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Amn Abbob, Tíiuksday, Oet. 30, 18Í3. I Awles- Green, 3ra)4Oc.5 Butteb- 22@25c. Cobn- üld 50- New 25c. per Lu. Chickens- Dressed 8'Jc. EGO8- Command 30c. Haï- H@16 per ton, according to quality. Honey- In cup, 22()2óc. Labd -The murket stands at 8@9c. ünions- $1 .00. Oats- 30@36c. PoTATOEf- New T5@80c. Tuunipb30@40c. Wheat- We quote White at 1.3V3l.4O. Detroit ProdnceMarket. Latest quotutions for leading nrticles of country produce -Oct. 30, are as íollows : WHKAT-white, Í13O@1.42: amber, $1.15@1.30. Baklet- 1.75(g)2.65per ceutal. Ete69@7Oc per bu. Coas- 0@!2u. Oats- 37(s)40c. Potatoks- 60@95c. Dhessed 15.40(a}5.;0. Hay-í16@24. Butter- 18,25c. Egqs- 23@25c. Ijard- 8@9c. Hosky- 20@23o. Wool- 30@40c. per Ib. Detroit Live Stock Market. From the Detroit Free PresB. Michigan Central Cattle Yards ) Monday, (Jet. 27. Shipments to this market from intorior points were brisker thia week, and restored the market to its normal condition. The efieets of the panic are just now being most keenly feit andthe tent more fully deralopod. .Stocks of all kind have suffered a shrinkage in value, approaching a ruling wind, indicates that the coming winter seaaon may see-an eetablished rate approximate to ante-war prices. Receipta for four weeks Wf-re ns folloWB : int;:. ,,. , ,. Cattle. U.iL-s. Sheep. Week ending October 6, 554 -,'.ni 2033 Week endiug October 13, 679 -Vil 3980 Week ending October 20, 801 2,300 'HU Week euding October 27, 682 ;i,7! l',;M 'l'";i'1 2,711) 14,922 13,132 VIA CIIICAOO. Stook recefrïed (oi transhipmenl : Cattle. IIos. Week ending October. 6, 906 2.049 Week ending October 13, 2,187 2"',iS Week ending October 20, 648 ''920 Week ending October 27, 1,001 2893 Totrl1 4,642 10,696 CAT'IT.K. The market opened close and uucertain, bttt as tho morning progressed prices were well suatained, liased upon the previous week's decline. Buyer and seller tlms mntuaüy airived at an understandmg whích accelerated traufactions and brought lols directly into murket. Butchers' stock was first sought after, culling for a flrst class ftrticle being penoitted. William Smith secured tlie choiceat heads, being six in number, averaging 1,200 lbs, and sold for $4. The next quality, a little better thaii medium, brought $3 50, being light but flnely formeil, and a choice article for city beef. Stockers uveraging 800 to 1,000 lbs, were sold at $2 50, and on(! car load averaging 800 lbs, a fair quality, brought 2. Twenty-tliree car loads canie in at about the middle of the market, gome being closed out entire and reshipped, and tlie remainder closed out to regular parties. i f HOO3. Prices wcre also better sustained this week. At the close of last week packers' Iota were closed out at 13 66 and $3 85 $3 50 being the price advauced but refused by such as could hold lots ; this week the advanced prices approximated $4. Block hogs were also in fair demand at about $3 80 and $3 90. The decrease in prices does not seem to effect shipments liere, whic}i reach a quantity correspondmg to other weeks. SHEEP Still arrive ín large quantities, quite surprising to old operators who predicted a fallmg off this scasou. Shipments here are now made from localities which have not participated in the market heretofore, and in this, as in cattle and hogs, the inadequate room is the best exponent. The market opened close, buyers and sellers fighting shy ot rulings but becoming flrmly established by noon. Choice lots, mutton sheep, averaging 90 lbs, brought i'.i 75 and 84 ; mixed lots, $2 50 per hcad, and inferior quahty $3 and $3 12 1-2. Luts were nearly all closed out at noun to-day. Kixo's Cattle Yards, ) Detroit, Monday evening, Oct, 27. These yards were well filled this morning but a large portion of the Seringa were of inferior grades, and the markei was dull and lower. Quotations are changed to cover this day's sales : Choice beeves, young, large, welt fatteued, weighing from 1,200 to 1,400 lbs. $3 50 a 4 00 Good beeves, well fattened, steers andheifers, averagiug 1,050 to 1,100 lbs, 3 00 a 3 50 Medium grades, fair steers, averaging 950 to 1,050 lbs., 2 60 a 3 00 Workmg cattle, well fattened, averaging 1,00(1 to 1,500 lbs., 3 25 a 3 50 Cows, common to choice, 3 00 a 3 25 Common stock, medium steers, and fair to extra cows, in decent flesh, 800 to 1,000 lbs., 2 50 a 3 25 Thin cattle, 2 25 a 2 50 HOGS. Very few were offered this morning, but choice hogs, weighing about 200 lbs each, are salable at -54a4 25. SHEEP. The market was rather quiet, owing uo doubt to the bad condition oí the roads and the better ' feeling among holders of good sheep, who are encouraged by the reports from the Easteru wool market. Sixty-four good but small sheep and lambs, weighing about 80 lbs per head, sold ■ at 12 25 each; choice sheep, weighing 110 lbs, ' sold for $4 25 per head.


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