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ments on the action of ona of our city Justice's, is rather aevere, too severe in my humble judgment. I refer to the oase of ' the man from Dexter." Tiie oft'ense, I admit, was one that hos no justiilcation. It was no defense that the man was intoxicateil; but the Cowrier shoukl remeznber that the law is not vindictive. It does not seek to puntan alone, luit to reform, and secure future obedienoe. These are the objective pointe, anil when these can be obtained by mild means, then mildness is the best course. In most cases men can be led when they cannot be drivcii. In this case the accused feit the disgrace he had brought upon liiinself kecnly ; be feit humbled and penitent, and made all the reparation be could to the porties aggrieved. As no material injury was done, what more wouid the Courier have him do ? Would it put this man on the list of habitual drunkards with the stubborn lav-breaker. who is graceless, who acknowledgea no law but his own will 't 1 t'ear that course would make more law-breakere and graceless Bcamps than reformed and lawabiding men. As Old Man. The Circuit Court, Judge Crane presiding( has been in adjourned sessiou since Monday. We note the trials so far : Isaac Elliot vs. August Herz. Mad-dog damage snit. Jury trial. Verdict "no cause of action." lu the matter of appea! of John T. Ilaywalt, Adm. &c.i f rom the decisión of Commissioners allowing the claim of Alex. Soulier agamst the estáte of Mary J. Eaywalt. Second jury trial. "S'erdict for claimant, $139.35. Orrin BF. Gilbert vs. Pililo Fovvler. Action for Blauder. Trial progressing.


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