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J-JESIRABLE EEAL ESTÁTE I FOB S .A. L E I The subscnber, on account of iil bealth offeri hii 33 ACRES In the corporation for sale. Thin ground adjoias tb TJniverait Observatory on the east, opposite aide ot the streut. It has a most excellent SPEING ! On the northeast corner- for me rl y supplied the Railroad tanks with water. ITS ADVANTACES Are as follows : For city purpoRes the Huron River meander tha sumí' souie :iO to 40 roda, and is part of the best "Water 3?ower On the River in this Ticinity , nnd the elevation on th northeast corner is sutiiciently high and ampie to nvp ply the city necessities for waler and flre purposeir THE WESTERN PORTION On the road is very appropriate and suitable for a Public City Cemetery . The city has no suoh groundft now but must hiivesoon, and whatever grounda thé city doe not care to use, can be sold at an advantage, so much so.that the coat of the Water Works ftrounde and 'einetery, -would be merely nominal. If the city does not want the same, the grounds would be inval uable for FRÏÏ1TS, LA.RGE&SMALL, There being some U'O trees now in bearing Yeet.ables and Pasturage, And ateo fui MILKsupply.BLOODED STOCK, Horses, Slieep, And other animáis alwaya in great wnt by m&ny in the city and its viciuity. As city lots adjoining the northwest corner of thia land are now nelling from three hundred to three hundred and flfty dollars, tliese lands would or could be sold in a short time to a good advautage and to much proflt to the purchasers LIBERAL TIIfcEE Will be given or the eame will be exchanged for Merchantable gooda or Drugs and Medicine, at cast TRACY W. ROOT. AnnArbor.Jan 31 1973. UU 29! 29! 29! O. O. 13.,.'. ■ -... i When first L. COLBY hung his sign OÍ C. O. D.-AtNo.29, And offered Groceries cheap for cash, m Some people said, " he's bound to go to ainasn. And ofd-time G rocera would faintly amilt', Prophesying "C. O. D. will last but little while. In sixty daya we'll run hira off the track, And cali our wandeling cuatomers back.' 'he croakers said and thought it true, 'He'll aurely fail before the year is New I Tou can't sell Groceries in this town Lnd get yourpay in reenbacks down; Where dry goodB merchants on every atreet With ailkh and satina, hang out ehickens to at ; Where tradeis mixed in every place, At the same counter you buy butter orlaee ; Where credit and loss go hand in hand. Mr. C. O. D. but a alim chance will Btand." Let prophets and croakerB have their say, L. COLBYaells GROCERIES only for READY PAYt And sella ao cheap for daily cash Ie feara no dunger of a amash. And to hia patrons all, and business friends, ?he greetmg of the aeaaon he extends, "o young and oíd, a glad New Year, With hoata of friends and lott of cheer! Give him a cali, and from bis store f our tablas spread with good things more. At that place you will always flnd Tresh new Groceries ot beBt quality and kind- verything needful for good cheer at home Z ou can buy at hia counter whenever you come. The days are so short this bitter cold winter, Pomention details would weary the printer. Jut ask if you choose for anything entable, You get it at once, in quality unbeatable 1 ?or hungry men who are weary and cold, ïe has Oystera hot, Oysters that muat be sold - Jyatera pickled, Oyster stew, and oyater fry, )r Oysters any other way you chooae to try. Se will aerve up Oysters at any hour of day, And the best of cigara to smoke on your way. A diah of hot Oyaters will do you much good, And cheer you while selling your grain or wood. And with cash in hand lay in a store H Coffee, Tea, Bugar, Flour and many more, f all things substantial for daily use, íor treat life's good things with abuse ; rockery and Glasaware and Fruits to put in them, S'uts, Raisins, and Candy, for children who win them And ye who are bleased with their beautiful faces, Will flnd [29] the beat of all places, To buy a trifle, to bring a smile or ringing laugh, Your pleasure, than theirs, will be greater by half Then do not forget to cali on Mr. C. O. D., And buy of him your Fruits, tíugar, and Tea Though the big qq may fall from its place, The C. O. D. 4i o store is atill on the race. And does not intend to fly from the course Till croakers of evil talk theraselves hoarse. Groceriea can be sold for ready pay. And T_ Oolljy has learned the way : Sold flve times more than he expected - By C. O. D. from loss protected. And the secret he ia not afraid to teilKeep the best of all things- with prices low- be good natured, give good measure, And you are bound to sell ! 39! 39! 39! BÖOKS. j BOOKS. J. R. WEBSTER & CO. NEW BOOK STORE ïiEAR THE " EXPRESS OFFICE." LOOK TO YOUR INTEREST AND CALL. BOÖKS. U I L.C.RISDON'S ADVERTI3EMENT. Now ia the time to buy PABLOR & HRATING STOVES. I will aell them at COST until further notice. Ito. 31 S. Main St, Ann Arbor. A Chance for Bargains ! For sale t a reat bargain, 16 ACRES OF CHOICE LAND,lyin(j2i inilfafiom the city of louia. 100 acres under iraproveraent, with good orchard, barn and shed, and a comfortable house. Terms ot payment- from #2,000 to $2,500 down; balance ou long time. Also 90 ACRES, about 2 i miles from August, Kalamazoo County, all improveJ, with guod buildings. TermB- extremely low. Also 40 ACRKS about eight mileafrom Hastings. Also 80 ACRES on section S iu tho town of Halton, Shiawassc County, about 12 miles tïoiu Corunua. VVell timbered. For terma address the undersigned. L. II. io I. Ann Albor, April 2, 1873. 1S73. 1873. PLEASE TAKE N0T1CE ! rpHE TRADING ASSOCUTIOI Are du hiTing Daily Opening OF FRESH FJll Dn Ml Ih. Direct from New York nd manufacturera in Greater variety than ever foeforc ! ! NO HOUSK IN THIS CITY Can how at Complete a stoei of DRESS GOODS ft As we are now opening. SHAWLS IN ALL STYLES, FANCY GOODS, CLOTHS, FLANNELS, LINEN8, DOMESTICS, NOTIONS, HOSIERY. LADIES' UNDERWEAR, &c, &c. A complete assortment ot CARPETINGS -A.3STX OIL CLOTHS 4-4, 5-4, 6-4, 8-4. fljThe public understand thai we have for the past five years sold our gooda at ■ than any of our competitors, and we now announce that we intend to hold and increase our already immense trade by a ystem of 8MALL PROFIT8 For ourselves, and TELLING BARGAINS for our uustomers, which we heliere tha public will appreoiate and encourage. O. W. HAYS, Supt. Anu Arlior, Sept. II, 167S. HUit


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