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The Habit Of Saving

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Wastefulness characterizes our domestio eoonomy to an oxtent unheard of in more frugal countries, and we must always eat, driuk and be clothed with the bost the niarket affords. There is 110 economy in depriving ourselves of an abundant supply of nourishing food, decent ruiment and healthful shelter, but this affords no excuse for the provalent sin of waste, nor does it justify spending hard won wages upon expensive delicacies, unnecessarily large habitations or oostly trifles. There is far too slavish a subserviency to fashion aniong all classes. Economy in this respect would not only save money, but tend to créate a muchneeded independence, both in dress and in our whole mannerof lite. The only absolutoly certain way of inculcating hábits of economy is to begin with the children and accustom them to self-control and self-denial by saving a portion of their pocket money or the earuings of odd minutos. There will be even a greater necessity for. economy in the next generation than in this, since now the bounteous gifts of nature are being very lavishly drawn upon, and our successors are likely to live under narrower coiidition than we do. - JV. y. Time. A Georgia plantation, which in 1860 was sold for $30,000, was a few days ago sold at Sheriffs sale for $500.


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