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Cows And Clover

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Noi.ian Sparr, in an address before the Cauadian Dairyman's Association at their late Conven don at Ingersoll, gave the following twelve reasons tor sowing the large' clover : Every cow is a manufaeturing establishment, produoing quantity and quality of milk in exact proportions to the quantity and quality of lood and water she consumes, varied by the amount of labor she has to peitform to obtain her living, the suffering she has to endure from excessive heat, cold, hunger thirst, or cruelty, fromwhatever source it comes. Her taste craves a variety of food of suitable quality of milk. While she may be forced, in order to sustain dear lif'e, to eat and drink food and water so filthy and unsuited to her nature and tastes, as to produce disease in her whole system, her milk feeling it as quick as anything elsP, it is believed if left to choice she r.ever would learn from habit to drink impure, unhealthy water, nor eat wild leaves, bush, or wdeds of any description, er rotton mouldy fodder, or decayed apples, }iumkius, or rootsof any kind, while she could get all she desires of those articles in a perfectly healthy state of preservation. Now let it be understood that every wild leaf she eats, every vüe weed in her pasturo vitiates her taste, and lessens the quantity and impairs the quality of milk. This being roy experience with an extensivo acquaintance with cows and milk, have no doubt of the utility of the largest kind of clover on whichto lay the foundation of the best pasture for dairy 6tock. lst. Because it takes full possession of the soil and leaves no chanco for weeds to grovv to any extent, to impair the quality of milk. 2d. Because it furnishes the largest quantity of good nourishing food for summer or winter uso of any of the grasses the soil can produce, when the opürator fully understands the trade of managing it progerly. 3d. Because clover is the only fertilizing erop the farmer ever raises, and the larger the kind%e raises the faster he fertilizes each acre thus appropriated. 4th.. Because every erop that is to follow after the land is plowed again, is decidedly heavier and better than it is on equally as good soil where the smaller clover has been raised, and a very long distance ahead of any of the , other gi'ssses ever raisod. 5th. Because the land is so rauch easier cultivated where large crops of clover have but recently beeu fed off, or removed trom the soil in any other manner. Gth. Beoause when riiisod with timothy, as is usually donorJooth are ready to be pastured or cut tor hay at the same time, which removes a very great objection to the medium and sinall kinds of elbver. 7th. Because it lives about three times as lung as any red clover, and will grow with proper care on the poorest land that will produce any of the other grasses or grain enough to half pay for the cultivating the soil. 8th. Becauso it gives the best yield of seud for any term of years, furnishes the best and largest amount of pasture and hay, when the seasons are unusually dry, its rnots penetrating the soil so deep' that a drought disturbs it as little as it does the trees of a forest. 9th. Beeause as the seed is generally sold, we can put the same number of seeds on an acre at less cost for sèed than of th medium or email kiuds of clover, tb.8 td bing (o niueh smalltr that thé


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