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meek, and Chriatian Don of the Allegan Journal - is on the war-path, and the bloody sfialps of many late Rppublioan " braves " hang over hi shoulders or dangle lovingly t'rom his bolt. Prominent aniong his trophies we observe the locks of Senator Wilber, but lately Don's admiration, an earncst supporter - if not the disooverer or patentoe - of Don's big ditch, through which Allegan stickers ure to hold sweet intercourse with RiverRaisin mullets, as well as the champion of the late Dotroit Park. Wilher had Congressional aspirations which Don couldn't see. WiLBEli voto 1 an open ticket for WlLT.iAxrs while he worked fie Comstock, and henee Dox's displeasure and the use of his long knife. By the side of Wilber's veteran scalp swing the youthful hairs which of late ornamented the head of Alkeet H. Fenn, Proseouting Attorney for Allegan County. But why enumérate!' We forbear, but meanwhile suggest to Don that forbearance and forgiveness are brotherly virtues, and that Wii.ijams being eleeted and his own political fortune made - what office are you áfter, Don?- he should not harbor malice in his generous soul. It may malee him 6Íck, it may, which his many frienda would deeply repeut. Again - we regret to see Don manifesting - and in the huur of his triuraph - such an unlovely temper or fraine of mind toward his Detroit Eepublican ooteinporaries and his Grand Rapids Kepublican " friends." We greatly fear that unloss his " oooling time " comes speedily his next meal of " suokers and milk " will set uneasily on his stomach. Beware, Don. The official canvass of the late special election in the Fifth Congressional district gives Williams, Bep., a niajority of lio. The total vote of the district was but a fraction over one-half that of a year ago, the t'alling off being largely a Eepublican loss. The stay-at-homes and the changes carne near defeating Williams.


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