr. Forbes, Board adjourned until ono o'clock, P. M. AFTERÏiOON SESSION. Board met pursuant to adjournment. Called to order by the Chairman. lioll called. Present a quorum. The hour for the special order having arrived, Mr. Edward Duffy, one of the Superintendents of the Poor, read the report of the Superintendents. Mr. Shurtleff moved that the report be acoepted. Carried. Mr. Noyes moved to lay tbo report en the table. Carried. Mr. Shurtletf moved that the report be laken l'rom the table and referred to the committoe to examine the accounts of the Suporintendents of the Poor, which motion prevniled by yeas and nays, as folIow8 : Yeas- Meesrg. Batohelder, Eisele, Forbes, Haire, Jones, Krapf, Oloott, Rowe, Khodes.fShurtleff.Sage, Tuoniy,Viiii liiper, Wynkup, Wilaey, Warner, and Chairman. Nays, Messrs. Burch, Noyes, Pierce, Renwiok, and Wehb. Yeas, 19 ; nuys, ó. After listening to soma interegting remarks and suggestions tVoui thc sevoial Suporintendents, the Board, on motion oí Mr. Wynkup, adjourned until Monday morning next, at 10 o'elock.


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