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CARBOLIC DISINFECTING SOAPS. For washlng Horses, Cattle, Pigs, Dog; Kllls Fleas on Dogs, Destroys Llce on Cattle and Horses, Tlcks on Sheep. Death to Bed Bugs and Roaches; Cheaper and bet tertban all Powders. CARBOLIC TOILET SOAPS Whlten, Beautlfy and Cleanse the ski from all impurities n ■ i.i CARBOLIC MEDICINAL SOAP CURES M A OTHER Salt-Rheum H ■ Cutaneoua Andall W V DISEASES. CARBOLIC PLANT PROTECTOR. Atiords complete protectlon to p'Tnts, Vlnes, Trees, &c, from all Bugs, Fleas, Plant Llce and Parasites. Without InJury to Vegetable Life. Never falle. CARBOLIC SHEEP DIP The most effectlve cure and preventiva oi Scab-lt kllls all Llce-Cads-Tlcks' etc. The Increased growth and welght ot fleece encouraged by lts use more tha equals the cost of the dip. ♦ Büchan's Carbollc Soaps and Compounds al are genuine. All otheri are base imitationa frorthless. OLD BV ALL DRUGGISTS"DIJT YOUE MONEY WÍIEEE IT WILL DO TIÍE MOST GOODA. A. TERRY HAS A FULL STOCK OF HATS AND CAPS! IN THE LATEST STYLES. QUAL1TY AND PEICËS TO DE F Y COMPETITIOJV, ALSO, A FULL LINE OF GENTS' FURNISHING GOODS tÜF" Cali heore purchasiug. 15 South Main Street. _JLJ ■ ítítüffíf üíi : Briggs House, Randolph St. and Fifth Ave. CHICAGO. This wcll-known Hotel, rebuilt upon the oíd site, has all the modern conveniences - Passenger Elevator, Bath Rooms, Hot and Cold Water Ín each Room, Elegantly Furnished, and located Ín the business centre of the city. f TERMS: $3.00 Per Day. ft RICKCORDS & HUNTOON, - Proprietors. Dr. Crook's Wine of Tar MEV CoiitaIrsTV!7ciift Inpredientn af Vndoubted S# Tonic value combined with the rich raeuiciual qualities of Tar, which kmKw cause it to buitel u xgi bSSW ""' w-iiK mui ilobll#3& H'l 5l ïl' '' i) (I railly ■ CLl JHrplore tx lia usted H 9fr ■l?rsIr('iiKlli. ILcIoauses BJLeH'BbJABthe Stomach, relaxes "" "5oJjW Wwrl l ' " ' r-'.v' ■': iU"1 rxxsrK fTTTtWïWLi ÏFVQ liwÜSffl i ■ 1 1 1 1 1 1 tí I.rNxiMiit lilllliEirilBli iQplB rLii.i IndlKcNtion. lt fcjffiiiS5Ji KTJ ' ' a Kiirlr 'l'oiilr, ■T IMi f inB llTJCIel ri'slons theappetite fJfïïJïïial!liS(l!ra !'' mronsritn-ii tl lliVJjgMjjl system. Kor Jajii!t ii WÍfflSlBWg PWE H ""' Mril" Nlle or ÍMÍÜvI Knok, (irnvel or Ii fl IsmJÏÏgEBlWfflliey lis .-, distases telflariSllLlIÍBH M "f the I rinarr Or E3Sjffl3 SBiffl g-nn,JainiElueoraiiy JKbN9] Bi IJver ('omplnint it ■FrMhPPM nKTrTTrB las no O(iua' lt effecESSrWÉ Bf3c tuallycin esallC'oniïhi nW3S fB? ing ol1'"' '""' ''" Siseases liffl, ïinjnounced a 6i)euiüo for A s I luna and Broncliitis. TKY IT. - bold by rjISSOLUTION. Kofice is liereby given that the partnerihip of 'elch & Urant, Attorney's at Law, ia hereby disolved. Alleluiijis for and against said partnership lust be settled ut oiiee. Ann Arbor, Oet. 9, 1873, ALPHEUS FELCH. C. B. ÜRANT. SECOND STOCK - 01 - Fint mm C3-OO3DS I Now foeing rcceived by BACH k ffl HAVING TAKEN ADYANTAGE OF THE GREAT DEPEESSION EXISTING IN THE E A S T,E R N MAEKETS BY MAKING LARGE CASH riJECHASES. WE ARE NOW ENABLED TO OFFEE OÜB LAEGE AND COMPLETE STOCK OF ])EY GOOD8 AT GEEATLY EEDUCED PEICES. HT" BÜYERS WILL CONSULT THEIR INTEEESTS AND EXAMINE OÜR STOCK BEFO HE MAKING PUECHASES. BACH & ABEL. A Chance for Bargains ! Kor sale t a frreat barifain, 16(1 A CUES OF CHOICB I.AND, lying i ',í miles from the city of lonm. {lv aerea under improvement, with good orehard, bni and shed, and a eomfortable house. Term of Pyment- from 12,000 to t2,5(H) down; baluuev on luntf time. AlsoaOACBKS, about 2)i miles from AuBtt Kalamazoo County, all improved, with good builoings. Ternia- tremely low. Also 40 ACRES about eight miles trom Hasting. Also 80 ACRES on section S iu the town of Haaelton, Shiawassc County, about 12 miles from Corunus. Well timbered. For trma addreai the uudersifoed. K. B. POND. Aun Albor, April 2, 1873.


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