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C'UIDS. _ Circulara. _ Bill-Heads. __ Letter-Heads. - Shipping Tags. _ Printed at the Arous office. _ In the best style aud CHEAP. Don't order elsewhere before calling. _ Satisfaction guaranteed in every respect. _ The philosopher's stone : Advertise- iu the Arous. _- The pólice report dull times for the past _ Col. C. B. Grant left for Houghton on Fri,l;iy last. _ Potatoes scarce, and selling for a dollar per bushei from wagon. . _ Indian smiimer : that ia what the weather bas been during the week. _ A. II. Partridge and faniily will, in a few diiys, remove to Austin, Texas. - The Ypailanti Light Guards are taking measures to organize a brass band. - Polhemus' omnibus line makes regular trips and is found to be quite a convenience. - Stock-raisers will do well to look at the notice of H. B. Jones, in another column. -The Board of Supervisors have adopted their equalization report, being the same as last year. _V. H. Potter, of Dexter, will soon remove to Farwell, Mich., and bacoine landlord of tle Kust House. - Prof. Merrimau hns been confined to his house and unable to atteiul to his duties for several days. - A new gas main is being run from State street to University Hall- the present oue not being of suffieient capacity. -A Grange of the Patrons of Husbandry has been established in Lima- with E. A. Nordman as Muster, and Qeo. H. Mitchell as Secretary. The ünuor suit commenced against Wm. Leech, of Ypsilanti, has been discontinued on account of the continued illness of the def endaut. - Bach & Abel are recei ving a new supply of winter goods; having purchased a large stock. A new advertisement appeai'3 in another column. - Prof. Estabrook of Ypsilanti, has been engaged to preach each each altérnate Sabbath in the Presbyterian Church at Manchester, during the coming winter. - Geo. C. Arms, of Dexter, was eleeted Superintendent of Poor, in place of Benj. W. Waite, on Wednesday by the Board of Supervisors. The vote was Arms, 16 ; Waite, 2. - The editor of the Arous is absent irom home, having gone to Columbus, Ohio, te atteud the funeral of a relative, of whom a notiee is publighed in another column. - Prof. Frieze delivered the opening lecture of the Students Lecture Association courae, on Wednesday evening, to a very large audience. His subject was " Unity and Diversity of European Institutions." - The Common Council of Manchester have been sumnioued to appear at Aun Arbor, November lOth, to show why a mandamus should not issue compelling them to enforce the amendment to their chai'ter, relative to licensing saloons. - Bret Harte, author of " Heathen Chinee " etc., lectures at the M. E. Church, Saturday eveniug of this week, the subject of his lecture is " Argonauts of '49," descriptive of the vicissitudes of pioneer life in the gold lands, and features of western life and character. - On Saturday evening last about 10 o'clock, the barn of Sidney Benham, just eastof this city on the river road, was discovered on fire, and beiore assistance could be rendered was entirely consumed with contents. Cause supposed to be iuceudiarism, or tramps lodging and smoking on hay niow. Insured in the Washtenaw Mutual for 82,200.


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