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rpHE Aisrisr arbor TRADING ASSOCIATiDI Would cali the ESPECIAL ATTENTION OF THE LADIES I GENTLEMEN To the fact that they will ofFer their ENTIRE STOCK or AND WOOLENS AT A GREAT REDUCTION FROM FORMER PRICES, On and after November 24th, 1873, FOR60DAYS For Cash. COIMSUMERS Will flnd this the GREATET OPPORTUNITY Ever Known ! To mttkü their ChristmaS PURCHASES FOK CASH. VW COME AND SEE PRICES ! . W. HAYS, Supt. Ann Arbot, Not, 34, lr, J4J41Í "DUT YOUE MONEY WHERE 1T WILL Do THe 3VtOT GOOD. A. A. TEERY II AS A FULL STOCK OP HATS AND CAPS IN THE LATEST STYLES. QUALITY AND PRICES T O DE F Y COMPETiTlO ALSO, A FCLL LINE OF GENTS' FURNISHING GOODS 1EP Cali befare purchasivg. 15 South Main Street. && Eeal Estáte for Sale. CTATJE OP MICHIGAN, connty of Washü ö In the matter of the éstate of CarS""minor. Notice is hereby given. that in pui '„„ '"; an order granied to the underhifrned, Guirainr S ti estáte of said mmor, by the Bon. inflm rfpS1 for the county of Washtenaw, on the twemi m day of November, a. d. 1873, there will b? ,Vn " public vendue, to the highert' bidder, at tL í door of the Court House, in the city óf Ann C' in the oounty of Washtenaw, in said State on pTw ' the sixteenth day of January, a. d l'fe;? , ',"!' o'clock in the forenoon of that day (subject tó 7.11 „ cumbrances by mortgage or otherwise existir,,, aj Z time of the sale j the following deaoribed real el.' to wit : The east half ot tho Bouthwert ,' section twenty-nine; the west three-eiuhths or n we.t thirty acres of the west half ÍRÜ quarter of section thirty ; and the south h,lf ,t ,? east half of the southwest quarter of section h , v all in towntwo south range flve east fScio) in .,,i' State, Cexcept a strip of land on the west Je of L last deecnbed piece ot land nine rods and nix i, , u n width J Together with the rwht of w ,C?OS the southwest corner of the weet half of the soítl? east quarter of said section number twentv mami in width. " ' 'm Dated, November 25th,lST3. LEONHAEDGEUNER.Guardi.,. SherifF's Sale. CTATE OF MICHIGAN, Washtenaw Count, . ?y iïrtüe ,f a wvnt of execut"" Mued oui ot' snd under the Seal ol the Circuit Court for the countv of Washtenaw, and to me directed and delivered i thegoods cbattles, lands, and tennnects ot M. IE Hc-?oodncï' x i1"''6 this lötb da' ol Ni" A. D., 1873, seized and levied upon all the right hS and interest Merchant H. Ooodrich hu in amito tip following lande, to wit: Lot number two tliree four, flve, and six, and west half of lots seven ai a' eight block one north, range flve east, exceyting („ feet oif the west half of lots seven and eight ulso cx cept forty-four feet front on Fourth street, by CM hundred and ten feet deep, off the south-west corner of said lots, all in the city of Ann Arbor Wajhtm county, State of Michigan, which abuvo dewribed property 1 shall expose for sale at auction, to the highest bidder at the ioutli door of the Court House, m the city of Ann Arbor, on the third day of Januaiy, A. D. 1874 ' Dated, Ann Arbor, Nov. 19, 1S73 ltd M. FLEMING, Sheriff. Estáte of Almy S. Lund. OTATE OF MICHIGAN, County of Washtena ■ V At a session of the Probate Court for the ('ountvot Washtenaw. holden at the Probate Office, in the fihof Ann Arbor, on Wednesday, the twenty-sixth da; f November, in the year one thousand eight hundnd and seventy-three. Present, Noah W. Cheever, Judge of Probate In the matter of the estiito of Almy 8 Lund deceased. On reading and flling the petition, duly verifled of Charles H. Eichmoud, praying that a certais instrument now on file in this court, purportiug to be the last will and testament of siad deceaxed, muy be admitted to probate, and that he and Frederiek D. Iïicl,. mond may be appointed Executors theieof. Thereupon it is ordered, that