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A Papal Bull

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Tho London Telegraph saya: " There has been recently published at Rome a new constitution, beginning 'Romanus Pontifex concerning vicars capitular and persons elected to vacant seos by civil power.' It bears dato the fit'th of October last, and appeais on the opportunity tbr a nomination to the vacant see of Fulda. Doubts are expressed in high Catholic circles whether the Germán Kaiser will brave the censure fulminated in this buil. Amongst other matters it pronounces that the chapter only is competent to elect a vicar capitular on the decease of a bishop, and that all presentations of Emperors, or Kings, or Dukes, or Presidents, who have usurped such priveleges, are altogether nuil and void. It also inflicts the major excomniunication ipso facto on canons and dignitaries of cathedrals if they venture to give up the the adinini8tration of any church to such noniine'e of the civil power, and reserves absolution in such casea specially to the Roman pontift'foi the time being, and declares all acts of such intruders to be nuli and void."


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