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A Big Blow

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Last eveniug, while the chief engineer of a lung testor was expatiating upon the benefits to be derived irora the free use of his instrument, a cadaverons individual steppod out of the crowd and reinarked to him : " Mister do you thick it would help me any to blow into that can r' Yes, sir ; certainly ; it would expand your chest, give elastioity to your lungs, and lengthen your life. Why, you'd soon be able to blow 500 pounds and win the five dollar prize." "Why, koes a fellow get five dollars when he blows that many pounds?" "Yee, sir; woukln't you like to make a trial V" with a knowing wink to the crowd. "I don't care if I do," said Greeny, walking around and planking down a dime of the greaay shinplaster sort. Then taking the mouth-piece in his hand he made ready. He opened his mouth until the hole in his face looked like a dry-dock and began to take in wind. The inrlation was like that of the Graphic balloon, but not so disastrous. That fellow's cheat began to grow and distend until he reaembled a pouter pigeon more than a man, at which point ha put the mouth-piece to bis lip and blevr with such torce that his oyes carne out and stood aiound on his cheek-bones to see what was the matter - bat that can-tnji vvt'iii 11 ] like dash, and the needie of the indicator pun around lik the button on a country sohool-housa door, until it stood stiil at .")()() ])iiini(is ! The orowd cheerod, and the keeper of the can paid over the tivo dolĂ­ais in stauips, with a mutter of ftstonishment. But Qreiny pooketed them coolly, and tuining to the â– peotatort aaid : 11 Look hbie, gents, that ain't nothiug to do at all tor u uiau who has bue a bugler in a dnaf and dumb asylum for seven years, like me !"


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