Monduy, the twentvsecond day of December next, atten o'clock in the fora. noon, be asaigned for the hearingof suid petition, and devisees.legatees, and heirs at liw of aald dweased, and all other persons interested in said estáte, are i quired to appeai at a session of said Court, then to be holden at the Probate Office, in the city of Ann Arbor, and show cause, if any there be, hy the piayerofthepetitionershoiildnotbegviinteil: And it ïsfurther ordered, that said petitioner givenotire tu the persons interested in said estáte, ot tliependencvol aid petition, and the hearing thereof, by cauaúlí i copyof this order to be published in tiie Michtam Argm, a newspaper printed and circulating in said County, three successive weeks previous to said dav of hearing. (A true copy.) NOAH W. CHEEVEÜ, M Judgeot Probate. Commissioners' Notice. STATE OP MICHIGAX, county of The undersigned, having been appointed by the Probate Court for said county, Commissionurs to receive, examine, and adjust all claims and tlemands of all persons against the estáte of Mary du-penter, late of said oounty, deceasecl, hereby give qoüm that Bix months from date are allowed, by order of said Probate Court, for creditorsto present their claims against the estáte of said deceaaed, and that tliey uill meet at the office of Prancis M. Oakluy, u the tovraship of York, in said county, on Tuesdny, the twentjfourth day of February, and on Tnesday, the twentysixth day of May next, at ten o'clock . m. oieach of said days, to receive, examine, and adinst snid claims. Dated. November 26th, A. D. 1873. JAMES LAWRKN'CE, LYMAN LAKE, 14MW4 Commissiontis. W. A. L0VEJ0Y, ÍTOBÁOOONIST ! Deals in both FINE CUT AND SMOKING TOBACCO, Smiff, Pipes, &c, AT NO. 7 E AST HÜRO STREET, tfext to the Express Office, A1VN IC KOU. jiich. TALMAGE, 8PUEGEONT. De Witt Talmage la editor of The. ('hritian al Work; C. H. Spurgeon, Special Contrihutor. They write for no other puper in Americ. Three maRnifloent Ohromos. Pu y largtr commission tban any other paper. CHROMOS ALL REAÜY. No Sectarianism. No Seeticmalism. One agent recently obtained 380 subsoriptions in eighty hours absolute work. Sample cupioa unii ! circulara sent free. AGBNTS "WANTED H. ff. ADAMS, Publisher. 102 Charabers Street, New York. The Ann Albor Agrien Itnral Co. Would say to tlieir customers tliat every oiie of them have beeu furmshed with a statement of their account and asked to cali and settle on or bef ore November 15, J873. We wish nowto say to those who know themselves indebted to us, and have not settled their accounts aiul notes, that, without reoaed to PKBSOKS, all accounts and notes will be placed in a Justioe's hands Dec. Ist, for collectiou. Our ehop is idlo and fifty men out of employment, because you ueglect to settle your accounts, and thie rill not be tolerated another moment. Ann Albor, Nov. 17, 1873. Ann Akboe Aoeicultutal Co. r WELLING HOUSES ïuEALB AUrgeand very well built brick houw willi tn or more lots. Two large framed houses. Alao a gooil sized brick house and framed house ; and sm:il) frame house on a good lot, intended tor ftdding a front for sale on fair terms and a reasonable credit. Alsoother buildings, lots, and property. mOSiEY WANTEB-.So many wishing o orrnw money applj to me thnt I can readily obtain for lenders good satisfuctory investineiits at 'ten per oent. interest. E. W. MORUAN. Ann Arbor, Anril 23. 1873. 1423tf L'OK S !.!■: ! The undersigned offers for saje cheap his Store, corner of Huron and Fourth streets : a good and conenient building and one of the best busiiifs locaons- eapecially for the groceiy trade- in the city. Ann Arbor, Noy. 6, 1873. Mtf L. R. SLAWSON. IVE ÖEESE FEATHjLRS PIR8TQUALITT , Conitoot'yonhand andforsaleby BACHfr ABEL.


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