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Away With Piano Lessons

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From the Cincinnuti Gnzette. The teachers of tho piano havo reason t.o hold a convention to devise lueans to continuo the existence of their aucient and honorabla calling. It is in danger. Human ingenuity has perfeeted a machine- only think of it- a machine that may usurp their place. This machine ïuakos it possible for any one with capacity enough to turn a grindstone to perfonn the most difficult music written for the piano. Away then must go the tedious, expansivo and soul-piercing process of taking lessons on the piano. The girl and young ladies of the future may spend the weary hours of piano practice in any better way they please, certain that no mental effort and no mathematical difficulty will harass theiu when they are called on to entertain company with the piano. This machine, too, will bring joy to that unfortunatu class that in spite of industrious attention to iustruction and practice finds unsatisfactory results. In fact there is no premium on talent or even on genius, in the coming machine piano dispensation. The machine is not a niyth. We saw it only yesterday. It has just been imported from Paris, and was attuched to the piano ouly the day bofore. It played selections from the "Barberof Soville," " Paust," " Tennhauser," and other . ras. Indeed, its capacities afe i ea. It can play on sight any pieco of iiiusic, and its playing can not be distinguished from that of a living player. It is capable also of playing on the organ, or any instrument having keys similar to those on the piano. Another instrument of the same kind, the ouly one in the city, has already taken the place of an organist at one of our churches. The machine is a marvel of complication. It occupies a position in front of the key board of the piano, and extends from abovo the key board of the piano to the fioor. Directly over the keys of the piano are keys eorresponding to the piano keys. These are the fingers of the machine._ Tliey are as many as the keys, and thus'ths machine has an advantage over the human player. How these fingers are made to work is tho problem, which we can ouly faintly indícate in this description. The top of the machine is only about one foot in width. It bas in the center two rollers, which aro moved by a crank. These carry the musie through, and as it passes the piano plays it. The music is on paper, but is not written. The notes are maae bycutting square holes through the paper. As these holes pass a certain point they allow a hammer to pass through, and the stroke of that hammer is comtnuniuated to its own key iu the piano. Eacii key has its hammer. It only requires that these holes bo cut at rjroper intervals 'to strike any number of ksys in any given series. The machine has a pedal arrangement which connects with the piano and enables the player to have the effects produced by an ordinary player. It alsp has an arrangement to change the force of the touch. It is a Prench instrument and has been known but a short time. The manufacturer has orders beyond his capacity to fill. The two machines in tbis city will doubtless attruct niuch attention. price has always been the lowes estimated by numbers of seede -" when by weight. .astead of lOth. Beeause the erop ' focted by dry seasons, ♦' is so littlo afsure to havo a good -uat the cows are in aumnier, and r supply of good feed winter, the tiy ,ood nutiitiuus fodder in nauoh less -r re of the stalk boing so stalk of ' .oody to mastícate than the other - any of tho kinds of dover or ' ' grassea. ' -Uh. Btcause on any soil it branches iivo times as ranch as either of the other kinds of red clover, giving on rich land an alraost incredihle nnmber of branches i and heada on every stalk the root senda ! fortli, and never dries up bybeing fed off, I as the medium clover does, but keeps ! right on branching and growing from the main old stock till late in the season, ; unlpss they are out off near the roots. 12th Beeause clover is the riehest food i of all the grasses for stock of any de scription, is the most like grain of any, is the only kind of grass uultivated which makes cattle bloat in conseqnence of enting too much at a time; thus showing that proper care is justas néoesaary in using clover as in using corn.


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