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M luit Pnysicians ay about Dr. 'liask's niagnetic Olntinent, Mauy eminent physicians are introducing th Magnetic Ointment into their practice, and peaking in the most enthusiastiC terms of its uceess over a large class of diseases. The following physicians have hnnded in their ñames M references : Drs. Geo. & Wm. Cleveland, Waterville, Dr. Buckiugham, Marshall, " Preston, Shangerfield, " Bingham, Utica, N. Y., " Bronson, Clinton, " Bissel, Clinton. See advertisemout in another column. TUirty Years' Experieuce of au Old Nurse. Mrs. WinsloW SootUin Syrup is the rescrription of one of the best Female Physicians nil Nurees in the United States, and has been used or thirtv years with neyer fmling safety and auccess y millions of mothers aud ohildren, from the feeble nfant of one week oM to the aáult. It correcta acldiy of the stomaoh, relieves wind eolio, regúlate the mvreh, and givea rest. hcalth and comfort to mother nd child. We believe it to be the Heat and 8uret Remedv in the World in 11 cases of 1) bliN Tl-lt Y nd DIARRHOEA IN CHILDREN, whetherit annes rom Teethiiift or from any other cause. Full direcions for Uhingr will accompany each bottle. Woue Genuine unlesa the facsimile of CUBlIb & 1" .KKINSisnnthe outside wrapper. Sold by all Meaiine Déniers. 143Gyl Bcyond tlic JÜIississlppia- Thousands have already gone.aud thousand.s more are turningtheir eyes towards new homes in the f er tile West. To those going to Missouri, Kansas, Nebraska, Colorado, Utah, Wyoming, Nevada, Oregon or California, we recommend acheap, safe, quick and direet route, via St. Louis, over the Missouri Piieific Railroad. which runs its line Day Coaches and Pullman Sleepers from St. Louis to principal points in the West without change. We believe that the Missouri Pacific Railioiid hns the best track and the ttnewt and safest equipnïent of auy line west of the Mississippi, and its connections witli roads i'urther West are prompt and reliable. The Texas co uu eet ion of this road ia now completad, and passengers are offered a tirst-class, allrail route from St. Louis to Texas, either over the Vlissouri, Kanaas & Texas R. R., via Sedalia, or over ie Atlantic & Paciñe R. R., via Vinita. For maps, me tables, informution as to rates, routes, &c, we efer our readers to I. (i. Wheeler, Northern Pasaener Agent, 72 Lloyd street, Buffalo, N. Y.( or E. A. ord, General Passenger Agant, St. Louis, Mo. uestions wilt be citeer f uil ij and promptiy answered I Eiiiigration Iihikii I Cheap Farms n Suiiih-uist Missouri !- The Atlantic & acific Railroad Company offers 1,200,000 acres of and in Central and Southwest Missouri, at f rom $3 o $12 per acre, on seven years' time, with f ree transortation from St. Louis to all purchasers, Climate, oil, timber, mineral wealth, achools, churohes and aw-abidinsr society invite emigrant from all goints .o this land of fruit and ilowers. For particulars, Idress A. Tuek, Land Ooiumissioner, St. Louis, Üsaouri. 1417 riie Ilouseltold Panucca miel Family fjiiiimeiit s the best remedy in the world for the following omplainU., viz. : Cramps in the Limbsand Stomach, ain in the Stomach, Bowels, or Side, Rheumatism in 1 its forma, Bilious Colic, Neuralgia, Cholera, Dysenry, Colds, Fresh Wounds, Burns, tíore Throat, Spinal impLiints, Bpraina and Bruises, Chilla and Fever. or In tem al and Ëxternal use. lts operation ia not only to relieve the patiënt, biit ntireiy removes the cause of the complaint, It penerntes umi pervades the wholu system, restoring ïenlthy uction to all ita parts, and quickening the tod. Tbe Hoiiscliold Panacea is purely Vegeable and All-Healine. Prentu-ed by CURTÍS & BROWN. No. 215 Fulton Street, New York. For sale by all dragg&th U3(!yl


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