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Sax Francisco, November 11. - The Board of Supervisors have passed an order grauting to H. J. Booth & Co., 20 acres of land iu Central Basin, Mission Bay, ostensibly for the purpose of building extensivo navy gards. They propose to oxpend $200,000 on the property, and that is a condition of the grant ; but it is generally believed that the Mayor's veto will defeat the ovdinance. This is one of the basins which the Central Pacific endeavored to get into its possession last year. The Detroit Tribune is evidently conspiring against Chandler and other Iiepublican leaders. In a recent number it says : ''It is said that a New Yorker is thinking of fittng out, as a private speculation, another North Pole discovering expedition. As the leaders of these oxpeditions gencrally die up among the icebergs, we will give the enterprising New Yorker $11 towards the project if he will let us name about half a dozen leaders to be selected froni the people of the United States." In North Germany they are digging canals in the lowlands which have heretofore been uncultivated for lack of drainage. A steam digger is employed which niakes 120 feet of a canal 20 feet wide six feet deep in a day. Two resulta are gained beyond the canal itself ; one, the land reclaimed to cultivation, the other, the excellent fuel which the peat dug frorn the canal affords. One thousand square miles of marsh in that country herctofore worthless, will thus become habitable and profitable. - 4M44- 44 t--W - The nurnber of Young Woman's Christiau Associations in the United States is 43. The Seoond National Conference was recently held in Philadelphia. The subject discussed was asto the best inethods of incroasing the nunibor of the associations, and furthuring their object, which, in the main, is to secure suitable homes for young women in cities. SOKE EYES.- Dr. Trask's Magnetic Ointment bei performed some alinpst miraculous cures in this vicinity. It is a universal remedy in use ere for inflamed eyes. The Auditor of our Couut.y 1i;ls ho much faith in ita curative pnwers in tliis disease, that he not only highly rec ommends it, but oííerd to forteit tlie amount paid hfur it in each case, if it fails of a cure. A. G. CTJSHING, South Bend, Ind. - See advertisement in another column.


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